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5 nut factories in Turkey have best offers for you

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nut factories

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Importing from nut factories in Turkey is a good idea, because it’s one of the best countries that manufacture all types of Turkish nuts, so if you are looking for the best place to import nuts, you should immediately go to Turkey or to importers and import companies from Turkey in order to ensure the quality of the product that you will use or sell and guarantee.

The profit from behind it and also guarantee customers who you’ll find seeking to buy from you due to the past reputation for clean, high-quality Turkish products, with the Importing House platform you will have their secrets:

Nut factory

 Turkey is known for its cultivation of many varied types of nuts, which you will find within the components of many delicious Turkish dishes, which you will find in the internal components of the dishes in addition to the fact that many delicious sweets dishes are decorated with Turkish nuts and seeds so nuts you will find in many popular dishes and in restaurants, homes and throughout Country.

wholesale bulk nuts
wholesale bulk nuts

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  1. Aydinkuruyemis nuts manufacturer in Turkey

Aidin Kurwimch family company was established in 1979, the company started providing its services in the field of Turkey nuts export where the company offers its customers: hazelnuts – walnuts – almonds – pistachios – cashews.

The company owns its factories in Istanbul – Siirt – Mersin – Gaziantep – Sakarya / with a total closed area of ​​80,000 square meters. The company includes400 specialized and integrated team to ensure an outstanding service to its customers. Aydin Company holds several biometric certificates, including: ISO – Halal certificates.

The company offers its products such as wholesale bulk nuts to more than 40 countries around the world. The main headquarters of the company is located in the Sultan Gazi district in Istanbul.

  1. The ciloglugida food industry company in Turkey

Other food products:-

  • Sweets
  • Nuts Import nuts wholesale from Turkey

Information about the company:-

Cieloglu Company was established in 1999, the company started to provide its services in the field of food products, where the company provides: gelatin sweets – candies – lollipops and candy and gel disks for children – food spices – dough and sandwich bread – Turkish kofta – powder juices – creams – sweets And pashman desserts – tahini desserts – all kinds of seeds – cake pieces – almond sugar.

 The company offers its products such as cheap bulk nuts to many European countries through its long expertise that lasted fifteen years and also the unfold of its agents in many European countries, including: France – Belgium – Netherlands – Australia – Germany.

  1. Arnikafoods food industry Company in turkey

Other food products: –

  • Spices and herbal products

– Nuts Import nuts wholesale from Turkey

Information about the company:-

Arnica started providing its services in the field of foods and canned food, where the company offers to its customers:

Legumes – spices – olives – olive oil – nuts – dried foods / apricots – figs – eggplant – capsicum / – molasses, tahini and sweets – fruits and vegetables – types of pasta – all kinds of jams in addition to pickles / pickled cucumber and pickled capsicum.

Nuts companies in Turkey

Turkey ranks third in the world in the export of nuts after China, which ranks first, and the United States of America, which ranks second, as Turkey occupies 8% of nut exports to the world, and the Black Sea region is one of the main countries in Turkey that produces nuts, as it contains what Approximately 80% of the nut needs in the world.

Turkey is working to market its nuts all over the world, and one of the most famous countries from which it imports nuts is Italy, as it is the largest consumer of hazelnuts in the world. They use it a lot in their diet due to its easy access.

Here are the Nuts production factories to have the best nuts to buy in Turkey especially in Denizli province, southwestern Turkey:-

  1. Oltangida Company for trading in hazelnut products in Turkey

– Çarşı, Merkez / Trabzon

– It’s the best company to buy nuts from Turkey

  1. Durakfindik nuts manufacturer in turkey

– Cumhuriyet mah., Adapazari / Sakarya

– Nuts

cheap bulk nuts
cheap bulk nuts

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How to import from Turkey Today?

You can use import companies such as Al-Anwar International, which provides its valued customers with the import service from Turkey without coming to it by sending information, models or catalogs about the type of goods that will be exported outside Turkey, regardless of the country, where Al-Anwar provides its own crew to serve its customers about Through its own factories and companies in Turkey, where they search and investigate the required goods and choose the best quality and prices in the Turkish market and send sufficient information to its customer and then ship to the Turkish port via containers to be exported abroad where the company delivers the instrumentation To the customer’s warehouse in his country when clearingit from customs.

