import clothes from turkey

import clothes from turkey … amazing designs from 6 places

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import clothes from turkey

Are you looking for clothes  company in Istanbul turkey? Do you want to import clothes from turkey Are you looking for the best stores of clothes in Istanbul turkey? Are you looking for the best fashionable clothes market in Istanbul turkey?

Through this article we will help you to know the best  clothes companies in Istanbul turkey, not just wholesale clothing market but also we will provide you with the best factories that sell this wholesale clothing, to make your search more easy, just complete this article to the end .


turkey clothes wholesale market

Wholesale garment markets in Istanbul attract many people, whether they are investors or just want to buy at reasonable prices, because it contains the best types of goods at excellent prices, making it a destination for the largest investors .

So we will show you the best Wholesale garment market in Istanbul keep reading to know.

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Fatih Market in Istanbul

The Fatih market is one of the largest wholesale markets in turkey, as it provides all types of goods, especially islamic turkish clothing and we have to say that this market has all the success factors of supply and demand which makes it one of the markets that enjoy customers all the time .

2)  Osman bey Market in Istanbul

Speaking of the largest wholesale market in Istanbul,  Osman bye must be mentioned as one of the largest wholesale markets in the region and it is well-known that it tends to specialize in some way in turkish clothing for hijab  which gives it a good reputation in Istanbul wholesale clothing

3)  Lalali Market in Istanbul

This market  enjoy wide and great  popularity   among  foreign visitors and even locals because it contains the finest types of wholesale clothing with materials and competitive prices for the rest of the markets . in this market you can find any type of turkish clothing wholesale for sale which make your process of searching to know best wholesale shopping in Istanbul more easy and useful .

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turkey online wholesale clothing stores

Marter market in Istanbul

The marter market in Istanbul is one of the cheapest and largest wholesale markets, which includes all kinds of goods especially clothes that satisfy all tastes, at very competitive prices . this market has a good reputation, so it is said that if you enter it, you will not go out until you have found what you want and it is known that it contains many showrooms for men’s clothing that what makes it one of best best turkey online clothing stores

And here you some clothes brands that have online website

since Istanbul contains many international fashion designers and is famous for its fashion industry, it is natural that it has many famous brands like ….

turkish clothing wholesale
turkish clothing wholesale


 it is considered the first Turkish website to sell clothes online and started going on the way of  Modern Turkish clothing online this brand that specializes in women’s clothing is enjoy with a great success, both locally and internationally and you can easy find Turkish Abaya shop online

Turkish Jubba

Turkish Jubba is a kind of men’s tradition  clothing  and also is a famous brand in turkey it is also popular with men in some Arab countries, such as Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco for its similarity with the traditional clothes of men in those countries .

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turkey wholesale clothing online

Importing from Turkey is the best solution for importers to get rich in the recent period due to the high quality of the product and its reasonable prices. Thus, the importer achieves a great profit by selling this product in the local markets at somewhat high prices.

Wherever the country you want to import from, the best solution to successfully complete the import process is to travel to that country and complete your work directly. We recommend this solution to you because of its many advantages compared to other solutions and these advantages are summarized in that you will have the opportunity to visit the largest number of companies and compare between The products are in terms of quality and price, so you can choose the product that corresponds to the target market, but in this case you will take into account the cost of travel and this is the only drawback in this way of importing, but if you want an inexpensive way, it will definitely be import via the net and import from Turkey Online is commonplace these days, but in this case you will have to make sure to choose a reliable company with high customer reviews.

In this article we have showed you best wholesale clothing Istanbul  to be able to know how to import from turkey and to make your searching process more easy we have provide you with the markets that sell fashionable and vintage clothing in Istanbul .

where to buy clothes in Istanbul Turkey

1-Istanbul’s Fatih Market

The Fatih market is one of the largest Turkey wholesale markets, as it offers all sorts of items, particularly in wholesale Turkey clothing for baby clothing, and we have to admit that this market has all the supply and demand success factors that make it one of the markets that customers experience all the time.

