Italian olive oil importers UK

Italian olive oil importers UK ….The great 15 Italian olive oil companies

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Italian olive oil importers UK

Are you looking for best Italian extra virgin olive oil UK? Do you want to know the best sites that buy Italian olive oil? What are Italian olive oil importers UK? Over importing house we discuss all the details that you need.

Italian olive oil for sale UK

Italy is the second largest producer of olive oil, but it consumes more than the amount it produces, and imports the oil for redistribution and marketing it to other countries, [1] and its average production of olive oil in the period between 1993-2014 amounted to about 555,574 tons.  80% of the Italian production of olive oil is concentrated in the southern region of the country olive oil made in Italy.  Such as Sicily, Basilicata, Sardinia, Calabria, and Puglia, as these regions are characterized by being warm, which makes them suitable for growing olives, and it is noteworthy that Italy uses olive oil locally, and exports some products to the markets of the United States, Brazil, China and Austria  Canada.

You can buy from the companies:.


For three generations, MONINI, which carefully selects its products from the best producing regions in Italy and the Mediterranean bowl, has been packaging and advertising amazing, great virgin olive oil.  Even today, the founder’s nephew tastes daily what might turn out to be MONINI extra virgin olive oil

2_Casale Falchini:

Located just one kilometer from San Gimignano in the province of Siena, Casale Falchini covers about 40 hectares planted with vineyards for the production of virgin wine and olive oil, while the old farm in which the area is named in the past was the monastery of the monks, which thanks to its strategic position on the hill can be enjoyed  The wealth of the land that still surrounds it.

3_Fiorentini Firenze:

Fiorentini Firenze is one of the largest companies that market extra virgin olive oil from various origins and sources Italian olive oil wholesale, and is among the largest major storage depots for extra virgin olive oil in Italy, with a capacity of approximately 8 million liters.


Dono Durato is the trademark of the Terra Douro farmhouse and is a symbol of quality, originality and creativity. 100% extra virgin olive oil is the pride of the company, sourced from the Coratina variety that is smooth and smooth in its purity, hand picked and cold pressed: it is bottled in an elegant bottle with zig-zag lines.  Our product range also includes jam.


It is the manufacturer / producer, founded in 1890, and operates in the olive oil sector luxury olive oil. It is based in Fasano, Italy.


Founded in 1880, Oleificio Gulino is one of the oldest and most prestigious oil mills in Italy and has received over the years more than 100 local and international awards. The company, deep in the heart of the Chiaramonte Gulfi olive groves in Sicily, produces Erbesso Dop Monti Iblei oil and produces a range of biological oils.  100% Italian oils and premium quality essential oils.  The entire production process has been designed to provide the best possible quality for our oils.


Family traditions passed on from generation to generation … The Corneli family has been working for more than 40 years in the oil sector, producing high-quality pure olive oil with the professionalism and experience of people who know very well how to get an excellent product Italian olive oil brands.  The oil is extracted from very carefully selected olive fruits from among the various varieties found in the territory of the Abruzzo region.


AZIENDA AGRICOLA ANGIMBE, manufacturer / producer, operates in the olive oil sector.  It works olive oil sectors.  It is based in Calatafimi Segesta, Italy.


The enterprise, UPO SICILIA, is the manufacturer / producer, operating in the olive oil sector.  It also works in sectors and oil mills.  It is based in Sciacca, Italy.

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The company, TENUTA ZIMARINO MASSERIA DON VINCENZO, is a manufacturer / producer, and operates in the oils sector olive oil suppliers UK. It also operates in the sectors of extra virgin organic olive oil and olive oil.  It is based in Vasto, Italy.


CASTRO ALFIO, manufacturer / producer, founded in 2004, operates in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of olive oil, canned olive oil and extra virgin oil.  Its headquarters are in Biancavilla, Italy.


The enterprise PUGLIA EAT, is the distributor, was established in 2014, and it operates in the food, import and export sector Italian olive oil importers UK import olive oil to UK.  It also operates in the olive and almond oil sectors.  It is based in S.spirito Di Bari, Italy.


The enterprise, FENOLIO, is the manufacturer / producer, operating in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of quality, certification of extra virgin organic olive oil, Italian cuisine and organic agricultural products.  Its headquarters are in Amelia, Italy.


