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import duty on virgin olive oil

Are you looking for import duty on virgin olive oil ? Perhaps you would like to know about Turkey’s most popular processing factories for importing and purchasing olive oil at wholesale prices?Are you curious if the richest companies in Turkey are making the right olive oil to buy from them?

Are you searching for Turkey’s biggest suppliers of olive oil to buy the best imported olive oil? Will you like to know the price of olive oil in Turkey to get the lowest rates imported?

In this article in Importing House, I’m going to introduce you to Turkey’s largest olive oil factories to buy from, and we’ll also introduce you to the most famous olive oil companies in Turkey to partner with.

And we’ll also help you connect with the main suppliers of olive oil in Turkey, and we will also help you to consider the prices of olive oil obtained in Turkey at sale prices.

Import extra virgin olive oil

Are you asking for import extra virgin olive oil ? Are you want to learn about the most popular olive oil processing factories in Turkey at the lowest purchase price? Do you try to negotiate with the largest olive oil factories in Turkey for imports from them if you’re looking for them?

We will now present you to Turkey’s largest and most influential olive oil factories, to work with them and communicate with them through their imports.

  1. Kristal Oil Factory

Kristal Oil Factory, one of Turkey’s most popular and well-established oil plants, is the largest producer of Turkish olive oil and one of the best wholesale varieties of Turkish olive oil.

Including extra virgin olive oil and import duty on virgin olive oil, so there is a strong demand for it as it is considered to be better, higher-priced, and based in Izmir.


Virgin olive oil price
Virgin olive oil price

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  1. Guneybag Factory

What is Extra Olive Light Oil? As it works in the field of oils and olive oil as well as virgin olive oil brands , it is one of most common and best manufacturing plants for vegetables and the best olive oil industry in Turkey.

They are all headquartered in Adana, the main district of olive oil, where you can buy Turkish olive oil with a high degree of cleanliness and great quality.

  1. Alinda Zeytinyagi Factory

What’s the right oil for olives? It is one of the most glamorous and successful olive oil producers in Turkey, and one of the best extra light olive oils in Aydin, offering high-quality olive oil, known for its great prices.

  1. Olives Valley Factory

This factory is one of Turkey’s top and most popular wholesale buyers of virgin olive oil benefits for imported olive oil products and is known for providing Turkey with the highest types of olive oil, as well as being popular in Mersin for its top quality and fine prices.

  1. UNA Aurora Olive Factory

This factory is located in Izmir and is regarded as one of the best and most famous olive oil factories in Turkey, especially when buying olive oil.

Turkey can also buy extra light olive oil because it produces and offers, at high prices, the main varieties of very high-quality natural virgin olive oil for sale.

  1. Arnas Agro Factory

These are the largest and most influential extra virgin olive oil types, producing and selling the finest oils from Turkey, as well as the largest varieties of extra light olive oil and Turkish olive oil, in particular olive oil, which is renowned in Istanbul for its excellent quality and excellent prices.

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Extra virgin olive oil companies

Are you searching for extra virgin olive oil companies ? Are you keen to hear about Turkey’s most luxurious olive oil companies that make packaging of the highest quality? Are you ask to visit and bargain with Turkey’s largest olive oil firms to buy from them? The largest and most influential company manufacturing the finest olive oil in Turkey to deal with and purchase from them is here.

  1. May Group Company

Turkey is also involved in natural oils, the most important of which is olive oil, which is active in the most affluent vegetable oil market and is considered one of Turkey’s largest distributors of extra virgin olive oil in bulk.

For all kinds of Istanbul-based olive oil, the best quality Turkish olive oil and the lowest olive oil for importing olive oil are both packaged with excellent cleanliness.

  1. Deren Herbal Products Company

It is one of Istanbul’s most popular and valued producers and a Turkish olive oil company that produces the best kinds of virgin olive oil wholesale from Turkish imports at the lowest rate.

For instance, light olive oil and natural oils are sold at costly prices and distinguish themselves through high-quality and exclusive projects.

  1. The Mill Company

Based in Istanbul, the company is considered one of the largest and most valued olive oil brands in Turkey and one of the leading companies in the field of natural oils, namely olive oil, which is renowned for its high-quality and innovative value of pure olive oil imported into the country.

