Olive Oil and vinegar distributors

Wholesale Olive Oil and vinegar distributors… Best 6 Traders

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Olive Oil and vinegar distributors

Are you a trader looking for wholesale Olive Oil and vinegar distributors vinegar in Turkey? There are many producers of Olive Oil in Turkey, and you can get to know the most important of them on the importing house platform.

Wholesale virgin Olive Oil

  1. Bizim Toptan

Bizim Toptan is one of the best wholesale Olive Oil and vinegar distributors in Turkey. It’s a website that sells a lot of product and Olive Oil and vinegar are the the most famous product in this website. Where to buy extra virgin olive oil? Their Wholesale, 175 stores in 69 provinces with Turkey’s Cash & Carryis is the most common in terms of accessibility.

Their Wholesale; food, cleaning, personal care, paper products in major product categories like national and international firms located in Turkey, awareness with customers is related to the wholesale sales of high brand.Bizim Toptan, which completed its establishment works in 2001 and started its activities in 2002, is the largest company in terms of number of stores and the most widespread in terms of accessibility in the Cash & Carry (Organized Wholesale Trade) sector, operating with 175 stores in 69 of their 81 provinces. The company started its activities in selling extra virgin Olive Oil for cooking in 2002 with 14 stores. As of the end of 2017, Bizim Toptan has 175 stores across the country.

It constitutes the general customer portfolio of the company. The company sells to commercial taxpayers and individual customers holding membership cards. In addition, Bizim Toptan, which purchased a joint venture supply system in July 2014, has become the pioneer and only company in the sector that has a business partnership supply system by undertaking the supplier of the member markets within this system. Bizim Toptan meets customer needs in the Cash & Carry market with approximately 4,700 product types across the country and an average of 3,000 stock items per store.

It is possible to group the company’s product portfolio as branded products and self-branded products. Approximately 95% of the SKUs offered for sale are branded products, and 5% are self-branded products. Bizim Toptan, which has a strong partnership structure with the contributions of Yıldız Holding, was offered to the public in 2011 and its stocks started to be traded on Borsa Istanbul. Acting on a cash-generating growth strategy and constantly increasing its presence throughout the country, Bizim Toptan continued to expand its store network in 2017 in line with its strategic plans.

Olive oil suppliers Johannesburg
Olive oil suppliers Johannesburg

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Wholesale Olive Oil suppliers


They take their place in the sector in the production of aromatherapy oils lavender, thyme, rosemary, lemon, orange and edible vegetable oil, ie sunflower oil and Olive Oil original. They do wholesale and retail sale of pure natural additive-free herbal products. The products are processed in their production facilities and are their own production. Companies wishing to get in touch can visit their factory. The sample is subject to an extra charge if requested and sent to the desired country.

Documents of their products are available and the company requesting analysis reports can have it done after the sample is sent. You can contact us for any kind of oil you want from Turkey. After sending the e-mail, you will be given detailed information about the question asked, product images and price work will be directed by mail or WhatsApp.


They are working to offer organic and healthy products with their Legal Food Production Permit in the Bıyıklı District of Aydın Province, Koçarlı district, with the idea of ​​boutique management. They have wholesale and retail sales. They produce all their products without using additives, preservatives, sugar, glucose. They produce their products organically; they want and support the spread of organic production and organic agriculture.

Therefore, producing natural is their main goal. They believe that their local culture and values ​​should be protected, and they want the protection of endemic plants and natural flora both in their region and in their country. They are working for this. Their Honey, Dried figs us, their extra virgin Olive Oil for hair, figs and other fruits of their chips, their agriculture well recognized all over the world want to be called dry vegetables in Turkey, they are working for it.

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Extra virgin Olive Oil companies


Fora Olive’s high quality olive products are prepared at the Antgıda Inc. Costco Olive Oil extra virgin and Antgıda Inc.’s commitment to quality is apparent to packaging and marketing. Antgıda Inc., one of the largest olive processing plant around the world, was founded in 1994, operated as a subsidiary of İşBank for many years and taken over in 2014 Mehmet Mermer Group being one of the most famous and respected food industry groups in Turkey. Fora, extra virgin Olive Oil exporters, produces Californian Style Ripe Black Olives– the choice of many olive lovers around the world.


