how to import olive oil from italy to Canada

How to import olive oil from Italy to Canada by 3 companies

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how to import olive oil from italy to Canada

You want to start a new business and you think to import olive oil from Italy, but you don’t know how to import olive oil from Italy to Canada right?

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Importing olive oil from Italy to Canada

Coratina trees are one of the most important types of olive trees in Italy, especially in the Puglia region, from southern Italy, the largest olive growing region in Italy. This variety is very well adapted to various environments and agricultural conditions.

  • Coratina fruits

The fruit of “Coratina” olives are small, tends to be elongated, weighing 3 – 4 g, and contains many small pores. And the fruits ripen evenly at the end of the season. And in some years, it is also suitable for green table olives.

  • Coratina oil

The Curatina fruit trees produce high-quality oil with an oil content of 18 to 22%, and it contains high levels of polyphenols. What makes it so stable. It is interesting that these properties of olive oil, which are very popular, are found in oils extracted from the fruits of “coratina” that are grown in completely different regions such as Argentina.

  • Agro-characteristics of Coratina trees

Coratina trees start fruiting very early and have stable and high yields. This variety of olive trees has shown some susceptibility to “bloat mold”. It is also able to tolerate cold in some areas, and it is grown in some areas in its original homeland, Italy, for pollination this variety should be planted with other olive varieties such as Frantoio Italian for cross-pollination among them. The fruits are harvested in November and continue until January.

What are the Italian olive oil brands that can you import?


Traditional Italian products, “Côte Amalfitaine et Cetara”, “Italianfood”: anchovy sauce, tuna fillet, provolone Monaco PRL, Limoncello, Limoncello cream, Meloncello cream, vegetable jam, Italian extra-virgin olive oil Protected Original Label, fine Italian wine Graniano pasta protected original designation, vegetables in oil, tomato San Marzano original protected designation, eggplant fillet with bastum oil, lemon sorrenti jam, orange sorrenti jam, lemonade sorrenti papaya cakes, I think after that you knew where to buy the best olive oil in Italy


For three generations, MONINI, which carefully selects its products from the best producing regions in Italy and the Mediterranean basin, has been bottling and marketing excellent, high quality virgin olive oil made in Italy Even today, the founder’s nephew tastes daily what might turn out to be MONINI extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Fiorentini Firenze

It is one of the largest companies that market extra virgin olive oil from varied origins and sources, and is among the most important major storage depots for extra virgin olive oil in Italy, with a capacity of approximately 8 million liters. We have analysis laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Fiorentini Firenze has won many important international quality certificates.

Olive oil suppliers in Italy

  1. Lucca Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Italian olive oil can be called “my Luca oil” only if the tree is planted within 6 miles of the city center, that is, about y km from the walls of the historic city of Lucca The olive culture in our city has its roots in the distant past. Since the fourteenth century our olive was one of a limited minority with a reputation in Italy and Western Europe. Outside the Italian border it was also used by traders as a benchmark for other oils.

The olive oil produced in the hills around Lucca, whether it is IGP, DOP, or produced by the organic cycle, contains eighty percent of the squeeze of the FRANTOIO family, and twenty of the remaining hundred is made from a mixture of the varieties of Lichino, Morayolo, and Pendlino. This balanced mixture makes our oil unique, tastes delicious and easily distinguished from most other oils. It smells fragrant and harmonizes with a sweet and spicy taste.

You can experience all these characteristics in the extra virgin olive oil produced with precision and efficiency in our mill.

  • Characteristics of extra virgin olive oil:-

We get the best olive oil in the world by mechanical pressing, and only the oil whose acidity is less than 0,8%, its flavor is free from defects such as sludge, rancid, etc., and a clear smell of the fruit, and a fair balance of sensations through touch and smell, and it can be called extra virgin.

For each type, whether extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil or pomace, there are specific criteria we rely on in order to classify each type of oil we extract from our mill.

Especially for extra virgin olive oil, it is essential that they comply with these criteria

  • Acidity (%) <0.8
  • Peroxide <20
  • Halogenated solvents <0.20
  • Wax <250
  • Saturated acids <1.3
  • Stigma <0.15

Obviously, these values ​​are only those that are classified as major, as the physical and chemical analysis will undoubtedly be more complex and comprehensive.

What is the pH?

