importing olive oil to India

Importing olive oil to India … List of trusted suppliers

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importing olive oil to India

Are you looking for importing olive oil to India are you searching for suppliers to deal with do you wonder how to start and from where? Through Importing House platform, we will give you a name list of respected Turkish suppliers to import olive oil to India

Import olive oil to India

 Turkey was among the top 10 exporters; however, ranked 35 among the countries that exported good to India, and it is still important to keep in mind that India continues to import certain goods from Turkey.

Turkey’s exports goods totaled $135 billion during the first 10 months of 2020, olive oil in India has been expanding speedily as total imports of olive oil in India reached in valued at USD 54753971.

The bulk of olive oil imports came from Turkey, Spain and Italy, which together constitute over 90% of India’s olive oil imports.

There are three types of olive oil, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil which India imports as they shared 84% value to the country’s total imports in some year.

India has become a significant market for olive oil HS Code 1509 cause of the increased awareness about the numerous health benefits of olive oil It is perceived as a truly healthy food.

The use of olive oil about its health benefits is largely restricted to the upper and average economic groups of the society in the Indian urban areas. As a large portion of the Indian extra virgin olive oil market is still waiting to be benefits of the olive oil industry.

Olive oil producers
Olive oil producers

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How to import olive oil from Spain to India

To answer this question, we should include important information so how to import from Spain or other country to India?

And What are the steps to bringing olive oil to India? As most of the process to olive oil export to India and import are equal same, the main goods imported by India from any country are Marble, products of automotive and textile industry, copper, iron, gold, coal, poppy and seeds. There is some requirement for importers (companies or individuals) to hold an import license to import goods into any country.

However, it depending on the nature of the goods and regardless of value, importers might need to acquire permissions to clear certain imported goods from customs control as Importers are required regardless main requirements, to ensure that imported goods are correctly assorted.

For example, importing olive oil to India that require a trade description must be marked with the name of the country in which the goods were manufacture it or produced as a true description of the goods.

Also, you can look for information about best olive oil in the world , trade description merchandise and ownership of trademarks can be found under the headings trading descriptions and Intellectual Property Rights on the internet and you can be finding information for goods that are prohibited or restricted on importation

Some permit issuing authorities also publish pamphlets about their areas of concern, but these publications not always reflect current customs statute in law and procedures.

Different countries have different export and import system. While the good itself might be cheap to buy from a certain country, there might be other factors might add up to the cost for sure.

If you are new importer, there are office, agencies that are ready to answer your questions all you can do is searching for the proper exporter or supplier and contact with it, as using online sources, consult trade and professional associations and international trade shows. Once you have made the contact with an overseas supplier, it is good concept to go meet the supplier in their country.

Most import duties are figured as a proportion of the announced value of the commodity. Import duty differs from product to product and is dependent on the commodity being imported from the country, its declared value, its country of origin, and other factors like quota controls.

You have too much to worry about but doesn’t worry just take step by step. Do not add shipping step and documentation to the list. Always work with a trust worthy freight forwarder that will provide you with updates from the moment you place the order with your shipper.

Ship your goods olive oil wholesale at early timing as shipping in last minute cost you more than you need to pay. Always consider that delays might happen during the process, such as commodity might not be produced on time, the container might not sail as scheduled, goods might be held by the customs both in origin country.

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The following documents required to import goods from Turkey to India and to Importing to any country in general:

Customs Entry document, Customs bond if applicable for specific goods importing to Importing country, Legal Undertaking to claim import benefits from Importing country government or to import products, Customs declarations, Import License, Purchase order or Letter of Credit between Importing country importer and overseas supplier of goods.

Commercial Invoice cum packing list issued by seller of goods, Certificate of Origin issued by competent authority of origin country of goods, Insurance Certificate issued by the government authorized insurance, service provider, Certificates of Inspection, ATA CARNET or Temporary shipment certificate, Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Free Sale, Weight Certificate, and Consular Invoice.

