Leather jackets Turkey wholesale

8 Leather jackets Turkey wholesale .. Best price and quality

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Leather jackets Turkey wholesale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Leather jackets Turkey wholesale

leather jackets Turkey wholesale are now popular fashion, and they are an essential piece in anyone’s wardrobe. In the importing house platform presents the best suppliers of Leather jackets.

Turkish leather jackets wholesale

If you looking for best leather jackets turkey wholesale we make a list of best of them like:

  1. Wholesale Leather Jackets Manufacture Turkey
  2.  Discount at Turkish Leather is unique in relation to different organizations, they don’t simply take into account huge organizations they like to regard each client as a person.

Numerous long stretches of involvement empower their planners to make front line plans with transportability, convention and specialty adjusted. Here you will locate a novel determination of planner calfskin coats produced using the best grades of cowhide and accessible in different plans. Regardless of whether you are a genuine specialist of calfskin or an individual, as indicated by a great coat will quickly esteem the consideration and restrictiveness they put into every one of their cowhide coats.

They offer a wide scope of Turkey jacket brands, Men Leather Jackets and Women Leather Jackets, each made with their own meaning of character and style and handmade in extravagant calfskin. Their organization is situated in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, Turkey Based on item deals and cowhide coats and frill items and purses. They produce discount items for fare to the world with various sorts of cowhide (nubuck, sheepskin, silk, calfskin, launderable calfskin, and so forth) they are satisfied to support their broad assortment of selective items and adornments.

If you don’t mind get in touch with them for your retail or discount for vintage leather jacket brands questions and demands. Much obliged to you for your advantage in their items and they trust that you appreciate with their Fwide scope of calfskin products.


Jappa Leather was set up in 2005 constantly age of a family, experienced long a very long time in leatherwear business, with another and distinctive viewpoint for trade arranged creation reason. It`s the best place to buy leather jacket. By utilizing most noteworthy general quality guidelines, creation innovations with unrestricted consumer loyalty standards, Jappa Deri attempts to deliver leatherwear assortments of world acclaimed brands, with ceaseless exertion to refresh and create itself. Quality, dependence, execution, comfort, perseverance, straightforwardness and stylish supplemented with the correct cost in Jappa Deri.

Jappa Deri never settles on its careful, curious and conclusive methodology in regard to its store network to underline on the unqualified consumer loyalty and worth making peculiarity. Jappa Deri has just made a corporate mindfulness on all out quality with the entire representative individuals. For everything about, scholarly and cautious many hands and eyes work fastidiously and handily in Jappa Deri. The assortments arranged by the expound handicraftsman works and mechanical oddities mirror the significance given to the clients.

leather jacket factory Istanbul
leather jacket factory Istanbul

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Leather jacket suppliers in Turkey


May Leather serves in Izmir, Turkey. Their company follows the world fashion closely and produces leather jackets. It is their success philosophy to choose the best quality of leather products. Although it has its own collection and best affordable leather jackets which is renewed each season, it also manufactures products that are suitable for the demands of the customers. The point that they are different is; They are always able to reach their valued customers with export overruns and series products. These products, which they call stock, carry stores one step further than other competitors with high profit margins.

At the same time they also have services in the field of leather jacket collection. If you need products that are their own manufacture, they can send products to you from the existing producers on the behalf of you. May leather; Both in Turkey and abroad, on the path with the philosophy win- win. Their major export destinations are: Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Germany. Among the targets until the end of 2017 it is to start working with Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. They do not consider the fact that the customer is small or large, the quantitiy is high or low. Their goal is long-term trade by winning together.


Wrot has been in cowhide business since the start of 80’s. They have been delivering a wide range of women’s leather jackets, in vogue, excellent, climate agreeable, reasonable calfskin coats, packs, wallets, frill, belts. They are from Turkey and can furnish products completely agreeable with EU, UK, USA, German, Russian guidelines. They deal with each progression from tanning to plan to assembling and delivery.

They likewise have an organization of confided in accomplices of tanneries, ateliers and planners. Wrot has its own leather jackets men’s and retail business just as discount and private mark. Wrot generally utilizes vegetable tanned cowhide yet relying upon the need and sort of task they utilize directed chrome tanned calfskin, as well. The bites the dust, glues and all other material are inline with guidelines, as well. They can extend their assembling limit with regards to severe cutoff times. Their base request amount is entirely reasonable. Since they have their own tannery, they sell stows away as well. Wrot is situated in Turkey, home of excellent cowhide and craftsmanship.

leather jacket in Istanbul
leather jacket in Istanbul

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Leather jacket made in Turkey


Products in carefully controlled with the highest caliber in Turkey, and having the laborers’ wellbeing and security as a first concern. Their group is had practical experience in each sort of Textile Goods. They resolved to do best leather jackets in the world, short conveyance times, top notch, high interchanges henceforth each and every progression would be educated to the Clients.