  1. Borabora Olive Oil Company

The main types of extra virgin olive oil imported in bulk are produced and sold in bulk by the most prominent Turkish olive oil distributors, active in Turkey and active in the field of natural oils.

There is a wide demand for this business because of the production of oils with good cleanliness and high-quality wholesale of extra virgin olive oil, and they are available at price.

  1. Palamidas Olive Oil Company

It is one of Turkey’s largest and most famous natural extra-light olive oils and produces, refines and processes improved types of natural oils, of which olive oil is the most prominent.

Demand for extra virgin olive oil is considered to be one of the most essential oils for humans, with increased sales of extra virgin olive oil based in Manisa of recognizable quality bulk purchases.

Extra virgin olive oil suppliers

Are you asking for extra virgin olive oil suppliers? Interested to find out more about Turkey’s biggest olive oil suppliers to buy at the cheapest price from them?

Do you want one of Turkey’s most famous suppliers of good olive oil to trade and import it from them at lower rates? We will now direct you to the largest and most common olive oil suppliers in Turkey, at the highest quality and special prices.


It is considered to be one of Turkey’s oldest and largest wholesale suppliers of olive oil in bulk, as it produces and sells Turkey’s olive oil, especially the best Turkish olive oil for which it is famous.

There is also a great demand for it because of the affordable prices and the good wholesale suppliers of natural olive oil to buy olive oil wholesale, and it is located in Izmir, where it is based.


One of the oldest and most important suppliers of olive oil to imported olive oil brands in Turkey is considered to be the processing of the finest extra virgin olive oil types and the best advantages of olive oil.

The most popular of these is Turkey plus olive oil, packaged with the highest quality and absolute cleanliness and available at the lowest prices.


Where to buy bulk olive oil ? Specifically, Bursa, which is involved in the field of natural oils, is also known for its production and for being one of the most renowned olive oil brands.

Turkey is the biggest and largest producer of olive oil and wholesale olive oil, importing extra virgin olive oil and supplying the finest kinds of high-quality bulk olive oil and organic olive oil.

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Turkey, with its headquarters in Gaziantep, is the largest and most luxurious supplier of natural oils and the finest olive oil brand in Turkey, manufacturing and selling the best kinds of pure olive oil wholesale of the best standard and cleanliness, as well as being renowned for the cost of wholesale olive oil.


Turkish olive oil distributors that sell the finest extra virgin olive oil with the lowest extra virgin olive oil and the finest Turkish olive oil for the sale of high-quality, imported olive oil from Balikesir are considered to be the most famous and largest suppliers of Turkish olive oil in bulk.

Import extra virgin olive oil
Import extra virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil price

Are you asking for virgin olive oil price ? Do you want to know the price of virgin olive oil obtained in Turkey at affordable rates? Looking for virgin olive oil prices in Turkey to purchase the highest quality at the best price?

Here are the prices of the best virgin olive oil varieties available for purchase at wholesale prices in Turkey.

  • The production of olive oil in Turkey increased this year as Turkey’s export of olive oil or wholesale sales of olive oil to the United States of America reached an estimated 16 thousand and 500 tons during the first five months of the season, an increase of 206 percent from the previous period.
  • Turkey is working very hard to facilitate the production of 1.2 million tons of the best virgin olive oil origin and 650 thousand tons of olive oil to be processed by the start of 2023 for around US$ 3.8 billion.
  • The rising demand for honest Turkish olive oil offerings from the online transactions of the United States of America over the season from November 1, 2017 to March 2018 is estimated at approximately $67.3 million, a growth of 251 percent compared to the same period in the previous period.
  • Turkey’s average cost of one liter of Turkish virgin olive oil bulk for shipment to the U.S. was about $4 during last season’s one-liter cost was also about $3.5.
  • The cost of half a liter of Turkish lire-derived olive oil was about $22,000, or about $6,000, 46, and the price of about $4,000 for a ton of olive oil in Turkey.

We have finished by presenting our article in which we have guided you to import duty on virgin olive oil and the best Turkish olive oil factories, companies and suppliers of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil imports in Turkey.

And we’ve also offered you olive oil prices in Turkey, and we hope we’ve helped you out and provided you all the details after we’ve ended.

Extra virgin olive oil companies
Extra virgin olive oil companies

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