export olive oil to China

 How to export olive oil to China

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 export olive oil to China

The olive oil industry in China is the world’s fastest-growing. It will inevitably become the industry’s biggest market in the next few years due to China’s huge population so we will speak about export olive oil to China in our platform importing house.

Judging from the perception of a certain spleen or olive oil by Chinese customers, most of them do not have an in-depth understanding on the whole. The majority of buyers have no comprehension of product awareness. Price and the commodity brand’s familiarity are the two things that draw them. Given the tremendous buying power of olive oil on the Chinese market, new brands around the world are keen to attempt to penetrate the Chinese market and take market share.

exporting olive oil to China

The principal agricultural products in the Mediterranean region is olives. 90 percent of the olives in the world originate from the Mediterranean basin and the remaining 10 percent are found in Latin America in certain countries. China’s imported olive oil is reportedly mostly shipped to China from Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Syria and Turkey. These nations have fertile soil, sufficient conditions, and rich experience, and have become the world’s leading olive growers. European countries account for 70 percent of the world’s olive cultivation, of which Spain accounts for 60 percent, led by Italy and Greece, thanks to certain minor adjustments that have happened over the years in olive oil production in China.

And by speaking about export olive oil to China we should mention that in China, only undertakings eligible to import olive oil and other edible vegetable oils licensed by the competent national regulatory authorities can announce import procedures to the Chinese customs authorities. Enterprises with rights to import and export management are responsible for importing agencies or cooperatives. BW also has the qualification to import certain products or olive oil Chinese; it can offer one-stop logistics and import agency services from overseas warehouses to suppliers planning to export edible vegetable oils such as olive oil to Chinese importer warehouses. In China, only a very few Chinese freight forwarders have realistic olive oil operating capability and customs clearance expertise. Choosing BW is going to be your most sensible choice.

“Basic issue: arrival of goods = “declaration of inspection =” declaration = “tax payment =” customs inspection = “release” = “inspection and quarantine office sampling or sample distribution =” testing samples and review of Chinese labels = “question of health certificates (after receipt of this health certificate, the goods can be sold on the domestic market) (* Note: certain special economic zones or ports re) (* Note: certain special economic areas or port facilities re)

Formalities for the importation of land to shore shall first be declared for inspection, then declared for customs, and then carried out for inspection of goods. At the same time, taxes are reported and paid by the customs authority. The method is the same as for any products that have been shipped. The primary factor to remember is that the employees of the customs price check will review the authenticity of the CIF of the declared imported products.

This object must be ready for such convincing documents to be forwarded to the customs authority, such as the customs declaration process before the items are exported, the initial invoice, etc. In order to prevent customs mistrust and customs valuation (which would, of course, be far higher than the initial announced price), this will result in higher prices.

The product inspection did move out an inspection of the goods at random. In general, a sampling inspection is carried out on the basis of one thousandth of the total number of items. If the commodity inspection determines that the condition of the products does not follow domestic requirements, the goods are not allowed to be sold on the domestic market and must be returned or destroyed. If the commodity inspection finds that the quality of the goods does not meet national standards, the goods are not permitted to be sold on the domestic market and must be returned or demolished.

In addition, the cargo certificates, including the health certificate, certificate of origin and certificate of ingredient examination provided by the exporting government, must be checked. The “fumigation certificate” issued by the exporting country must also be checked for the packaging of wooden goods. If the Chinese label is unqualified or if the content of the Chinese label does not conform to the real content, the Chinese label will be returned or lost.