They are extra virgin Olive Oil manufacturers. They collect their products ourselves, process them and present them to your table by packaging them with appropriate methods. They started olive & Olive Oil production in 2002 under the leadership of their father İsmail AKTAY. Since 2006, they have increased their production capacity and continue their activities under the roof of AKTAYLAR LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ in Havran district of Balıkesir.

Their basic principle is to meet the demands and needs of their customers in a timely manner and to produce in accordance with the standards of legal legislation with a quality understanding based on the satisfaction of their customers. They offer their customers healthy and special products in the categories of olive, olive oil, soap, cosmetics, natural food products, tomato paste, jam and gourmet series.

  1. Kemal Kükrer

Kemal Kükrer is the first name you will come across when you look at the history of vinegar, with a history of more than 100 years. In 1915, Kemal Kükrer started his adventure with the grape vinegar he produced in two barrels made of oak wood in the basement of his house in Eskişehir. At the time of establishment of the new Republic of Turkey, Eskişehir’s a huge brand that has taken its place in the international markets today tachypnea dozens of different products from small neighborhood continues with the same purity and quality.

Kemal roaring innovative and dynamic nature of the areas in which it operates has become one of Turkey’s most trusted brand. Kemal Kükrer is the first and only brand to produce grape, apple and other fruit vinegars with natural and heavy corn fermentation method, as well as the first to offer products such as pomegranate syrup, isot hot sauce, grape vinegar and pickles, honey apple cider vinegar and garlic sauce to the Turkish people. It continues its production with a capacity of 50,000 tons in 3 factories and 28,000 m2 area by bringing quality and R&D studies to the forefront with its innovative approach.

30 ‘u over the country, Kemal roar is seeing greater appreciation in the foreign market with exports to, like “Pomegranate” as it gives flavor to Turkey, local and historical delights bears today by making quality products. Kemal Kükrer, who always pursues the best with sensitive quality control methods at every stage of production, starting with the fruit selection process “asking for every grape vineyard”, is taking firm steps towards a future as successful as its past.

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Extra virgin Olive Oil wholesale prices

Olive; It is carefully grown on tree branches known with beautiful adjectives such as life and peace. It is tightened with the cooling system in the facilities with the latest technology. It is left to rest in steel tanks in climatized tanks where light and air cannot contact. Olive Oil is produced only from olives in orchards with good agricultural certification. Delicious olive oil, which you can buy immediately with its grass and peculiar density, is offered for sale under the guarantee of Bizim Toptan Market.

Indispensable for Meals, Salads and Breakfast: Has Olive Oil! Extra virgin Olive Oil with a free fatty acidity in terms of approximately oleic acid not more than 0.8 grams on 100 grams; A product that you can add to carefully prepared salads with peace of mind. Golden Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is on sale in 3 LT!

Olive Oil benefits: Tariş Refined Olive Oil is offered for sale as 5 LT. Refined olive oil, brought to the tables without losing its naturalness, is worthy of your table. Sensory features; In other words, there are many types of Olive Oil according to taste, smell and color, method of obtaining and acid ratio. Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) divides Olive Oil into 3 categories according to the way it is obtained and the methods applied in production;

  • Natural Olive Oil
  • Riviera Olive Oil
  • Refined Olive Oil

They can handle these 3 categories under two separate headings, natural Olive Oil and crude olive oil, according to the way they are obtained and their acid values.

What is Natural Olive Oil? Natural Olive Oil is a type of Olive Oil produced only by physical means, without any chemical processing. In terms of sensory features, it has an intense aromatic taste and odor, and its color can be in different tones from yellow to green.

Natural olive oils are divided into extra virgin and natural first according to their acidity.

What are the Features of virgin Olive Oil VS olive oil? This type of extra virgin Olive Oil (in terms of oleic acid) can have a maximum acid ratio of 0.8%. Extra virgin olive oil, in which the smell of olives is felt most intensely, leaves a mild bitter taste in the throat. It is a quality Olive Oil type that can be preferred by those who are accustomed to the aroma of olive oil. In order to enjoy this intense aroma, it is recommended to be used in all meals, especially in cold recipes such as breakfasts, starters and salads.

What are the Properties of pure Olive Oil extra virgin? Natural first Olive Oil is obtained mechanically like extra virgin Olive Oil and does not undergo any refining process. This type of olive oil, whose acid ratio (in oleic acid) can be at most 2%, is lighter in taste and odor than extra virgin olive oil. It is suitable for use in both hot and cold dishes.

In this article we talked about wholesale Olive Oil and vinegar distributors.

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