Import of olive oil in Pakistan

Import of olive in Pakistan … Best 4 companies to deal with

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Import of olive oil in Pakistan

Are you asking about import of olive oil in Pakistan? We will show you the methods of importing olive oil and will also display the most famous wholesale olive oil companies in Pakistan and the production of olive oil in Pakistan. So follow us in Importing House to know all details…

Olive oil import in Pakistan

Import methods from Pakistan differ, and we will show you all the methods with the disadvantages and advantages of each method.

  1. Online import:

Importing from Pakistan via the Internet is common and the most abundant, but you have to be careful with a company with high ratings from buyers, for example there are the best import sites from Pakistan that include a number of companies specialized in selling different types of products.

  1. Traveling to Pakistan:

Traveling to Pakistan allows you to visit many companies and markets, but the disadvantage of this method is the increase in expenses, as travel and accommodation are very expensive and accommodation there, but it is a guaranteed and recommended method.

What are the benefits of olive oil
What are the benefits of olive oil

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Olive oil brands in Pakistan


It is the manufacturer, and it works in the oil sector. It is based in Hyderabad, Pakistan.


She is an agent and representative, and works in the oil sector. Olive cultivation began to flourish in Pakistan, whose residents were not previously accustomed to using olives in their food, and also the majority of Pakistanis have not tasted the taste of olives in their lives because it was not available in foodstuffs since ancient times in an agricultural country that produces the best types of vegetables and fruits.

The reason for this is that olive trees do not grow in the region for several reasons, the most important of which is the lack of an environment and a suitable climate for their growth except in limited areas.

At the same time, all Pakistanis know olives because of their name in the Holy Qur’an, and they usually trade in olive oil imported from abroad.

And olive olives are used in Pakistan to treat joint pain, paralysis and other things, but it is never used in food, because the majority of Pakistanis regard olives or its oil as a plant intended for treatment.

During recent years, agricultural experts in Pakistan discovered that some areas of the southwestern Balochistan region of Pakistan, the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Punjab region have the appropriate environment and climate for olive cultivation and began to focus on planting olive trees iin those areas as a part of the efforts created by the Pakistani government to develop the agricultural sector.

And increase the economic returns from this sector, as about 4 million trees were planted in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa alone. And that came after importing seedlings from abroad, along with publishing awareness programs. In this regard, Dr. NasirCheema, the supervisor of the olive project in Pakistan, revealed, “Agricultural scientists in Pakistan have invented modern techniques for cultivating olive trees in some regions of Punjab, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which has led to an amazing increase in olive production, and we are currently working to increase the volume of production. it did not live up to the desired economic goals.

On his part, Dr. Abdul Samad Khan, an expert in the development of olive tree cultivation program in Pakistan, explained that they obtained good types of olive trees from countries known to produce olives such as Spain, Italy and Tunisia, and we subjected them to several experiments so that we were able to extract the best and appropriate type from the environment in Pakistan to.

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obtain economic returns.

In addition to the attractive economic benefits of planting olive trees in Pakistan, the Pakistani Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Pakistani army, is working to support the people of the tribal region bordering Afghanistan with olive cultivation techniques as an alternative cultivation of opium cultivation as part of the project to eliminate drug production in those areas.

Dr. Nasser Cheema, supervisor of the olive project, added, “We are working with the Pakistani army as part of a project to rehabilitate the displaced from the areas affected by terrorism near the border with Afghanistan to help the local population to replace drug cultivation with olive trees due to the attractive economic returns of olives.

And olive products in Pakistan are not limited to olives and their oil, but experts in Pakistan have developed other products that include jam, olive juice, tea extracted from olive leaves and other products on the Pakistani way.

Experts of agriculture in Pakistan expect that olive cultivation in Pakistan will flourish with the support of government institutions, given the attractive economic benefits of olive crops, so that its production in Pakistan will achieve the desired goals. It is an ideal anti-aging agent. What are the benefits of olive oil specifically.

Olive oil buy online in Pakistan
Olive oil buy online in Pakistan


Olive oil buy online in Pakistan

Here many websites that you can buy olive oil online from them:

  1. pk.
  2. pk.

