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 Import olive oil USA  .. 74 greatest importers

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import olive oil USA

In this article we will explain to you import olive oil USA , it’s important for the importer in USA , for quality olive oil products، Through importing house platform you will know every thing about import olive oil to USA .

Olive oil importers USA :

There are a lot of searches in import olive oil USA , which find that the most olive oil imports to USA  come from turkey, spain, and italy, with high prices.

  1. Brahim kamouni

It provides olive oil made in USA .

  1. Naseproduce

It provides virgin olive oil, and refined olive oil in american olive oil market.

  1. Larocca international cofee inc:

It provides olive oil.

  1. King street rehab:

It’s one of the american olive oil companiesprovides olive oil.

  1. Earthzie foods

It provides olive oil.

  1. Saad dorgham:

It provides the best olive oil in the world.

  1. Adam di flaviano:

It provides olive oil.

  1. Greatlines:

It provides olive oil, and cashew nuts, it doesn’t provide olive oil brands to avoid.

  1. Bio-revival llc:

It provides extra virgin olive oil, and vinegar.

  1. anthony ferraro:

It’s one of the olive oil bulk suppliers, which provides olive oil.

  • Remedi medicals:

It provides olive oil.

  1. surma bazar llc:

It provides olive oil.

  1. bill kabaker

It provides extra virgin olive oil, and edible oil.

  1. alobal brands, inc:

It provides olive oil, honey, and coffee.

  1. mizzleme

It provides olive oil, olive oil glass bottles and tin.

  1. vordonia athenolia extra virgin olive oil:

It provides olive oil.

  1. kamal salah

It provides olive oil for sale.

  1. dovre impex:

It provides virgin olive oil.

  1. farhat bendawi:

It provides olive oil USA .

  1. ranieri fine foods:

It provides extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil companies USA 
Olive oil companies USA

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Olive oil companies USA 

Import olive oil USA  from turkey up to 10 thoUSA nds, and 50 tons, here we will introduce the olive oil companies:

  1. mmi marketing:

It was founded in 1973, it has provided honey, spanish bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, and olive oil to importers in USA  and worldwide.

  1. cit foods

They provide variety of producers geared to the retail, wholesale, export, import, and manufacturing food industries, items and edible oils, rice, and coffee.

  1. reed exporty

It’s a service provider, founded in 2011, which operates in the food, import and export industry, it also operates in the food stuffs.

Olive oil import tax USA 

USA  maintains taxes on canned olive oil, the government announced the imposition of taxes on some final products from the european union, including canned olive oilk USA  stated that it has started an evaluation process to increase the customs duties imposed on some food products, like olive oil, the northamerican olive oil organization led a campaign to combat tariffs imposed on this productk،On other side another organizations warned of the impact of the tariff on the national network of small and medium food companies which sell olive oil.

Olive oil for sale USA 

We will offer you the best type of olive oil:

  • Extra virgin olive oil: it’s acidity is 0.8%, it’s the most expensive oil that’s because it’s high quality.
  • Pure olive oil.
  • Light olive oil: this type is prepared by refining olive oil.
  • Cold pressed or cold extraction: it wasn’t heated over a certain temperature during processing, the difference between the cold extraction and cold pressed is regulated in Europe.

They most important component to many recipes on the USA  kitchen depends on olive oil, for use in a lot of ways, from cooking, to use as the base of a sipping sauce or even as a salad dressing.

The facility when the oil is produced can also obtain registration with the fda or food and drug administration and provide prior notice when shipments are in transit to the USA .

Olive oil USA  price
Olive oil USA  price

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Olive oil USA  price

Turkey’s olive oil exports to the United States of America amounted to about 16,500 tons during the first five months of the season.

Turkey is working hard to increase turkey’s exports of olive oil about 3.8 billion us dollars by the beginning of 2023 to produce 1.2 million tons of olive and 650 the USA nods tons of olive oil.

USA  get about four liters for every ten liters of Turkish olive oil, which up to more than 85 country around the world.

The liter price is up to 4$, after it was around 3.5$ in the last season, and the price of half liter of olive oil up to 22 try, that’s about 6 th USA nds$, and the ton is up to 4000$.

Olive oil distributors USA 

The most important olive oil distributors from turkey to USA :

  • Olive oil sland umay zeyt dis ticaret ltd sti:

It’s a producer of turkish extra virgin olive oil, and table olives, they have 3000 tons of olive oil together with 2000 tons olive processing and storage capacity.

