islamic clothing wholesale turkey

Top 7 brands to import islamic clothing wholesale turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  islamic clothing wholesale in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

islamic clothing wholesale turkey

Women islamic clothing wholesale turkey are amazing in this country, you will find all the sizes, styles, colors, and the most important thing you will find all the prices!


islamic clothing manufacturers in turkey

There are different veiled fashions in Turkey in general, and in Istanbul in particular, in an infinite number of markets that vary widely, whether in prices, designs for veiled clothes, used materials, or even sales in terms of wholesale. And there are the best places to get istanbul fashion clothes wholesale and elegant clothes at the same time, as many factories and shops have been established to buy veiled clothes in Istanbul.

Istanbul’s Stocha Market is one of the best places where there are factories for islamic clothing wholesale turkey that sell wholesale veiled clothes, in addition to the Friday Market that is held in the Zada ​​Hotel. And we can mention the places where veiled clothes factories are abundant in Turkey:-

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1- Othman Bay Street:

As this street contains many factories and stores where you can do shopping istanbul turkey and buying veiled clothes wholesale, there is what a person can really like, whether from clothes manufactured by major companies or textile shops or ready-made clothes that are sold in the lanes and street alleys. Osman Bey Street is one of the largest markets that includes factories and large and small companies that have their name and reputation in the field of clothing making, as there are more than 50 factories and companies, including factories and companies that are already exporting their production to parts of the world and even to Russia and the countries of Asia in addition to the Arab world and the Balkans.


 2- lali area:

La Li is an archaeological area in terms of its ancient history, and at the same time it is one of the vital areas in Turkey today, as it includes many factories and wholesale stores along the tram line that sell clothing istanbul turkey Such as Turkish veiled clothes.  in addition to factories for shops that branch off the main streets in inner streets  to find islamic clothing wholesale turkey. There may be astonishment at the extent of the great discrepancy in prices between each store and the tastes offered by each factory and shop, as there are also shops for leather shoes and bags at very impressive prices and it is better to buy them thanks to their high quality and cheapness.

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modern islamic clothing turkey wholesale

You can choose Marter Market in Istanbul with its distinctive factories and stores for selling Turkish veiled clothes: It is one of the regions that sells istanbul women’s clothing especially veiled clothes at the wholesale price and what makes it unique is also that it is close to the industrial zone in Istanbul, it is one of the most important markets in which there are shops and stores that people flock to from all over Turkey in order to buy istanbul modest clothing and veiled clothes and fabrics and what makes it very famous for its containment The best veiled clothes shops in Istanbul and stores that sell women’s clothes and of course istanbul men’s clothing, in addition to wedding and evening dresses. And many other factories and stores that have Turkish veiled clothes.


turkish islamic clothing brands

Among the famous stores that have websites are:


Modanisa website

It is one of the most famous clothing sites in Turkey that sells the best distinctive and elegant designs, and istanbul plus size clothing as it provides the finest fashion suitable for all occasions. The site is distinguished by being the elegant places for veiled clothes in Turkey, which provides shipping services to anywhere in the world, including the Kingdom.

The site is distinguished by that it provides the finest formats for veiled clothes that can be used to encourage purchase. The site become most famous store for islamic clothing wholesale turkey.

clothing istanbul turkey
clothing istanbul turkey

Taksim Bazaar

It is a Turkish fashion store available in Arabic and Turkish, if you want to import from turkey for both men, women and children, next to it a special section for home furnishings, it is the best place to sell veiled clothes in Turkey in terms of prices, and the prices of products start on the division of the bazaar from 20 riyals, with free shipping to all countries and free on orders With a value of 400 riyals, one riyal or more, and credit card payment.

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turkish islamic clothing stores

Est Essence

One of the famous veiled clothing stores in Turkey, as it is an American shopping store specializing in selling all kinds of Islamic fashion for men, women and children. The store is distinguished by being the best turkey clothing online store

 that offer different types of costumes belonging to different cultures, for example, the store offers a variety From Turkish, Indian and Pakistani clothes at cheap prices, it starts from $ 5 a piece and what makes the store suitable for everyone.


ADL website

In the istanbul clothes wholesale market there is a Turkish women’s shopping site “ADL”, the site offers a range of wonderful women’s clothing and accessories, as it provides the latest Turkish clothing models for veiled women. The store is available in both English and Turkish, which makes the shopping process easier and also features a very attractive location.

islamic clothing wholesale turkey and Veiled clothes import offices are many and varied, and all of them provide the best shipping rates and costs, which you can study their prices and choose the best.


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