Benefits of oils for health:

It is usually believed that oils are an enemy to the human body and health, but this assumption is fundamentally wrong! Values

It is a source for building cell membranes and sex hormones.

A source of oil-soluble vitamins such as: E, A, D and K. These vitamins need oils because they dissolve in fats and not in the blood.

The fats in them provide the body with important fatty acids, which the body cannot produce on its own.

It increases skin elasticity and regenerates skin tissues.

What are the benefits of olive oil:

The benefits and qualities of olive oil make it one of the best oils available, and these are its various benefits:

  • :Rich in healthy fats

Most oils contain fats of all types (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats), but pure olive oil contains the largest amount of monounsaturated fat by 82% and contains unsaturated fats by only 10%, and these fats

  • Fight cholesterol and promote heart health

Monounsaturated fats reduce the level of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) that causes cholesterol to deposit in the arteries, reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disorders.

  • Rich in Vitamin E

Pure olive oil contains vitamin E, which some believe has similar properties to linoleic acid, and linolenic acid is found in the omega-3s in fish oil.

But we must remember that olive oil does not contain some important fatty acids that the body cannot manufacture on its own, and therefore it cannot be the only oil we use.

  • Anti-aging

One of the benefits of olive oil is its natural use against aging (ANTI AGING) and the treatment of some skin diseases that come naturally with age..

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  • Improve the health of skin, hair and nails:

One of the most important benefits of consuming  it improves the nails and even bones. As olive oil moisturizes hair and skin, and nourishes both nails and bones. There are many recipes in which olive oil is used in order to moisturize, strengthen and increase the thickness of hair, and other recipes for both skin and nails as well. Also, olive oil strengthens the stomach and helps facilitate digestion, and in many cases it may help in treating constipation.

  • Strengthening the immune system:

Since ancient times, people used to consume olive oil on an empty stomach in order to improve the work and efficiency of the immune system, which takes care of fighting various diseases.

Olive oil importers in Pakistan

Olive oil manufacturers in Pakistan are preparing to enter the world market. Hundreds of thousands of trees have been planted in the last ten years, and most of them are now growing in areas that experts consider perfectly suitable for olive cultivation. And by the year 2027, production is expected to reach 16,000 tons.

With the help of many countries and olive producers, Pakistan is strengthening its efforts to reduce taxes on foreign edible oils so that it becomes a new player in the world of olive oil in the global markets.

The new brand, Pak olive, is the name and certificate chosen by the government to designate high quality olive oil coming from the public sector.

Currently, a laboratory and a mobile unit will be set up for clinical and sensory testing of olive oil quality to obtain certification within the framework of the project. Muhammad Tariq, project manager at the Ministry of Food Security and National Research in Pakistan, said in media statements that private sectorism will be encouraged and trained with regard to patent registration of their trademark.

This has been planned to establish a bench for organic extra virgin olive oil Pakistan

Tariq stressed that with the 2019/2020 season, the estimated production capacity of olive oil in Pakistan will reach about 14,000 tons, and by 2027 it is expected that production will reach 16,000 tons, and the olive tree planting program will continue to double production.

It is reported that Pakistan launched olive oil production in Pakistan in 2010, taking advantage of the strong agricultural cooperation efforts with Italy and Spain as well as trade cooperation with China. Thousands of trees were imported into the country, along with experts who helped identify suitable areas for olive cultivation. About 10 million acres have also been devoted to cultivating olives.

The director of the Pak Olive project confirms that the local production of olive nurseries is very limited, which drives the federal government to import certified olive nurseries of different varieties from different countries.

Pakistani farmers are keen on cultivating olive farms because their production from other crops is very weak and they have uncultivated lands in which olive trees can thrive as they are drought tolerant and require less investment opportunities compared to other crops.

He emphasized that once new orchards were established and production capacity was developed, the pro-move for Pak Olive Company would be to gain international interest in excellent olive oil extra virgin in Pakistan and thus enter international markets.

In conclusion, dear reader, we have explained to you that olive oil is available in Pakistan, and we have also shown you everything you need to know about import of olive oil in Pakistan and olive oil production, as we explained to you the most important olive oil companies in Pakistan.

Olive oil brands in Pakistan
Olive oil brands in Pakistan

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