Furniture suppliers in Turkey

5 furniture suppliers in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Furniture suppliers in Turkey

Turkey is keenly interested in developing its home-made products in order to increase the chances of exporting them abroad, which is what furniture suppliers in turkey have succeeded in, as they were able to create a good reputation for Turkish furniture and on the basis of which thousands of products are exported annually from Turkey to all countries of the world.

Furniture suppliers turkey

You can find the most important furniture companies in Turkey here:


Orge  is the biggest online retailers in turkey,  it assembling and flexibly entryways, furnishings, kitchen cupboards, kitchen furnishings, shower cupboards, inside entryways, classrooms, rail cupboards, closets, shelves, television units, entryway, furniture, kitchen cupboard, kitchen furniture, shower cupboard, inside entryway, classroom, rail cupboard, closet, shelf, television unit, café furnishings, estate furnishings, inn furnishings, eatery kitchen cupboards, eatery entryways, inn kitchen cupboards, lodging shower cupboards, inn entryways, manor entryways, estate cupboards, estate kitchen cupboards, manor cloakrooms, estate television units, café furniture, estate furniture, inn furniture, café kitchen cupboard, café entryway, inn kitchen cupboard, inn shower cupboard, inn entryway, estate entryway, manor cupboard, manor kitchen cupboard, manor cloakroom, estate television unit, gardrobe, gardrobes…

Orge is a firm that performs shipping from turkey to saudi arabia  and utilization of development promissory and building enhancement notwithstanding kitchen, shower and entryway creation and delivers every one of its items offered available to be purchased in the 10.000m²-manufacturing plant with its own machines in Efeler, Aydin. The firm which was controlled by Musa GECGEL partook in the segment with the name of Seckin Decoration from 1984 to 2008 and today the firm which was attempted by the high inside architect Ahmet GECGEL in 2008 has been continued its name as ORGE since 2008. The objective of ORGE is to make its items in a creative manner, in high caliber without trading off its norms and give the client its items in time.


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Furniture market in turkey

Through furniture stores in Turkey, you can learn about the high quality and raw materials of the furniture.


They began furniture creation and  turkish bedroom design in ANKARA in 1975 and proceed in INEGOL since 1985. They have earned our calling in this period and we have protected our notoriety without offering admission to their Quality Philosophy, with a creation region of roughly 2000 square meters, they produce Classic Sofa Sets, avangard Sofa Sets and Modern Sofa Sets, just as Custom Manufacturing Dormitories, Hotels and comparable spots for Sofa sets, storage rooms and storage spaces. “Pumokoltuk” is their brands are situated in Domestic and Foreign business sectors. Their objectives is to fare to homegrown market, they  can list the quality understanding that  they  have received as an organization. With their awareness of obligation towards gathering in their organization; get a line that means to completely meet client desires.

Their outdoor furniture made in turkey and item quality, specialized help and after-deals administrations to give and increment consumer loyalty, to guarantee nonstop improvement with the cognizant cooperation of their representatives with high inspiration and achievement, to work with their providers in common participation and trust to expand their profitability.



The organization MADES was established in 1972. Client arranged reasoning, unlimited consumer loyalty, quality and advancement are our high priority .The present day office offices of Mades adjust to the stylish, inventive, practical and improving necessities and made in turkey product of the clients that are utilizing the most recent hues and in vogue plans, accessible on great footing. Through the unbelievable carpentry and metal preparing, including materials and hues, is the exchange of your corporate personality in any regions of work possible. In expansion to the furniture they offer additionally office supplies turkey and adaptable arrangements in the enhancement part for associations and organizations utilizing their experience and knowledge. Both their nationalar and internationalar piece of the pie is expanding each day. They fare to the EU, their items are additionally in the Middle East and in Africa with unmistakable fascination.


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Best furniture company in turkey

Turkish furniture companies can offer those wishing to import distinct services and designs specially designed for them.


NAHAL CONSTRUCTION and DECORATION LTD built up in Turkey in 2010. It supplies assortment of items as indicated by requirements and requests of clients. Our principle items are:

  • Turkish and Spanish Marble and Limestone.
  • Hotel, office furniture suppliers in turkey and Home Furniture.
  • Wide scope of Doors, Kitchens, and General Trading Goods and Equipment.
  • Sugar, Salt bundling administration and Paper cups.

The organization’s primary objective is to fulfill and meet the client desires by furnishing excellent items with elevated expectations. Throughout the long term, our expert fare understanding and prevalent client administrations have increased great notoriety among customers both in the neighborhood and global market.


Foreign Trade and  turkey furniture market that work in outside nations in numerous regions and markets, their items to the agent of Turkey to different organizations. While proceeding with its exploration exercises so as to open up to every world market, it additionally means to have a more extensive arrangement of clients in the locale.