We will try to respond in the most comprehensive way possible, because acidity is a very important criterion for the quality of the best olive oil in Italy

Acidity is affected both by the method of preserving the oil, and by the ripening of the olive fruit. The acidity decreases with all the early and unripe olives used, which are preserved by the correct methods, while it increases with ripe or rotten olives over those that have not been preserved by appropriate methods.

The pH level decides which category the oil will belong to. Oils with high acidity are not bad, simply because they belong to only the excellent maiden.

European law stipulates that the oil is excellent virgin only if its acidity is less than 0.8%, and the lower the oil, the better the value of the oil.

  • History:-

Olive trees and their fruit products belong entirely to the Mediterranean basin. There are historical, religious and heritage documents up to the year 1597 BC attesting to its use. One of the oldest documents found in the imperial palace in Babylon, explains the distribution of oil rations to slaves Our Master Noah in the Bible also speaks of the importance of the olive and its tree, which is sufficient for it to have religious significance.

The Phoenicians, who spread the use of the olive tree along the coasts of the Mediterranean, Africa and the south, called what is called “liquid gold” The Greeks expanded olive tree plantations, but the Romans were the most olive propagation ever. They planted it in every occupied land, and they are also responsible for the first classification system for the different types of olive oil.

  • Green olive oil Oleum Ex Albis Ulivis
  • Ripe olive oil Oleum Viride
  • Oleum Maturum Extra Ripe Olive Oil
  • Olive Oil falling from the tree Oleum Caducum
  • Slave spoiled olive oil Oleum Cibarium

Thanks to these people, olive oil has spread to the point that it has been used by some as a commercial currency. Other areas in which oil has been used include medicine and religious ceremonies.

wholesale olive oil
wholesale olive oil

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Shipping olive oil from Italy to Canada

In this part of the report, we will mention a number of shipping companies to answer the question how to import olive oil from Italy to Canada


The company operating in the field of local and international express transportation provides door-to-door delivery service, special services in private transportation, so if you want shipping from Italy to Canada choose them as well as providing services to passengers later. The dynamic system allows the company to embody the service according to the customer’s requirements regarding domestic and international transport within the European Union, and in all parts of the world. It is also interested in the field of customs procedures management, which includes documents of special status with regard to receiving destinations in the United States of America and Asia (Japan and Hong Kong).

  1. Interlinea

Importing from Italy to Canada means Interlinea, it is a gigantic company that specializes in the packaging and transportation of artwork and valuables in general.

It has a team and practical methods of achieving the necessary precision whether in terms of individual artworks, or complete exhibitions. The company can establish business relationships between Venice, all over Northern Italy, and any other country in the world, it allows professionalism for the individual client such as organizing an event.

  1. Trieste Fernetti

Trieste Fernetti’s multi-modal hub ensures professionalism of import and export service on the east-west and north-south hubs. More than 400 service personnel, divided into general departments and 40 shipping, transport and technical support headquarters, are able to meet the diverse needs of international trade and transportation, such as shipping imported olive oil from Italy The platform offers modern facilities and innovative services to national and international transportation operators.

Imported olive oil
Imported olive oil

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Olive oil price in Italy

The price of refined olive oil in northern Apulia and Calabria has decreased to 1.90 euros / ton. For 1.75 euros / tonne in one week As for the price of refined olive oil in South Puglia, it was set at the end of February at 1.70 euros / ton, while at a week the Italian olive oil price was at 1.50-1.55 euros / ton.

And Ismea (Service Institute for Agri-Food Market) confirms in its report that although it is still too early to make expectations about the upcoming injury, it is expected that it will be a very good year for Spain, with a production rate of more than two million tons, and for Greece and Tunisia, as well as in Italy, production should increase. In the northern center without compensating for the decline in the south after this record hitting

On the other hand, Ismea explains that in the three months (Avril, May and Joan), marked by the health crisis, the volume of trade decreased dramatically in any Italian olive oil online shop as prices stabilized after the supply made by the bottlers in the months closest to the olive press, thus, the industry was able to meet the increase In demand from retail trade on a large scale, which since the beginning of the year recorded an increase of 6% in value and 9% in volume compared to the same period of the previous year, while in the months of the crisis (March-May) it reached its peak with an increase of 18 %.

Conclusion, we have answered your question how to import olive oil from Italy to Canada

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