Furniture suppliers Turkey

The best 4 furniture suppliers turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Furniture suppliers Turkey

Turkey is one of the most countries in the Middle East that has furniture companies. Furniture suppliers turkey are the most famous distributors of furniture around the world, and in this article we present to you the most important of these companies.


Furniture suppliers in turkey

Turkish furniture companies contribute greatly to increasing the Turkish national income, and there are many leading Turkish furniture companies in the field of export around the world.


It creates arrangements that offer plan, venture, development, creation, establishment and administration cycles to its clients. Its structure and single interlocutory association giving all turn-key items and administrations is a favored type of work for its clients. The undertaking likewise fortifies this structure through accomplice organizations.

 It works with an incorporated framework if wood furniture turkey covering all units and capacities from review to get together, from buy to bookkeeping. The related units can include information identified with their own units at each phase of the undertaking and all different units can profit by the framework both as far as occupation following and inspecting. The chief of each venture follows all phases of the task as the client’s eyes in plan and execution and makes reports in the recurrence and detail required by the client. To  expand profitability with a client explicit methodology by working in a way proper to the structure and culture of every foundation, to empower associations to construct more effective structures and to accomplish solid yields.

  • Offering a support with an expert and creative methodology. To sell living room furniture made in turkey
  • Setting up maintainable connections dependent on trust.
  • Creating lasting and viable answers for organizations.
  • Drawing nearer with a responsive and altered viewpoint.
  • Offering speeding up to the foundation on its development way by creating effective and solid cycles.


Furniture suppliers in turkey
Furniture suppliers in turkey


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Furniture import from turkey

One of the most famous furniture companies that leads at importing.


Mod Design, established in 2002 to create furniture plans against ordinaryity, was brought into the world as an imaginative inside engineering organization. Quickly developing since the main day, Mod Design has risen with the brands of (Rubi by), Office and Seperation Systems that represent considerable authority in their own parts, with an assortment of items that have become throughout the long term and reacted to various requirements. Rubi by, dispatched in February 2014, is a main brand in its field with its answers for explicit requirements of call focuses and  steel furniture turkey. Rubi by is a framework that plans to keep profitability at the most elevated level in call focuses.

In the creating scene, it is to turn into a public and worldwide course arranged organization to deliver furniture, partition and individual office frameworks with present day quality plans with human concentration by qualifying workplaces and to be in accordance with the guideline of manageability. As a main furniture stores in istanbul turkey and furniture producer in the segment with qualified items to meet the neglected needs of clients is to have a state on the planet. It is supportable, unique, centered around worker fulfillment, gainful, viable, making distinction.


Furniture import from turkeyFurniture import from turkey
Furniture import from turkey

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Furniture from turkey online

Of the other furniture companies that provide their services through the stores and through their website:


Sofaline  is the most famous furniture manufacturer turkey, it has been built up 25 years prior planning to coordinate light-spatial and shading discernment appropriately and expertly during this cycle and react perfectionistly to client’s requests. To make this reconciliation immaculate all furnishings styles from craftsmanship deco to negligible, from footstool furniture to English nation, from neoclassic and present day provincial to avangard, have been thought about and applied to ventures.

They can sum up Sofaline’s prosperity as mixing qualified interiror configuration group with an accomplished development group who follows most recent innovation intimately with the expert administration understanding. While focusing on high accomplishment, Sofaline gives special treatment to consumer loyalty and gives each after deals specialized help. With the experience and ability, Sofaline stays informed concerning building streams and developments and has the ability to react with its exceptional style, furniture turkey modern and client requests for each kind of activities, for example, houses, workplaces, inns, and some more. Additionally Sofaline separates itself by creating standart sets with high caliber from other producers. Beside these Sofaline serves its clients with extraordinary frill, material items, backdrops and numerous inside enriching items.


Safart Wooden Decoration San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Co .; Adopting the production of correct, complete and quality products as its target, accepting the duty of producing at international standards and adopting the happiness of its customers and all employees as a principle, their warm nests witness all their secrets, making it a principle to manufacture turkish chairs and tables, doors, kitchen cabinets and panel furniture, armchairs, sofas.

In this article, we have presented to you the most important furniture shops in turkey that provide services for export outside Turkey.