  • The steps of importing from Turkey
  • Searching for companies manufacturing the selected product in Turkey.
  • Determine the quantity of goods that you want to import.
  • Choose the manufacturer from which you decide to import the goods.
  • Sending the type of goods to the company that has been selected: through.
  • Send a picture of the product, send your phone number, an email, or any other contact method.

What are the Import and export wholesale nuts and dried fruits laws in Turkey?

  • The papers required to export any shipment in Turkey:

First: Bring the commercial invoice

Second: Bring the certificate of origin

Third: Bring the packing lists

Fourth: Bring the bill of lading

Fifthly: processing fumigation certificates for wood products

Sixth: Processing health certificates for food products

Seventh: Processing quality certificates is required in some countries

  • The papers required to import any shipment:

First: Preparing a commercial or industrial registry

Second: Preparing the tax card

Third: Bring the import card (import license)

Fourth: Preparing a payment document by the bank (document proving the transfer of the invoice value outside the importer’s country)

Fifth: Create a general authorization for the customs broker certified by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry.

Turkish nuts brands

Nuts production factories in Denizli province in southwestern Turkey are witnessing a remarkable increase in orders, especially chickpeas and pulp, or the s -called sunflower seed.

Demands for nuts in nuts shop in Turkey have increased in Turkey at a time when the public is expected to spend New Year’s Eve indoors under curfew to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

Sources said, according to the translation of the “Turkey Now” website, that the factories producing nuts and dried fruits in Denizli, which meet most of Turkey’s needs, had to work 24 hours to meet the demands as the New Year approaches.

Dried fruit producers have begun working around the clock to fulfill demands, which have increased by as much as 400% as well.

In the recent period, with the spread of the epidemic and most of the time spent indoors, the demand for import nuts from Turkey has increased by 100 percent.

Wali Tafanili, a business member of the manufacturer in Denizli Nuts Production, said that companies producing nuts and dried fruits are seeing a massive increase in orders in general due to Christmas, while the factories are working hard to cater to them.

He explained that 100-150 tons for day are shipped, but that number has now be 3 times more.

He pointed out that Istanbul is an important market for those factories, as the number of trucks sent to them doubled from 2 or 3 to 10.

He stated that Turkey meets about 70% of the world’s needs of chickpeas, while Denizli covers 80% of Turkey’s needs from it, and 50% of Turkey’s pulp needs.

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Nuts price in Turkey

The increase in the price of nuts in the last year has led Turks to shy away from consuming them, so buying almonds and pistachios has become just a dream. People only bought chickpeas and sunflower seeds, while the merchant was in a very difficult situation.

Turkish people are running away from buying nuts due to their fictional high prices, as the prices of nuts increased in the last year by between 50 and 90% as a result of low production and fluctuations in foreign currency.

As a result of these price increases, Turkish people have moved away from consuming nuts.

According to the Turkish newspaper, Bergon, the price of a kilo of pistachios from Turkish nuts online reached 170 Turkish liras. Almonds nuts come in 2 place after pistachios in terms of high price, as the price of a kilo of almonds reached 100 Turkish liras.

While the per capita consumption of haywire in Turkey was concerning eight.5-9 kilowatts, this consumption decreased due to the high prices. And people became more likely to buy chickpeas and sunflower seeds instead of expensive products.

According to the data of the Turkish Association of All Nuts Makers and Businessmen, the price hike of last year’s event was in peanuts, as the price of peanuts increased by 90%, bringing the price per kilo to 19 pounds. As for imported nuts, after their prices rose by 40% last year, they increased again in October by 10%. The price of walnuts increased to 80-90 liras, the price of peeled almonds to 90-110 liras, and the price of cashews to 100-110 liras.

Finally, you should know that eating nuts from nut factories as part of a healthy diet may be good for your heart. And they’re snacks — inexpensive, easy to store, and easy to carry when you’re on the go.

One obstacle to eating nuts is that they are high in calories, so it is important that you cut back on their portions. But choosing nuts rather than less healthy snacks may help you stick to a heart-healthy diet.

Turkey nuts export
Turkey nuts export

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