The enterprise, OLEIFICIO CUSCUNÀ, is the manufacturer / producer, working in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of olive oil and olive infused with salt.  Its headquarters are in Biancavilla, Italy.


The enterprise OLIOSA DI LA ROSA GIANLUCA, is the distributor and operates in the olive oil sector.  It also operates in the sectors of extra virgin organic olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.  It is based in Belmonte Mezzagno, Italy.

Buy Italian olive oil online UK
Buy Italian olive oil online UK

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Buy Italian olive oil online UK

Online shopping is one of the best modern methods and the most widespread, because shopping via the Internet saves time and effort and provides safe ways to pay. It also provides super fast arrival of products

Electronic stores are also distinguished by the offers and discounts they offer, which attract customers and make them prefer to buy through the Internet.

The Italian websites are considered one of the best shopping sites because they offer great offers and discounts that attract customers, and the Italian websites also offer the best fashion and the finest products that customers love, so many people prefer to shop from Italian website Italian olive oil online shop.

Therefore, we will now show the best and most famous Italian sites:.


It is considered one of the most famous global sites, ranked seventh in the world, many prefer to buy from it because of the wide popularity that the site enjoys, and all customers trust in dealing with the site because of its distinctive and wide service  that you can find anything you need in this site  and you can buy best olive oil through this site buy Italian olive oil UK.


It is an Italian site that specializes in providing discounts and offers on various products and services Such as travel, entertainment, food shopping and many other products. You can also search for any product based on major cities such as Rome and Milan.  They have a presence in European countries only Spain and Italy Italian olive oil importers UK.

3_Groupon Italy:

A site specializing in providing daily offers and great deals such as travel and shopping offers, shopping for food with all kinds of oils, including extra virgin olive oil Italian extra virgin olive oil UK, and eating in famous restaurants It also offers offers on products that are purchased in large quantities, as it offers great prices that are not competitive

4_Ebay Italy:

The world’s first auction site as a mediator between the seller and the buyer The Italian eBay site is considered one of the most famous shopping sites in Italy, because the site offers products at lower prices than any other site


It is a popular shopping site that was opened in 1999, and it serves as a search engine for customers because there are many products, foodstuffs, and one of the types of olive oil.

Olive oil import
Olive oil import

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Best Italian extra virgin olive oil UK

Extra virgin olive oil is the “highest” quality of olive oil that we can buy. There are requirements for production of the extra virgin olive oil, which is distinguished from regular olive oil. The oil is extracted within 24 hours from the olives selected at a lower temperature (27 degrees  Celsius), then the oil is extracted by cold pressing with machines and then filled immediately, because they’re less in vitamin E, less in antioxidants and have lots of acidity.

There are different grades and types of olive oil:

First there is extra virgin olive oil, which is the most pure and best quality best Italian olive oil, then comes the extra virgin olive oil produced from extra virgin olive oil, which is extracted in a similar way, then there is pure olive oil, which is a mixture of refined and virgin olive oil, which is of lower quality and does not contain  The same amount of antioxidants as the previous types.

Evo Oil is an extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil.  You can have more, the ideal oil is 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, but it is only produced with olives from a specific region, only in this way you find all the known characteristics that distinguish the varied production.

Italian oil is undoubtedly the best in the world but only when the production is real and brilliant.  We are in the Lazio region, in Veletre, in the Castelli Romani region, between the Lepiney Mountains and the Pontine Hills, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, a region with a great tradition of olive oil craft.  We have chosen for you a small jewel, the oil mill from the Il Castelletto farm that produces the very valuable oil, made only from the olive harvest from the lands overlooking the sea Italian olive oil UK.

In short, it showcases olive groves with an oil mill in the middle.  This enables the olives to be harvested and pressed immediately.  Olives are milled mechanically and at room temperature. Cold pressing allows the nutritional and physical properties of extra virgin olive oil to remain unchanged, while preserving the intact properties and enhancing the benefits derived from them when consumed.

At Castleto Mill, only extra virgin olive oil is produced in a professional manner with full compliance with the law, only with special olives and in quantities proportional to olive groves.  Whoever wants to buy this “nectar” must hurry, because the quantities available are small and reservations are too many.

Thus, We explained to you what is the best Italian extra virgin olive oil and the best companies that you can buy Italian olive oil. We have explained the best sites that you can buy Italian olive oil in Italy. I hope to find it useful for you.

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