Documents required for customs in Importing country for olive oil and other products:

Certificate of Health or Sanitation, Generic Certificate of Origin, Halal Certificate, Health Certificate if applicable, Ingredients Certificate, Inspection Certificate, Pre-Shipment Inspection certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate, Radiation Certificate if applicable, Dock Receipt and Warehouse Receipt, Product manual or Product catalogue, And Product specification certificate.

Bank Import documents in Importing country

Purchase order or Letter of Credit, Commercial Invoice packing list, Bill of exchange, Certificate of Origin, Insurance Certificate, Certificate of Health or Sanitation, And Other specified documents.

Import olive oil to India
Import olive oil to India


Olive oil producers

Where to buy bulk olive oil ?

 Turkey is considering the world’s great producer of olive oil from where you can import the product into India. Turkey, and Also Spain and Italy continued to dominate Indian imports of olive oil as providing 71.74% and 24.18% respectively. The total imports of olive oil in India valued have reached USD 54753971.

As Delhi is the most area in India which imports olive oil. As per Export report on olive oil import data of India, Delhi received the highest number of olive oil shipments in some year about 42.46% value in total of olive oil imports. Olive oil importers in India buy the product in bulk quantity from countries around the world, particularly Turkey and Spain.

India imports three types of olive oil namely Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil, as import value of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil recorded USD 46102721, USD 8619835 and USD 31416.

India purchased best olive oil brands as Figaro brand the most, which was followed by Bertolli, and Disano.

If you want to export olive oil to India you can find genuine olive oil importers in Mumbai, or any other Indian city from searching the internet report such as: Borges India Pvt. Ltd and Universal Corporation Limited.

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Bulk olive oil suppliers

Let’s take a look at some of Turkish suppliers, importers and exporters that provide best olive oil:

  1. ALTINVADI Olive Oil Co:

This company is located in Antalya, Turkey they have olive, apple, grapes, figs and tomato fields all their products are grown by their family, as they are the manufacturer that you surely will get the best competitive prices.

Their educated, and multilanguage spoken team members will serve you with the best service, best quality and with best bulk olive oil prices.

They have two web sites for their olive oil products: for their other agriculture products they are looking for their buyers to visit their warehouses in Turkey.

  1. Mtroyal Company Imports and Exports:

They are a manufacturing and trading company doing olive oil business for sale in most countries around the world, with their expertise in import and export in the countries of the Middle East as well as the African countries. And due to their experience in marketing and sale, they have been able to gain magnificent marketing share.

As they can supply organic olive oil wholesale to their customers’ needs with high quality at very affordable prices. also, they are a multipurpose company that has been working in various fields such as the food industry, machinery, and packaging sector, and many other fields for many years.


Established in 1998 as they work with many customers around the world by supplying the best products.  Their reputation for providing tailored solutions, uninterrupted supply and a competitive product portfolio, with their reliability in the market, has become one of the most trusted companies in the country, you can choose from more than 9000 different products in their portfolio or you can have your own custom productions.

You will depend on how you configure your trade process; they include of the following:

Manufacturer’s representative: who specializes in a type of product or line of finished products he often provides additional product assistance, such as warehousing and technical service.

The wholesale distributor: a company that buys the product you’ve imported and sells it to a retailer or other agent for supplementary distribution until it gets to the end user.

Representative: an understand able salesperson who pitches your product to wholesale or retail buyers, then passes the sale to you; it differs from a manufacturer’s representative in unnecessarily specialize in a particular good or group of goods.

Retailer: in the end of the trade channel where the merchandise smacks into the consumer or the buyer.

As there is no Free Trade Agreement between India and Turkey, Turkey only has comparative advantage in India when it comes to certain goods, as both countries have massive opportunity if enough energy and analyses laid on the table. If you are looking for products to be importing from Turkey to India you may benefit from GlocLınk services in Turkey.

Finally, we have talked about how it can be importing olive oil to India, with advices for the process to be implemented well.

How to import olive oil from Spain to India
How to import olive oil from Spain to India

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