imports from Turkey to Kenya

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imports from Turkey to Kenya

Turkey is one of the largest exporting countries of goods, and this is what made it a good competitor in the global export market, especially imports from Turkey to Kenya in recent years, and many people prefer to experience importing Turkish goods because it has achieved great success recently. Through  Importing house platform, you will know everything you need.

Importing from Turkey to Kenya

Turkey is classified as one of the modern industrial countries in the world, as the state supports a wide range of industries, so factories are distributed over large areas in Istanbul. Turkey is the 28th largest exporter of the rest of the world. Its exports amount to about $ 153.6 billion, and goods such as cars, auto parts, iron ore bars, delivery trucks, jewelry, shoes, clothing, foodstuffs, and textiles. I can offer you the best profitable Turkish goods made in Turkey manufacturers that you can import from there:

  1. There is a great demand for Turkish clothes in the buying process, as the prices of importing clothes from Turkey are cheap and of great quality, specially women’s clothes and men’s for sale, in addition to Turkish abayas. They are the only successful import project due to embroidery; precision and art, there are many sites import wedding dresses from Turkey characterized as modanisa and just.
  2. Imported Turkish furnishings, which are one of the most sought after imported Turkish goods in the commercial market, such as bed sets, Turkish carpet factory in Turkey, embroidered upholstery, and the most important Turkish tablecloth, which has become one of the most famous Turkish wholesale products due to its presence. Also, this can be found in office furniture companies in Turkey for sale. Exquisite embroidery, gilded crafts, and embroidered with the skillful style and quality of fabrics and colors used, so a Turkish tablecloth must be said and you know the reaction of others, compared to Indian tablecloths.
  3. Some tools and devices for the home, for example: You will find Turkish tin dishes that are required in the wholesale market in Turkey and that families and brides buy because of their wonderful colors, designs and quality compared to home dishes. People travel to Turkey to buy it.
  4. Turkish scarves with high taste, which are preferred by many. There are markets and shops in Turkey that sell veiled clothes in addition to online wholesale hijab store in turkey. As well as some high-quality socks imported from Turkey.
  5. The country supports businesses, so factories are distributed in large areas in Istanbul. As wholesale plastic bottles are spread in many markets and other products that include a group of distinctive shops with varying prices in Turkey. There are many famous companies specialized in selling tablet filling machine in turkey.
  6. Importing foodstuffs from Turkey, such as: Turkish nuts, spices and natural honey. Turkish honey has recently become popular with dried fruits, vegetables and fruits.
  7. Turkish soap is one of the most beloved and preferred commodities when importing from Turkey recently, because it contains certain types of soap for the skin that are only available in Turkey because of their amazing benefits for the skin.

import from turkey

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How to import goods from Turkey to Kenya

By searching on Google, you will find all the suppliers, factories, and companies that export goods in addition to the opinions of some of those who deal with them, and it is also possible to communicate with some importers who buy made in Turkey goods to provide you with advice and instructions, and if your budget allows travel, you can do so. You can search from there for information and costs of travel to turkey, and this is a feature that enables you to travel whenever you want. Between the best import methods:

  1. The first way, traveling to this country is the best and ideal option as you can visit the large number of companies, suppliers and markets and thus you have the ability to closely examine the wholesale goods and thus you can also make a comparison between the goods and their different Turkish goods for sale in terms of price and designs and in the end you can choose the most suitable products for your target market from the source of supply that gives you the highest price. You should bear in mind that travel generally takes time to prepare paperwork and government documents essential for import and the place of residence must be offered to search for and select goods. There are some lately established companies that provide accommodation service to their customers in order to attract new clients and promote themselves.
  2. The second way is to import Turkish goods from Turkey via the Internet is a common thing through supplies and merchants, and it is the most expensive, but care must be taken to buy from a high-rated company through customers, for example there are major commercial sites wholesale shops in Turkey that include a number of Turkish companies expert in selling unlike types of clothing Turkey wholesale online such as Turkish Export, Trade Key and Alibaba which has a big number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey.
  3. The last method is to import from Turkey through an intermediary, and this method depends on appointing suppliers of import imports from turkey to Kenya to buy the products that it needs with the required specifications, so that that company imports them. And clear it from customs and thus achieve comfort, but in return you will pay money for those services.

Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya
Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya

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Turkey clothes suppliers in Kenya

We have scheduled some of the top online clothing wholesale suppliers in Turkey:

  1. Fimka store:

If you want a diversity of clothing collections, this is the website to explore. Here you can get all the wholesale Turkish clothes that you want. From dresses to party wear, you can get them all on this site at a reasonable price as well. The website is also designed in a very smart way where you can see suitable pictures for different clothes before you order them. Other than that, the site is also known for offering discounts for its shoppers. They also have the option to chat with their clients where you can clear all your inquiries and questions that you may have.

  1. Torcopt:

Best wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey where you can buy clothes in Turkey. The main cool thing about this site is their design. They have a well-planned site. The clothes are all looked at under different heads making it easy for you to browse the different styles. From baby clothing wholesale Turkey to stylish jeans, you can get everything from this site. This is one of the best wholesaling places to look if you want to increase your business with trendy clothes. In short, this can prove to be one of the best wholesale apparel suppliers you can go to.

  1. Whocit:

This is one of the best wholesale suppliers in Turkey to order clothes from. Here on this site, you can find a variety of clothes for every woman. The best thing about this site is that it is known to have a collection of clothes from all international brands. This basically means that you can get all of the high quality clothes from this site. Also, the prices of the products are relatively lower than other sites which are clearly a huge advantage for ordering in bulk from here. All you have to do is list yourself on the site and then start ordering.

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Shipping companies from Turkey to Kenya

To ensure easy and safe access to the shipment of goods, it is not necessary to search for the sources of the shipment, there are many companies that provided this job and made sure that the goods shipping from Turkey to Kenya safely, protected from several factors from damage or loss, and the most important shipping companies specialized deliver imports from turkey to Kenya safely:

  1. TNT Company:

Land and air shipping to many countries of the world, a service that gained confidence and was famed by the orange color that colors the logos, parcel covers and shipments. Customer service, offering discounted prices for heavy deliveries, and there are branches in most countries of the world.

  1. Halablioglu International Shipments:

For many years, this company has been working hard to offer the best services in Turkey and several countries in the world, with the goal of pleased the customer, according to reasonable prices, quality, good organization, speed and safety in transportation from companies, the most prestigious shipping companies in Turkey, Istanbul. It has an air, sea and land fleet for door-to-door delivery. All documents, regardless of their type, reach the consignee in complete secrecy without being opened by any party, and the delivery is received in Istanbul and carried to anywhere in the world, and the distance does not matter.

  1. Adoate Logistics Company:

To send several purchases, chain them into one shipment, and send them straight to your doorstep. The price of a kilo of carriage decreases as the weight of the shipment increases, safe credit card payment. You can buy from more than one Turkish shopping site and ship the quantity in large quantities, through an easy-to-use interface, thus saving the price of worldwide shipping, and fast and safe shipping, to all nations at your doorstep in one week.

  • After you know the type of the goods you want as imported chocolate wholesalers in Turkey for sale, determine the required quantity as well, because the more pieces the goods are required to have, the lower the cost and the difference in price, and some companies have offered low prices to attract you to them with them.
  • Define your target, what you want to import goods as towels. If you have a picture of the product you want, that’s fine. Send the picture to towel supplier in Turkey via its e-mail, and give the company a special e-mail for you to communicate with you. If you do not have a picture of your goods, go to the Internet and search for the same goods that you want. You can download the images from the websites on your device and then send them to the company via e-mail or send a link to the company to the site where you discovered goods that you want to import like them and ask the companies to Samples are sent to you for checking goods before agreeing anything.

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