Hazelnut suppliers Turkey

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Hazelnut suppliers Turkey

Are you asking about hazelnut suppliers Turkey ?

We  in Importing House will show you the most famous hazelnut companies in Turkey  and the best hazelnut factories, and here you will find hazelnut prices in Turkey , where to buy hazelnuts and all the information you want to know about hazelnuts

Turkey  hazelnut supplier

Turkey ‘s vast area and climate have made it the home of many crops, which made it a country that exported many agricultural products, fruits, roses and others, and import nuts from Turkey  and today’s talk about one of the fruits that Turkey  occupied with its production an advanced seat and achieved great financial resources.

Speaking today of Turkish  hazelnuts, hazelnuts are a type of nut that comes from the Corylus tree, mostly grown in Turkey , Italy, Spain and the United States

It is a rich source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and contains a good amount of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, such as oleic acid

Hazelnuts provide large amounts of antioxidants, protecting the body from oxidative stress, which can destroy cellular structures and promote aging, cancer and heart disease

Therefore, it is recommended to eat whole, unroasted grains for maximum benefit, hazelnuts have been linked to reducing signs of inflammation, thanks to high concentrations of healthy fats, and despite its importance, hazelnuts contain phytic acid, which has been shown to impair the absorption of some minerals, such as iron and zinc. Too much

Turkey hazelnut supplier
Turkey hazelnut supplier

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It is the most famous hazelnut suppliers Turkey


It is the manufacturer, and it operates in the dry fruits sector. It also works in the sectors of hazelnut fruits, dried fruits and nuts. It is based in Trabzon, Turkey زYEMIS VE. TIC.SAN. TIC. LTD. ST


It is the producer and operates in the hazelnut sector. It is based in Giresun, Turkey


It operates in the dry fruits sector. It also works in the Hummus sectors, the hazelnut fruit, pistachios and almonds. It is based in Corum, Turkey


It is a wholesaler and operates in the dry fruits sector. It also works in the sectors of almonds, pistachios, dried apricots and nuts. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey


Is a wholesaler, established in 2001, and operates in the dry fruits sector. It also works in the sectors and fruits of nuts and hazelnut wholesale .It is based in Pendik, Turkey


The historic Torre family company keeps on researching the quality of the Seminy Heights biological hazelnuts from peeling to drying without forgetting to turn into a product

.It deal in all types of raw peeled, grilled nuts and peeled hazelnuts.It produce semi finished products such as shelled hazelnuts, hazelnut spread, hazelnut flour for confectioners, ice cream manufacturers and confectionery industries of medium and large sizes

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hazelnut price in Turkey

The uses of hazelnuts are many and varied, besides their high economic value, the tree can be used in the manufacture of home furniture due to its lightness and ease of manufacture.

Hazelnuts can be eaten without any additives, they can be added to biscuits, sweets, cakes, the price varies according to the type and quality.

Turkish  President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently announced the TMO (Turkish  Grain Board) hazelnut purchase prices for the 2020/21 season. The price of high-quality hazelnuts in Giresun is 22.5 TL per kg.

While the cost of high-quality hazelnuts in the Levant is 22 TL per kilogram, the price varies according to the type and quality.

With the increase in consumption from the European side on Turkish  hazelnuts, along with an increase in domestic consumption, indications indicate that the price of hazelnuts is likely to reach 22-24 Turkish  liras during the coming period.

The Ministry of Agriculture expects the hazelnut harvest in Turkey  for the year 2020/21 to reach 665,000 tons, while the Turkish  Statistical Office in the Black Sea expects production to reach 600,000 tons and 613,000 tons, respectively,

Among the most importing countries of Turkish  hazelnuts, Mexico, Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Malaysia, Colombia, Singapore, Estonia, the harvest in Turkey  is currently in full swing, as fresh hazelnuts are sold in the Giresun province in the free market for 15 To 16 liras

importing from Turkey

Turkish  hazelnuts are a strong supporter of the national agricultural field, as it is its treasure that is obtained for it on a plate of gold that nature gave to it, and it is also one of its main pillars in the export market,

It is important in its economy, and over the years Turkey  has gradually transformed itself into the leading producer of hazelnuts in the world, as it has exported hazelnuts to more than 100 different countries in the past ten years

It received more than 20 billion US dollars from this trade, Italy is the largest importer of hazelnuts from it, according to the statistics of the Exporters Union, and in second place, Germany with 162 million pounds, France with 50.1 million, Poland with 26.4 million, the Netherlands with 24.7 million, then China with 24. .6 million, 18.9 million pounds to Canada, 9.3 million to Brazil and 4.6 million to Mexico,