 Olive oil price
Olive oil price

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olive oil prices in China

Cost of price of RMB goods = price of foreign exchange goods X Foreign exchange rate to RMB on the same day،  Cargo + Insurance (according to different countries and regions transportation methods) Customs duties and tax on value added (collected according to customs and national tax rate regulations) Import clearance charges and Chinese tagging (not all products)

Charges for port and import procedures; Bank payments for settlements; And all the following information is related to the cost Needed details for filing Chinese labels: Record method for label inspection supervision (application) Photos of the original international label (front and back label data); Version (front and back label materials) of original foreign language labels;

Chinese trademark concept sample (front and rear label materials); Origin certificate or olive oil buyers in China; Company licence and Chinese distributors’ phone number; Name of the company of a foreign manufacturer; Samples (usually 3 ~ 10 packs / bottle; many packs / bottles may be drawn as needed sometimes) Other materials ordered by the State Administration for Product Inspection Certification Department.

how to sell olive oil
how to sell olive oil

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how to sell olive oil in China

With each batch of imported wholesale organic vegetable oil and pre-packaged edible vegetable oil exported for inspection to China for the first time, the importer should provide a test report containing at least the hygienic indicators and mandatory indicators prescribed by the global food health standards; The specifications of the test report issuing agency working in olive oil made in China

For the testing of imported edible vegetable oil, the importer chooses the testing machine. The research unit is not allocated, and it is possible to approve test results provided by third-party testing organisations at home and abroad.

Test object requirements of test study

The test items of the research report shall conform with the requirements of the sanitary items and mandatory items listed in the national food safety guidelines and the provisions of the designated items for imported edible vegetable oil and olive oil Chinese cooking listed in the National Bureau text; If the products in the test report are missing or do not follow the criteria, the report will not be approved for inspection;

The research outcome criteria for the test study

Must comply with the requirements laid down in the National Bureau of Food Safety Standards on sanitary and mandatory items and designated items for imports of edible vegetable oil specific cases shall be dealt with in compliance with the appropriate documents and guidelines of the National Bureau.

Information criteria for the test report’s traceability (conformity of cargo certificate).

In order to ensure the compliance of the cargo certificate, traceable connection information must be given between the test report and the submitted import edible vegetable oil submission information. Such information may include the name / date of manufacture / number of the production batch / specification / contract number / invoice number / name of the manufacturing company / name of the consignor / name of the consignee, etc., the information referred to above (multiple or one item) requires that the cargo certificate matches; if the traceability information between the test report and the materials submitted for imported edible vegetables matches;)Text criteria for research study.

The text of the test report may be in Chinese or a foreign language, and the material of the test report should be conveyed in terms of normal and standardised terms and conditions for analysis and should not be abbreviated for speech. If applicable, the importer must have a Chinese translation of the foreign language test report; in the absence of a correct and consistent explanation of the related material of the test report, the importer may be allowed to return to the original issuing unit to make amendments to the test report, and it can be submitted for review only after the modifications are accurate and clear.

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Olive oil
Olive oil

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olive oil in China market

Olive oil demand in China

During the past few years, the Chinese market has begun to appreciate international olive oil for different reasons. Even if global olive oil use has declined, China’s consumption is currently rising. With annual double digits Yeah, olive oil is here to stay, and many expect that we’re headed for a boom in the coming years, as the millennial generation takes over and the Chinese search for healthier alternatives to domestic oil goods.

Chinese companies rarely lack faith among local customers, which is particularly true for oil Some years ago, when reporters began writing about how everything from companies to high-end restaurants used so-called ‘gutter oil’ in Chinese, I lived in Shanghai myself Simple terms, gutter oil refers to oil that is gathered, filtered and resold to consumers from kitchen sinks, sewers, and more. Thinking you’ve probably drunk a few liters of gutter oil makes your stomach turn over.

Owing to recent food controversies by importers of olive oil in China, not only do the Chinese purchase imported olive oil, but they also see it as a suitable substitute for local oils, such as soya bean oil, but it also does not offer as many beneficial effects Not to forget, with more and more Chinese people appreciating foreign food, especially salads, olive oil imports are likely to rise over the years Countries like Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Greece also have favourable temperatures for cultivating olives, something that can’t really be found in China.

At the end you can get all information you need about export and import olive oil to China through the above lines.

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