Turkish furniture store

Masko is the largest furniture city in the world, it was founded in 1987 in Istanbul, many Arab merchants came to Turkey to look for integrated furniture manufacturing sites, and from the sites that could be viewed as a distinctive and unique Turkish furniture manufacturing city and the variety ‘Mask’ To include more than 778 firms manufacturing wholesale Turkish furniture with a range of styles and distinct consistency inside it.

Both businesses operating within the city of MASCO are guaranteed to be major companies and have Turkey furniture market And trustworthy because they all have a national number and a company registry with the MASCO City Government, the Chamber of Commerce of Istanbul, the Chamber of Industry of Istanbul and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Turkey, making it a comfortable and supportive thing to work with them During these forums, a thorough discourse and exchanging of design ideas takes place to create a special and distinctive shine in the area ofTurkishfurniture.

There is no doubt that, due to its many advantages in terms of delightful styles, stunning and elegant colors, Turkish furniture occupies a great place among the Arabs, so many Arabs are interested in learning the prices of Turkish furniture and everything related to it in terms of cost, colors and others The price of a living room varies from 3000 TL to 10,000 TL. Packages for the dining room range from 3000 to 11000 TL. Packages for bedrooms vary to get furniture for sale in Turkeyfrom 5,000 to 14,000 TL.

turkey furniture
turkey furniture

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Furniture makers in Turkey

Turkey has a wide group of new and exclusive furniture factories, such as Masco and Modco, which is the capital of the Turkish furniture industry, as well as several factories and companies in many Turkish cities.

As their items are made of pure and handcrafted wood, Turkish furniture companies also have comfortable and high qualityTurkish furniture. The furniture items of the company are sold to 32 different countries worldwide, such as Serbia and Saudi Arabia, one of the countries with the largest imports of Turkish furniture for sale from Turkey, Ukraine and numerous African countries, sot known as  furniture town in Turkey.

You have to decide the appropriate office or home furniture at the outset, and you can base your collection on recurring customer requests for your Turkish furniture design, and then you can order it from one of the Turkish office furniture companies and also provide several choices and models that you can certainly do, such as Turkish restaurant furniture, and you can choose from them, such as:

  • Convor:

Since 1999, Convor Furniture has been operating in Izmir. In several regions of the world, it offers its original and modernly crafted goods. It has a recent and modern conception, integrating expertise in the furniture industry, and will complete 20 years in Turkey by the end of 2019.

 The aim is certainly to hit 200 luxury furniture stores in Istanbul. For the next five years, Convor’s investment budget will reach 500 million Turkish liras. Moreover, by the end of 2018, the company had expanded the number of stores to 100 with bestTurkish furniture price.

2- Al-Fimo Business of Furniture:

Established in 1997, Alfemo strives to be a dynamic brand that, with its exclusive designs, sets trends in the furniture industry. In Istanbul, Turkey, it offers beautiful, practical, aesthetic, high-quality and trendy furniture with fair prices, prompt and timely service.

They buy dining room reception chairs, apartment, dining room, youth room, and living room. It has a wide variety of items and all the necessary furniture and accessories for a home The gross manufacturing capacity of Alfimo furniture in Turkey is roughly 150,000 sets of bedrooms and dining rooms, 182,000 sofas, 40,000 seating sets, 200,000 tables and 150,000 beds.

3-Corporación Lauda:

Loda Furniture is a furniture brand based in Istanbul, founded under the name Tech Design Furniture Industry and Trade Inc. in 2000.

  •  Loda Furniture has driven the furniture industry, high-tech manufacturing and human labor in a way that takes account of the climate and society in Istanbul since the day it was created.
  •  The organization has built up a large network of dealers in the Middle East and Europe, as well as Turkey.
  • And more than 20 years of furniture industry experience, it’s one of the best Turkish furniture companies
  • In a closed area of 15000 square meters with 250 workers, Loda continues its production.
  •  It serves its clients by manufacturing new and highly decorated Turkish apartments, dining rooms, office furniture, TV units and furniture accessories.

4- Stoa Design:

The best modern Turkish furniture is presented by Stoa Design, and the company was founded by Tardo Kuman, and Koman does not use any kind of glue in his furniture in his high-quality furniture, but rather depends on a special technique that makes the furniture stick without adhesives, and his product lives more than the furniture that he It has been pasted for many years, and the company uses good woods such as oak wood, weather wood, and its designs are characterized by simplicity, natural colors, which forms a unique combination of its kind, so you can import furniture depot

5- Business of Domesum:

This company provides the best traditional Turkish furniture, as it specialises in the manufacture of handmade furniture, and works to execute all Turkish furniture with high precision and consistency that beats many foreign furniture, and naturally uses a lot of high-quality materials such as wood, metals and leather with the best price for Turkish furniture It also produces natural material furniture to ensure the consistency of the product it graduates, and the company’s history goes back decades, as it was founded in 1975, and you’ll find it in Beylikduzu, Istanbul, to enter its main exhibition, it’s a good choose for importing from Turkey.

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