Import olive oil from Tunisia

The best 12 suppliers to import olive oil from Tunisia.

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Import olive oil from Tunisia 

Import olive oil from Tunisia because Tunisia one of the olive producing countries that’s been receiving more and more attention for its high quality oil. This North African nation near Malta and Sicily has been delivering olive oil since eighth century BC. 33% of the nation is covered with olive forests, and olive oil is a fundamental element of its gastronomy. Tunisia olive oil benefits , suppliers of olive oil from Tunisia with best quality and affordable price ,this information and more will know in Importing house platform just contact with one of these companies.

Importing olive oil from Tunisia

In Tunisia, olive oil is a lot more than food, It’s their culture and savoir-faire, and part of everyday life. The history of olive oil is their history. Carefully-crafted Tunisian olive oils are rich in chlorophyll, carotene, lecithin (a natural antioxidant that stimulates the metabolism of fats, sugars and proteins), polyphenols, and are a good source of vitamins A and D

Importing olive oil from Tunisia
Importing olive oil from Tunisia


This company “Ennour” is one of the most important producers of bottled extra-virgin and organic olive oil Tunisia. Its capacity of production is about 1000 bottles per hour, or 900 Tons per year their olive oil which acidity is.


The company HUILERIE ABDALLAH EZZINE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, founded in 1993 , which operates in the ORGANIC FARMING industry.

It also operates in the;

olive oil, Export of olive oil and Extra virgin organic olive oil, We have market of olive you can buy olive oil Tunisia from it  industries. It is based in Souassi, Tunisia .


The company DOGHMANI OIL EXPORT, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Olive oil industry. It also operates in the; Export of olive oil, Extra virgin organic olive oil and Extra virgin oil, industries. It is based in Kairouan, Tunisia .

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Where to buy Tunisian olive oil ?

The universe of olive oil is tremendous and complex. For the same number of value items that exist, there are similarly the same number of helpless oils available with some European names utilizing misdirecting marking and mixing. Tunisia is reliably one of the top makers of olive oil on the planet, yet still under the radar.

Tunisian olive oil is something we are enthusiastic about and we figure the remainder of the world ought to have the occasion to taste the local assortments (chetoui and chemlali). Import olive oil from tunisia, Instead of getting a mass-delivered market olive oil, consider Olivna olive oil from our family’s area in excellent northwestern Tunisia, where the olives are as yet picked, squeezed, and bundled at the source all old fashioned style.

imported olive oil from Italy
imported olive oil from Italy

– Tunisian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml), $15.00

Extra virgin Tunisian olive oil (250ml), $ 11.00

Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ml), $24.00

Tunisian olive oil is something are passionate about and they think the rest of the world should have the opportunity to taste the native varieties (chetoui and chemlali).

Instead of getting a mass-produced grocery store olive oil, consider Olivna olive oil from their family’s region in beautiful northwestern Tunisia, where the olives are still picked, pressed, and packaged at the source all old school style.

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Olive oil manufacturers in Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the world’s top olive oil producers, With its big chemical-free orchards, Tunisia is the largest exporter of organic olive oil in the world. Tunisian olive oil production has doubled in a year, to about 350,000 metric tons, turning the country into the world’s second-largest producer after Spain. Explore detailed information about Tunisia’s Olive Oil market;

wholesale price of olive oil in spain
wholesale price of olive oil in spain


MEDILIFE stands for “Mediterranean Life”. MEDILIFE aims at providing to the international consumers a Premium Healthy Mediterranean Food.

The company operates in 4 segments :

Olive Oil & Olives (they have best Tunisian olive oil quality). Couscous & Pasta Hard Wheat. Fruits and Dates Deglet Noor. Tunisian Spicy Sauce ( called Harissa) They prepare products with care and proudly Export worldwide. They work hard to understand the consumer need and meet the changing need for more and more Healthy and Tasty Food.

They welcome any collaboration or partnership to add value to the product and better satisfy clients.
Olive Oil is consider the Golden liquid in Tunisia. They harvest their Olives and cold crush them using mechanical process only the same day for optimal quality. They give olives the time to naturally reach their maturity level. It requires ordinarily 2-multi month to be experienced, so purchasers gets an excellent quality item, with no synthetic quickening agent.

MEDILIFE Olives looks better, and don’t have the unseemly smell that accompanies utilizing synthetic items to arrive at development. Tunisian Couscous is currently refreshing around the world. It very well may be utilized as a Starter, Side dish, Main dish, or a Dessert. They give 100% Hard wheat couscous, Organic Couscous, Orzo, Mhamsa (Pearl couscous).


