how to import olive oil from Greece

How to import olive oil from Greece .. 7 companies tell you

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how to import olive oil from Greece

As you know that Greece is one of the famous countries in producing olive oil, but how to import olive oil from Greece today?

That is what you will know from the report from the Importing House platform, don’t go away.

Import olive oil from Greece

  • The Greek Ministry of Agriculture has pledged to provide nearly 126 million Euros  ($ 148 million) in joint funds between Greece and the European Union to the country’s olive oil producers as an emergency measure to offset the financial losses incurred by the sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Around 145,000 beneficiaries of the program are scheduled to receive an average of 300 Euros  ($ 352) per hectare of the olive grove, if the aid plan gets approval from the European Commission.
  • The ministry said in a statement that the Greek olive oil sector was chosen for its importance to local agricultural associations, as it is considered a national strategic product for the primary sector and the cohesion of the social fabric of rural areas in terms of employment, production value and exports.
  • The National Association of Olive Oil Professionals of Greece (EDOE) welcomed the aid initiative; however noting that support at all levels is required for the progress of the Greek olive oil sector.
  • For reference, the olive oil sector has been affected in particular by the epidemic in various ways, such as interruption of supplies, cross-border and local restrictions on the movement of products, closure of restaurants and a decline in tourism, which led to a significant decrease in the selling price.
  • Olive oil prices continue to raise in Spain, Greek olive oil companies Italy and Portugal.
  • The bid for Tunisian olive oil reached an all-time low in September, at 1.86 Euros per kilogram.
  • From the 2010/2011 season until the 2019/2020 season, the price of extra virgin olive oil in the Spanish city of Jaen was less than 225 Euros  per 100 kg 25% of the time to 327 Euros  per 100 kg.
  • The average price during this period was around 280 Euros per 100 kilograms, while the maximum and minimum prices were 423 and 174 Euros  per 100 kilograms, respectively.
  • Today, the price of Italian extra virgin olive oil reached 490 Euros per 100 kg, an increase of 8.9% compared to the same period of the previous year).
  • In Chania, Greece, the price of extra virgin olive oil was less than 246 Euros  per 100 kilograms and exceeded 300 Euros  per 100 kilograms.
  • The average price during this period was about 274 Euros  per 100 kilograms, and the maximum and minimum prices were 388 and 182 Euros  per 100 kilograms, respectively.
  • Extra virgin olive oil was also priced at 250 Euros  per 100 kg, according to the International Olive Council and an increase of 11.1% compared to the same period of the previous year).
  • This is the latest data on the olive oil wholesale price in Trás-os-montes-Portugal, Portugal, at 280 Euros  per 100 kg.
  • In contrast, Tunisian extra virgin olive oil began to decline in the 2019/2020 campaign, reaching 186 Euros  per 100 kg in September 2020.
  • The average price was 228.7 Euros  per 100 kg.
Valley of Olives
Valley of Olives

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Olive oil manufacturers in Greece

Extra virgin olive oil is of exceptional quality, aroma, and taste. The oil comes from the primary pressures of the olives, and no chemicals of the olives, and no chemicals or hot water are added during the processing. PH levels below 0.8 percent. About 70 percent of Greece’s olive oil is virgin.


  • GREEKLAND, headquartered in Xanthi, specializes in the huge trade of premium products. Their products include Greek olive oil brands coffee, cosmetics and drinks for bars and restaurants. They supply their products directly from the manufacturers without middlemen to offer the best prices.
  •  They work with trusted manufacturers and apply strict quality control standards to ensure that we deliver the highest quality products to you. In addition, they oversee the entire production and packaging process.
  • All products are certified and all documents ready for export. They look for quality products such as best Greek olive oil for you and arrange to ship from Greece so that you can save a lot of time.
  • They also help clear customs and transportation logistics to ensure trouble-free delivery. Over the years, they have gained the trust of many clients in various countries including Greece, Italy, France, Germany and Britain. They supply their products to restaurants and many high-end stores.

  • Extra virgin olive oil is the staple of the Mediterranean diet. This is the reason why our company has traveled all over Greece in search of farmers and producers who share the same values with us through the use of optimal growing conditions, agricultural practices and harvesting techniques that are all anchored in sustainable development.
  •  The olives used to produce this exceptional olive oil are collected from the Pierian Mountains, hand picked and squeezed on the spot to produce premium virgin olive oil that won a gold award at NYIOOC

ITHAKI EXPORTS P.C., is a wholesaler, and one of the best olive oil producers Greece operating in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the sectors of pure olive oil, olive oil, extra virgin organic olive oil, and the export of olive oil. It Based in Agrinio, Greece.


