importing olive oil to USA

Importing olive oil to USA …9 Shipping companies

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 importing olive oil to USA

The process of importing olive oil to USA is important to the importer in USA of olive oil products and the quality of packaging because it is important to the American consumer of products in general and to the olive oil producer in particular.

 Through our Importing House platform we will talk about how to import olive oil to USA, mention their top olive oil manufacturers and lastly shipping companies to USA.

Importing olive oil into US

Let’s mention you first the top categories of U.S. exports include aircraft, mineral fuels, iron and steel, machinery, cotton, and agriculture، However, the top import categories from Turkey include machinery, vehicles, carpets and other textile coverings, iron and steel and their products, agriculture, and stone، We found that most of olive oil importers USA imports of olive oil in the first place come from Turkey and Spain at different prices compared to the prices of the producing countries in the Middle East and other olive oil producing countries.

The world’s leading countries in the olive oil industry, which are interested in this field and build their economy in it, export the Turkish olive oil they import to other countries، For example, Spain owns about 300 million olive trees that produce 5 liters of almost every tree, while Turkey has 170 million and produces 1.5 liters، Spain, after importing olive oil from Turkey, packages it in bottles, and then exports it under its own trademark to America and the Far East countries and many other markets under a registered Turkish commercial name.

The exported quantities of Turkish olive oil wholesale amounted to about 40 thousand tons, and Spain came in the forefront of the countries importing it, and Spain ranked first among the countries that import Turkish olive oil the most, as it imported 14 thousand and 831 tons, which constitutes 37% of the total amount exported. Turkey، The United States of America came in second place, with a quantity of 10 thousand and 50 tons, followed by Italy with 3 thousand and 590 tons، The information pointed out that the quantity exported to Spain and Italy doubled 35 times, while exports to America increased by 590%.

Shipping olive oil to US

Are you willing toimporting olive oil to USA from Turkey? Shipping companies will provide you with the best shipping solution tailored to your needs.

For example, euro sender shipping company ship olive oil from Turkey to USA at Price from incl. VAT €78.04 and we will mention below best Turkish shipping company that ship olive oil to us:

  1. Omnilogistics

It’s is a trustworthy global provider, specializing in domestic and international freight forwarding, warehousing, including olive oil distributors USA and value-added services to optimize every step of your supply chain.

  1. Almanaraa

Al-Manara Shipping Company is the best shipping company in Istanbul to provide all express shipping services characterized by speed and accuracy in its work in transporting shipments to the United States and to all countries of the whole world، If you are looking for shipping companies in Turkey take the initiative and contact them that they are ready to meet all your logistical needs related to international shipping and customs clearance and the issuance of the necessary papers in Faster time and less cost.

  1. Haleplioglu

Halablioglu for international freight from any point in Istanbul to any point in the world from door to door with clearance or without clearance, Now Shipping from Turkey without trouble, great prices and great experiences.

  1. Alfareslojistik

  • The United States of America is one of the important destinations for AlfaresLojistik in shipping various products from Istanbul to America.
  • It has achieved shipping services from Istanbul to America and Canada, at reasonable prices and with a standard delivery time.
  • It also worked on finding a variety of shipping solutions from Istanbul and to various American cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Michigan, Miami, Philadelphia, Houston, Boston, Washington, etc.
  1. Al-saiyari-logistic

Shipping service from Turkey to the world, Al-Sayari Lojistik as one of the shipping companies in Turkey offers its experience in express air freight for various materials.

Shipping olive oil to US
Shipping olive oil to US

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  1. PTT shipping company

It is a Turkish government economic company that includes shipping، Shipping rates are reasonable compared to the other mentioned companies, as 65 Turkish liras per kilogram is very appropriate, which is approximately 30.47 dollars according to today’s exchange rate 1 dollar = 2.13، As it is known, DHL, FEDEX and UPS, or other, have the most appropriate price per kilogram, which is $ 40.

  1. Port istLojistik

Port East International Shipping, Foreign Trade and Import – Export – and serves customs clearance.

  1. International package shipping:

International Package Shipping is the leading International Package Shipping company specializing in customer-to-customer shipments from the United States to Europe، International Package Shipping have been a leader on the international package shipping market for over 60 years, providing high reliability and excellent service to their clients.