  1. elive ozel kirlangic

It is offering wide variety fine olive, it’s a high quality olive oil.

  1. prolive

It’s one of theextra virgin olive oil suppliers since 2000.

  • Kiyi ege

They have desire to share with you the olives oil which is produced from these plenty soils by composing naturally and healthiest way.

  1. emsa foreign trade:

It has been established in 1991.

  1. esence agriculture and development cooperative:
  • Guneybag:

It also operates in the best olive oil industries.

  1. aktaylar zeytin & zeytinyagi fabrikasi:

It operates in the olive oilindustry.

  1. avni frel zeytineri:

It operates in the best extra virgin olive oil industry.

  • Hisar zeytincilik ltd.
  1. wetti group:

It’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 1990.

  1. erel zeytincilik gida
  • y zeytin:

It’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 1987, which operates in the olives industry, it also operates in the olives, and olive oil industries.

  1. peyba gida san ve tic lts sti:

It’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the olives industry.

  1. efc gida:

It’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2009, which operates in the olives industry, it also operates in packed olive oil industries.

  1. emrezeytin:

It’s a wholesaler, which operates in the olives industry.

  1. olea zeytin zeytinyagi gida sanayi ve ticaret limited sirketi:

It’s a manufacturer, founded in 2003.

  1. alkan zeytincilik:

It’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 1998, which operates in the olives industry.

  1. heed insaat kim ya gida ve tarim urunleri sanyi ticaret limited sirketi:

It’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2011, which operates in the food, import, and export industry, it also operates in the olives, and organic olive oils industries.

  1. effs froeign trade:

It’s an agent and representative, which operates in the unrefined vegetable oils industry, it also operates in the extra virgin olive oil, and olives industries.

olive oil
olive oil

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  1. mihrac mercan

It’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the olives industry.

  • Awafi food trade company:
  • Al sabbagh trading company.
  • Elmas for development:
  • Turkey brand istanb:

al khattab company for olive oil: it’s a famous company in turkey, it produces the best olive oil with high quality, and the best prices.

  • Una aurora olive

They are producing olives and olives oil in turkey, they have great experience exporting their products especially in romania, united kingdom and bulgaria.

  1. rhino eastern llc:

They produce fruit oil grade, extra virgin processing type, organic packaging, can, glass bottle.

  1. nar dogal urunler tur. Tic. Ve san. A.s:

They has a wide range of product variety including olive oil collection with different aromas and taste.

  1. serhat gumusel:

They are working especially with companies, who are positioned as suppliers in their countries and want to turn to foreign trade, as their foreign trade department.

  1. aksu olive oils co:

They are a company based in eastern mediterranean turkey, they can provide olives oils with many qualities like extra virgin.

  • Kristal oil

It’s the first producer and first exporter of olive oil in package from turkey leading firm in oil industry known for its high quality products in turkey and aboard.

  1. mtroyal:

It is a turkish company produce food products such as cocoa products, olive products like oil or seed.

  1. leaf trade:

They are supplier of all kinds of dried olive oil from all cities of turkey to worldwide, provided logistics and financial solutions.

  1. al hasan international trade establishment:

They produce and export several kinds of food to a company in saudi arabia, they sell in wholesale and retail directly to the saudi market.

  1. priene olives:

They are the manufacturer, exporters, and traders of cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, olives and fried fruits.

  1. ozcetin olive oil:

It’s an olive oil company, they are operating with all kind of olive oils, olives, stuffed vine leaves, tomato and pepper paste and soap.

  1. yamam co:

Their company is exporting extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon to eu country’s.

  1. demirayak tarim makinalari:

It sells olive harvester machinery, they sell italy machinery, they are distributions italian company in turkey.

  1. arnas agro:

It’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2018, which operates in the olive oil industry.

  1. dla construction and foreing trade:

It’s a distributor, which operates in the food and beverage additives industry, it also operates in the foods, health, olive oil, construction materials.

  1. ac group.
  2. the manischwitz company.
  3. team foods colombia s.a.
  4. kuehne nagel s.a.
  5. turcorp turkish olive oil and oil companu inc.
  6. sipac sarl.
  7. trader joe s company.
  8. oilio llc.
  • United olive oil

It was born as an exclusive importer and distributor of olive oil products, they aim torise market request for foods have made them to develop their imported products including olive oil.

So, it’s important to import olive oil USA  because it has high monounsaturated fats which helps in decreased cholesterol level in the blood.

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