The enterprise MONOLADI, is a wholesaler, and one of the most famous olive oil suppliers Greece founded in 2010, and operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the olive oil and olive oil export sectors. It is based in Ancient Olympia, Greece.


The company HILIETIS TRADE is an agent / representative, and it works in the agricultural, import and export sectors. It is based in Larisa, Greece.

Olive oil factories in Greece

You may want to buy more than one olive oil in the smallest containers available for tasting and experimenting until you find what you like best.

You may find that the taste and price differ between premium virgin oils – and in other grades as well – from brand to brand. It could be the case even when they have same color, especially considering that many oils come in tinted bottles.


Enterprise NUTRICRETA -EMMANOUIL RODANAKIS, is a wholesaler, founded in 1973, and operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in sectors and exports cheap olive oil bulk it based in Sitia, Greece.


The enterprise, BOTZAKIS S.A, is the manufacturer / producer, founded in 1995, and it operates in the animal oils and fats sector. It also operates in the olive oil and olive oil export sectors. It is based in Arkalochori, Greece.

Olive oil shop
Olive oil shop

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How to ship olive oil from Greece

Olive oil companies need several factors to succeed in the global competitive market. It is mentioned that the most important of these factors is to provide excellent shipping services to customers by dealing with shipping companies that provide professional and fast delivery services to all customers around the world.

  • How to import olive oil from Greece

E-FORTIO is the service provider and operates in the road transport sector.

 It also operates in the shipping of products such as Greek olive oil wholesale it is based in Kavala, Greece.


The Corporation, PRESTON FREIGHTS, is a service provider, operating in the international freight sector. It is based in Pireas, Greece.

  • COM

The Corporation, VYRA.COM, is a service provider, operating in the shipping sector. It is based in Irakleio Attikis, Greece.


SIMARCO CARGO & LOGISTICS, a service provider, operates in the international freight sector. It is based in Piraeus, Greece.

What are the benefits of imported Greek olive oil to our bodies?

Olive oil has many benefits, and many studies have advised those suffering from diseases eat it, because of the many benefits it contains, especially if it is eaten on an empty stomach.

The following are the most prominent benefits of olive oil on an empty stomach:

1- Promote colon health

The nutritional values ​​present in olive oil play a great role in maintaining the health of the colon and its functioning, and eating olive oil on an empty abdomen contributes to protective colon cells from injury, therefore reducing the chance of  colon cancer in particular.

2- Improve the health of skin, hair and nails

One of the most important benefits of eating olive oil on an empty stomach is that it improves the health of the skin, hair, nails and even bones, and olive oil moisturizes the hair and skin, and nourishes both nails and bones.

3- Clean the liver from toxins

The liver has basic and important functions in the body, as it works to clean the body in order to provide a suitable environment for the various organs of the body, which means that maintaining its health and cleaning it from toxins has a positive impact on the health and work of the liver.

4- Contribute to weight loss

Olive oil has many health benefits, including weight loss, and this benefit increases with olive oil on an empty stomach.

5- Strengthening the immune system

Since ancient times, people have been eating olive oil on AN empty abdomen so as to enhance the functioning and potency of the immune system in fighting various diseases.

6- The benefits of eating olive oil on an empty stomach:-

Besides all of the above, eeating vegetable oil on associate empty abdomen means that enjoying the subsequent health advantagesas well:

* Protect the heart from various diseases.

* Reducing high cholesterol.

* Reducing the risk of infections.

* Control blood sugar levels.

* Promote brain health

How to buy olive oil online

  • Amazon:

Amazon is the # 1 platform in the world of e-commerce, so it is unchallenged at the top of the list. According to the latest statistics, the site achieves more than two billion visits per month, which indicates the great confidence it enjoys in the hearts of its loyal customers.

  • Ali Express Aliexpress:

Aliexpress is considered one of the best e-commerce sites in the world, it has a huge user base of almost 1 billion users. The store is headquartered in China, and is a branch of the parent company of the “Alibaba” group.

We have answered your important question how to import olive oil from Greece to your home.

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