This manufacturer of a high quality of olive oil made in Tunisia, They are enable to supply you with all kind of olive oil you needfeel free to contact them quickly.


This company represented considerable authority in creating of olive oil and its subsidiaries (pomace oil, olive bit, cleanser dependent on olive oil ..)

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Olive oil price in Tunisia

Top Deals at best Price, Confidently Place via Trade Assurance, Quality Assured found in Tunisians people ;

7-Mechrgui Tout Services:

They are trading company for over than 6 years , They sell the best quality and reasonable price , its products from what country produce they look always for long relationship with them customers , they work in many fields. Excellent like virgin low costs enthusiasm premium natural product oil in mass, US $2.00/Liter, additional virgin natural olive oil, US $2.80/Liter.


For the first time ever, best Tunisian olive oil brands ,Chemlali-type olive oil by Tunisia’s Olivko brand was named the best extra-virgin in the world in an award in the United States.

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Is Tunisian olive oil good ?

Of course yes, São Paulo – Chemlali-type olive oil by Olivko, of Tunisia, was called best extra-virgin olive oil the world, out of 900 varieties by 300 brands in the New York World Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC).The NYIOOC is one of the best quality olive oil competitions in the planet.

Wholesale olive oil Spain
Wholesale olive oil Spain


An active company in the food industry, with a headquarter in Tunisia, with branches in Asia (Hong Kong, Guangzhou), and in the US (California).Main products : Tunisian Extra virgin Olive Oil (they have olive oil brands you can trust and buy it ). Olives. Tuna in Olive oil . Spicy sauce Tunisian called (Harissa) . Fresh Mediterranean farm fish . Virgin Olive Oil Price, best Quality Tunisian 3L Metallic Tin Olive Oil, MEDILIFE, US $14.50-$16.00/Unit, Marasca Virgin Olive Oil. 1L Bottle, 0.8% Acidity, MEDILIFE, US $3.10-$3.40/Box, Wholesale Price Natural Olive Oil, High Quality Extra Virgin Olive, Glass Bottle 500ml, MEDILIFE

US $2.79-$2.81/Unit .

Olive oil factories in Tunisia

Tunisian Manufacturers of olive oil and Suppliers of olive oil;

10-Virgin Oil Grove Tunisia (VOG Tunisia) :

is an industrial company specialized in the extraction and bottling of Tunisian olive oil. It is known that Tunisian olive oil best in the world ,They are Supplier of a high quality olive oil, and an unparalleled packaging, they export their olive oil to the 4 corners in the world, for markets that are looking for a Mediterranean oil with a unique composition . Them role as a citizen forces them to convey a positive image of their national olive oil to improve the export of this liquid gold.

Challenge & Goals Positioning the company as leader in the extraction of olive oil and its packaging Established in 2011, in order to satisfy a market in full expansion, their company sets out to promote a high quality olive oil In this respect, they strive to ensure a high-quality extraction and packaging process in order to achieve consistent quality.

The challenge of VOG is to ensure the excellence of them olive oil, whatever the stage of its transformation, from the moment of its selection, via its preservation under nitrogen in treated steel tanks and shielded from Air and light, or packaging it for ordinary use. The nature of an olive oil is estimated by the method of creation, the level of causticity and fundamental natural components. The taste, shading and aroma of olive oil are additionally significant components to assess its quality.

11-Terra Delyssa is a brand delivered by CHO Company:

Its set of experiences returns to numerous ages developing olive trees and creating olive oil. CHO Company has fabricated its prosperity on qualities and a culture which consolidates innovation and regard for horticultural customs. Because of its incorporated structure (flat mix and vertical mix), CHO has a solid presence in the olive oil area in Tunisia and around the world. The CHO Group puts resources into quality. They believe that by pioneering quality control in their industry, they elevate quality, protect their farmers’ hard-work and build a better future for them children. They believe that the impact on the environment and the social wellbeing of farmers is an integral part of the quality of the oil they produce.


8K international Trading Co ltd. Is a full-service global import/export company serving wholesalers, buyers, entrepreneurs, and privately held organizations. Their foremost expertise is sourcing products and services in China, they considered from the best olive oil exporters in Tunisia, they can supply OEM or stocklots, for exportation to the USA, Europe, Canada, Africa and other countries. the range of volume is wide. their main objective always is to be the FIRST CHOICE link between them suppliers and customers, maximizing your profit potential, and providing superior customer service. They could supply you socks , shoes , consumer Electronics , toys , DIY items with all reports and certifications you will need , with any packing you will request , all in the best price/quality, ready stocklots or fresh orders.

At the end of my article ,I hope I present useful information around the import olive oil from Tunisia topic.

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