Furniture makers in Turkey

1- The City of Furniture in Turkey

The Turkish Furniture City or Turkish Furniture City was opened by the administration of MASCO Which is the largest city of furniture in Turkey and the world, a complex of 27 thousand square meters with all the furniture markets in Turkey In Istanbul, Turkey, which for 15 years has been out of service. The City of Furnishings started in the field of furniture TurkeyIstanbul B 32 furniture stores with an annual revenue of TL 3 million in the Turkish Furniture Complex

We addressed unanswered problems for several years after we got to board, Masco is a well-known multinational hub of industry that is expected to have a foundational foundation This was done by a cooperative set up in 1984 comprising 13 craftsmen and a Turkish furniture wholesale business of importing from Turkey 610 representatives and 540 Turkish furniture businesses. We are a giant shopping centre with an enclosed area of 480 thousand square meters, the right place to import bulk buy furniture from Turkey We’ve got about five thousand employees. It is possible to appeal to both home furnishing and office needs here Since all Turkey’s furniture is sold to every country in the world. Know regarding the characteristics of Turkish furniture

2- City of Masco for Furniture:

  • Classified as the largest furniture town in Turkey by area,
  • And the sum of 483 thousand square meters, and comprises 778 furniture manufacturing firms.
  • Within the Basaksehir area, MASCO is located in the European section of Istanbul.
  • And its distinguished location in Istanbul has played a significant role in drawing many people to Turkey who are interested in buyingTurkish furniture wholesale.
  • Modco Furniture covers the specifications of the Asian segment of Istanbul with prices for all styles of furniture in Turkey. It is situated in the Kocaeli region and consists of 92 furniture showrooms spread over an area of 92,000 square meters.
  • Turkish furniture, in terms of style and luxury, comes after Italian furnishings.

3- TEKNO plant

Bedroom furniture, new furniture, traditional furniture It is a manufacturer and is active in the bedroom market. It also functions in industries that Founded in 1970, it is a manufacturer / producer and is engaged in the Turkish furniture import-export market.

4- Home furniture manufacturing firm ACACIA FURNITURES,

Manufacturer / manufacturer, operating in the field of wood and home furnishing – care and safety It also operates in Izmir, Turkey, in the entrance and furniture sectors.

5- Home furniture manufacturing firm ACACIA FURNITURES,

They also had Turkish furniture shop, manufacturer/producer, operating in the wood and home furnishing field and modern furniture Istanbul– care and safety.

It also works in Izmir, Turkey, in the entrance and furniture industries.

6- GÖKTAŞ FURNITURE, Maker of bathroom furniture

Founded in 1983, it is a manufacturer / producer and operates in the interior doors market It also works in the regular sectors of wardrobe, bathroom furniture, fire doors and Karabaglar / izmir, Turkey related kitchen doors.

7- EXPOCU Package CORP., Bedroom Warehouse,

It is a manufacturer and is active in the bedroom market. It also operates in the home furnishing sectors Hospital and library furniture based in Menderes, Turkey.

8- Factories for bathroom furniture in Turkey

SHT Factory for Kitchen Furniture PAZARLAMA OTOMOTIVE SAN TIC A.Ş, Established in 1950, it is a manufacturer/producer and is active in the kitchen furniture market. It also functions in industries that Centered in Umraniye, Turkey, tiny gates and doors, bathroom furniture, hotel furnishing and armored stand, and you can deal with them and get online Turkish furniture.

9- Factory TURKEY FURNITURE, concrete furniture

  • It is a manufacturer/producer, founded in 2005, operating in antique styles in the steel furniture market.
  • With its headquarters in Bursa, Turkey, it also works in the furniture and bedding industries.
  • Factory WOODEN LTD, kitchen furniture, and construction
  • Founded in 1970, it is a manufacturer / producer and operates in the furniture import-export market.
  • It is also involved in the furniture and kitchen design industries in Izmir, Turkey.
  • They are one of the biggest factories for Turkish imports.
Turkish furniture
Turkish furniture

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Turkish furniture store

Those following companies has their related stores….

1-  GENCECIX companies, children’s bedroom furniture

Is a manufacturer / producer, was established in 2006, and it operates in the children’s bedroom furniture sector. It also operates in sectors Furniture based in Bursa, Turkey. Wholesale import of furniture from Turkey.

2-  BERFA Party, Home furnishing mattresses

It is the manufacturer and trades in the field of mattresses and bedstead materials. It is also involved in the furniture industry, Furniture and home textile goods for offices located in Kayseri, Turkey.

3- Architecture of Stoa:

Stoa Design offers the finest modern Turkish furniture, and the company was founded by Tardo Kuman, and in his high-quality furniture, Koman does not use any kind of glue in his furniture, but rather relies on a special technique that lets the furniture stick without adhesives, and his product lives longer than the furniture he has been pasting for many years, and the company uses goo withcheap furniture Istanbul.

4- Business by Palmy Cococ:

Formed in 2001, it is a family business and one of the most prominent importers of furniture from Turkey. The company also provides the finest hotel furniture, not only for homes and hotels, and exports exquisite furniture to more than 50 countries around the world, and the company is thoroughly equipped to satisfy any unique demands from Before buyers.

5- Business of Domesum:

This company offers the best traditional Turkish furniture, as it specializes in the manufacture of handmade furniture, and works to implement all Turkish furniture with high precision and quality that exceeds many international furniture, and naturally uses a lot of high-quality materials such as wood, metals and leather with the best price forimport furniture depot.

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