2-Osman Bey Istanbul Market

Osman bye must be listed as one of the largest wholesale markets in the country, speaking of the largest wholesale market in Istanbul, and it is well-known that it appears to specialise in some way in Turkish hijab garments, which gives it a strong reputation in Istanbul wholesale clothing, and in this market, you can easily find clothes wholesalers Turkeyز

3-Istanbul’s Lalali Market

It includes all types of wholesale garments for the rest of the markets with fabrics and affordable prices. You can find any form of Turkish apparel wholesale for sale in this market, which makes it simpler and useful for you to find all sorts of brands and even baby clothing Turkey brands in this market to find the right wholesale shopping or looking for clothes stores in Istanbul

4-Marter’s Istanbul Market

The Marter marketplace in Istanbul has been one of the largest markets, which a fantastic price and contain all kinds of products, particularly clothing that satisfies all tastes. This business has a strong reputation, so it is said that you cannot go out if you enter it until you have found what you want, and it is understood that it includes several men’s clothing showrooms and even caramel baby clothing Turkey

clothes wholesalers
clothes wholesalers

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Turkish online shopping worldwide shipping

There are several methods to import from Turkey, as the steps are quick and simple to import clothes from Turkey, but one of the best ways is to go to the country and go to the wholesale markets in Istanbul, particularly because of the large number of private wholesale markets in it, and it is the best because the merchant is going to me.

Enter the net and start searching for companies that supply Turkish apparel or you can enter business guides where the addresses and names of firms, factories and agencies importing clothes from Turkey and other goods are shown in each trade way, and we have put a fantastic trade catalog to import goods here, but from other nations. And shortly, if you are searching for wholesale Turkey apparel online, we will give critical advice to Turkish businesses

Begin to connect with them either by texting or email after you arrive for more than one business, and do not keep this message valid.

Manufacturers that make Turkish products or businesses that are typically supplied can negotiate with a small private sector that is safer for them than dealing with individuals because the import contract is provided with seriousness, consistency and loyalty, so take this point into account if you do not own a company that can be imported to a friend because you can quickly find a tonne of Turkey wholesale

Enterprises who are willing to import through them so are careful not to go into the introduction phase Follow the following, after discovering the firm for importing from Turkey Give what you want to import to textile vendors and hopefully even though it is in pictures to display the quality of clothing-imported clothing sizes-or clothes are sturdy or other manufactured goods-the quantity of clothes and accessories imported such that this can make a big difference in terms of the following.

You see several businesses promising sales and vouchers while importing the quantity of the best wholesale clothes in Istanbul

1- Volume exodus of discounts too much

2- If the quantity is fast, you can launch the air, however it is more costly, the quantity would differentiate in terms of shipping, but if the necessary amount is high, you will need to ship on tankers or ships as the manufacturer or clothes wholesalers wants to send you samples of the products and send more than one company to evaluate them.

Home pots can now be easily dispatched from Turkey, where Select the right company to manufacture office wear for utensils in Turkey Select the type of goods you want to buy or get Identify all the necessary specifications in the kit Take the steps required to ensure that the delivery of quality is sound and without industry defects Select and negotiate with the manufacturer on the right distribution agent

1-Schenker DB

This business is one of the reputable firms and popular brands of Turkish garments that have been referred to as the best companies importing children’s clothing by Turkey. It is also one of the highest premium Turkey wholesale clothes, which every 2 months offers a fresh range of clothing if you are looking for cheap clothes Istanbul you should know that they are the best direction.

2— Party PEBS

Via this, you can get Turkey wears online, you can conveniently get used clothes because it is one of the main companies specialised in this business and is one of the most popular Belgian companies in origin and is one of the world’s leading producers of garments since it transports goods by rail, ships and trucks with many branches in different parts of the world and is convenient to deal with because all of their clothes are clothes cheap in Turkey.

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