On beneath sentences, you may see their items ;- Designer arrangements- Shoes made with calfskin or materials- All sorts of sewed and woven and non-woven textures- Garment answers for low amounts- Ready-made materials- Leather pieces of clothing, sacks, coats, wallets- Promotional materials with wanted logo&print- Accessories arrangements with wanted declarations. – Auto-tufted rugs and floor coverings- Leather and Synthetic Leather And unique arrangements can be offered by the resolve of their Technicians inside long stretches of encounters and Engineer’s recognizing eyes.


NAPPA as an organization which has a long past in wholesale cloth Turkey and its excursion coming until now has begun its excursion to introduce spic and span items to shoppers and direct calfskin dress area toward the finish of 60s. NAPPA opened its first shop in KAPALIÇARŞI (Istanbul) which has been the focal point of money, handiwork and exchange of Mediterranean and Near East for quite a long time with its verifiable highlights exceptional on the planet.

The point is to make distinction and arrive at its dear clients all through the world with its exceptional items. Through 80s, it began to give administration in calfskin dressing area with adaptable plans by coordinating its works underway office. Toward the finish of long examination and activities, it made the items reach to clients after importing from Turkey consummately by building up its creation limit in various portions in bearing of buyers’ solicitations. NAPPA presents to its clients solid and qualified items improved by new innovations by passing on totally characteristic and clean creation measure.

NAPPA has gotten mainstream with its private items creating in each angle unique to individuals and organizations in Europe and America landmasses needed for calfskin interest. NAPPA offers administration to its clients with more imaginative reasoning each spending day. NAPPA proceeds with its working with more self dedication to keep consumer loyalty at the significant level each spending day and continues making distinction with its unique items worn everywhere on the world.

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Cheap leather jacket brands


Their technique work depends on a high level exploration and creation unit ready to fulfill all clients’ solicitation, acceptable quality/value proportion, high consideration for every client, appropriately prepared and high qualified specialized group And that accomplished in 1985 a higher level of deals in the Russian market, covers and coats made of various plans and uncommon cowhide (fox hide- snake skin) just as sacks and handbags which utilized caiman uncommon skin, they also produce the best leather jacket turkey cost.

Since their organization an innovator in the field of calfskin and subsidiaries everywhere on the world, they chose to move towards the Middle Eastern market through their items are made under the brand name L and L STUDIO They have demonstrated. Their greatness through a promise to principles and details and exact dates of conveyance of items, and selectiveness manage significant US organizations quite the organization “Shot”.

Their organization started to tan and cycles crude materials since it was established in Italy, Solofra in 1960, to convey the best nature of cowhide on the grounds that there are a few skins are printed or weaved by hand because of worldwide experts. Their items depend on explicit worldwide guidelines by research facilities and focuses follow, present in Italy and Britain, carrying the item to the client appreciate the most extreme flawlessness in all regards. The organization creates a few plans produced using uncommon cowhide around the world, these items suit various classes on account of the cost concentrated altogether


PIRLANTA WOVEN LABEL Inc, established in 2000, turned into a favored woven mark organization by notable neighborhood and worldwide brands because of its excellent items and consumer loyalty orientated center principles. Since its foundation, the fare of PIRLANTA WOVEN LABEL Inc has kept on developing. In the mid 2000s they focused on creating imaginative business arrangements over their whole organization. Because of the mechanical jumps made, they can create every single style requested by their esteemed clients in house by utilizing great thickness and planning technics.

PIRLANTA WOVEN LABEL Inc deals with all turn of events and assembling related cycles, for example, item configuration, forming, creation, plating and coloring, as per test norms. Their organization spends significant time in delivering woven names intended for swimwear, undergarments, shoes, sacks, pants, open air coats just as coats produced using calfskin and fur. Sustainable development is one of the mainstays of their technique. Inside this structure they uphold their clients, not just by creating tests of their hand crafts, yet additionally by making configuration topics and ideas as indicated by their occasional collections.

Among their qualities they check the high caliber of their items affirmed by testing research facilities and by notable brands, their quick and fulfilling administration, their serious costs, their skilled plan and item advancement group, their short lead times and their consumer loyalty centered staff who love their positions.

In this article we present you the best places to get leather jackets turkey wholesale and to start  import from Turkey.

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