With the stability of hazelnut prices in Turkey , this will be in its favor, as it is expected that the coming period will witness an increase in the amount of its exports, which means an increase in its dominance in this field, and this situation will lead to an increase in its economic income, a revival of the markets, and a decrease in the exports of other exporting countries

The cultivation of hazelnuts in Turkey  takes place in each of the eastern and western regions of Turkey  along the Black Sea, where the appropriate soil, the appropriate temperature, and the availability of rain in large quantities

This is what needs to be cultivated badly in order not to erode the soil, and in steep soils (slopes are higher than 20 percent), approximately two to three million farmers (5 percent of the country’s population) depend on their cultivation for their income, as it constitutes a high economic value

And the Black Sea region is no longer the only one that grows hazelnuts in Turkey , but its cultivation has recently expanded to the cities of anlıurfa and “Betlis”, where the hazelnuts grown in them are considered to be of a very good type

When talking about hazelnuts in Turkey , we are not talking about an ordinary fruit with simple benefits, and it is not just nuts and a perfect meal as it is believed, but Turkish  hazelnuts have many benefits

Hazelnuts are a well-known nuts that are used in the manufacture of chocolate, and they have high nutritional value

Nuts are an important source of many unsaturated fats, omega 1 and 2 acids, proteins and minerals such as iron, phosphorous, and magnesium, as well as vitamins

It is considered a healthy food for children because they need it because it is rich in the aforementioned materials

Hazelnuts are also rich in Vitamin E, which is known to protect human skin from ultraviolet rays, which are classified as harmful rays that cause skin cancer and premature aging

Nuts are mainly included in diet and slimming recipes because of the beneficial substances they contain, which contribute to compensating for what the body loses during the application of diet programs

Hazelnuts increase fertility in both sexes, and mercury oil contributes to providing the body with energy, which leads to an increase in sexual ability and has a great effect on the quality of sperm as well

Hazelnuts maintain the health of the heart and the circulatory system, enhance the performance of many functions in the brain, and have a role in preventing early Alzheimer’s and many signs of aging such as tremors

Hazelnuts prevent blood clotting and reduce high blood pressures, which means that they are an important factor in reducing the likelihood of developing a stroke

hazelnut price in Turkey
hazelnut price in Turkey

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hazelnut company in Turkey

Companies compete with each other to take advantage of the nuts, as different efforts are exerted to manufacture more distinct products with its special flavor that is unparalleled,

Turkey  and hazelnuts go hand in hand when you remember one that springs to mind of the other, as Turks master baked goods with a hazelnut character, and also drinks, years of experience made it a superior country

And the most famous hazelnuts companies and best place to buy hazelnuts


Founded in 2002, it operates in the dry vegetables sector. It also works in the sectors and fruits of nuts. It is based in Giresun, Turkey


It is the manufacturer, founded in 1992, and operates in the fruit trees sector. It also works in sectors and hazelnut trees. It is based in Balikesir, Turkey

9-Mazi Guru

Company profile Mazi Guru Yamish Nuts Company – nuts and dried fruits The company supplies tourist shops, private shops and supermarkets with all kinds of delicious nuts

The company supplies the Turkish  market and some markets outside Turkey , hazelnuts, lokum and its varieties and nuts. All our sales are wholesale, we do not sell by piece


Founded in 2018, it operates in the dried fruit sector. It also operates in the hazelnut and raisin sectors. It is based in Malatya, Turkey

Hazelnut factory Turkey

Are you looking for hazelnut factory Turkey  ? To you the most famous hazelnut factories in Turkey


It operates in the dried fruit sector. It also works in whole nuts and shell nuts sectors, hazelnuts and roasted hazelnuts. It is based in Ordu, Turkey


It works in the nuts sector. It also works in the hazelnut fruit sectors, with chocolate nuts, whole hazelnuts and shelled nuts. It is based in Giresun, Turkey


It is the distributor, operating in the food sector, import and export. It also works in the sectors of dried figs, hazelnuts and pistachios. It is based in Denizli, Turkey


It operates in the dried fruit sector. It also operates in whole and crust nuts, chocolate with hazelnuts and roasted hazelnuts. It is based in Giresun, Turkey

In conclusion, we have explained to you everything about Turkish  hazelnuts, the best hazelnut suppliers Turkey , the benefits of hazelnuts and their prices in Turkey  and the areas of their cultivation, and all of this makes it easier for you to import from Turkey

hazelnut wholesale
hazelnut wholesale

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