  1. TnT

An extensive road network across Europe provides a wide range of delivery services to meet your customer commitments and expand your reach، They connect Europe with more than 55 thousand trips by road each week, offering an international, door-to-door network across more than 200 countries, your business can be more agile and cost efficient anywhere in the world.

Shipments of olive oil are required to have:

  • Food facility Registration
  • Country of Origin
  • Notice of Imported Food
  • FSVP

Shippers need to understand what is required to certify the shipment upon arrival and Information about the country of origin must be documented to take right steps، Imported best olive oil must meet the same standards as that which is grown or manufactured here in the U.S. As an edible oil, olive oil must be in based on nation of origin، And shippers are required to obtain a customs bond to cover the shipment، Safety, sanitation and labeling, if any of the requirements are overlooked throughout the process, the shipment could be significantly delayed for delivery or returned altogether.

One of the important things you will need to understand in the importing process is all the taxes and fees associated with a shipment of goodsNow, let’s start with the import duty, an import duty is a tax levied on any import like olive oil import tax USA and collected when the shipment arrives in port. The main question ask is how much is the import duty? well, the amount of the import duty is depending on the value of the shipment.

USA ranks as top nation for importing olive oil, comes mainly from European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea that includes Turkey, Spain and Italy in the top two spots followed by Portugal and then Greece، The amount of olive oil shipping to the U.S. is imported from Turkey, Spain, or Italy along with Portugal and Greece just to name a few. The FDA along with the CBP make sure the olive oil that is imported and distributed throughout the United States is safe and compliant of all regulations، It is very difficult to determine the price of shipping from Turkey to any country because it depends on the weight of the commodity, its quantity, and the method of air or sea freight, but most of the time sea freight is much cheaper than air.

Olive oil importers
Olive oil importers

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Olive oil manufacturers in USA

  1. Albert olive oil

It was incorporated in New Jersey, USA in 2016, Aceites Albert was founded in Valencia, Spain in 1959, it has a professional team with much more than 50 years of experience، Their olive oils are analyzed, classified, filtered and bottled in different sizes and types of packaging (glass, plastic, and metal), Under the most best olive oil brands (CASALBERT) the bottled olive oils are marketed in Spain and also exported all over the world to more than 30 countries.

  1. 1836: A Texas Olive Company

A company full of a passion for olive oil and a Texas family legacy. They grow, harvest, mill, and bottle Texas-grown olives from 4 varietals, creating a boutique production of extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Agbiolab

They test olive oil for Free Acidity, Peroxide Value and Ultra-violet Absorbance to determine grade based on the International Olive Standards.

Tests meet certification requirements by the California Olive Oil Council and the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, they provide Total Phenol, an indicator of olive oil antioxidant properties, potential shelf life and health benefits.

Olive oil companies in USA
Olive oil companies in USA

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Olive oil companies in USA

  1. Marketing Management Inc

MMI Marketing was established in 1973, offering and providing Honey, Spanish bee pollen, Beeswax, Propolis, and olive oil to importers in USA and worldwide, available in best bulk olive oil and also in point-of-sale packaging.

  1. Apollooliveoil

They are great producers has organic, certified extra virgin olive oil using the only mill in processes under vacuum to prevent oxidation and maximize polyphenol content and flavor in the USA.

  1. Big Paw Olive Oil Company

They are providing olive oil that based in nature, so their products are handmade, bottled in small batches that allow them to bring to you the very best pure olive oils.

Where to buy bulk olive oil There 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils are first cold pressed from olive cultivars popular in California, offering rich and flavorful choices form family-owned farms located not far from their shop in Hollister California, about an hour south of the Bay Area.

  1. Bulkbycho

An olive oil producer and distributor based in the United States, Canada, and Brazil، There are many bulk olive oil suppliers all over the world you can surf the internet and find all the information you might need to know in details after connecting with those chosen great olive oil producers So, when it comes to prices, we drop you some of olive oil price: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ML about $30, and 750 ML about $40. So, olive oil price in USA differs from place to place you make sure you to buy what you need with the quality and quantity compared to the price.

Finally, in order to importing olive oil to USA and get the approximate shipping price, we recommend that you contact the shipping companies that we mentioned to you.

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