date packing machine

date packing machine .. best 8 manufacturer you can import from

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in date packaging machine; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

date packaging machine

how to prepare date fruit ?  Dates move from one stage to another in a smooth manner while preserving the nature and characteristics of the date and without exposing it to transport stages that lead to injury to it. Only for initial removal of impurities, the plasticity and then exposing the dates to a continuous air stream to reduce the amount of water when the dates came out from the heating process. The process of preparing is all before entering the date packaging machine when the process of cleaning and drying the dates ended, and sorted, the dates will be ready to be packed were obtained in an automatic and clean manner. So if you need to know more, in importing-house platform you find what you want.

Dates factory

The industry of making dates is a multi-branched first producing it then preparing it as we previously talked about then we have some lines that takes the  quality dates for packaging normal packaging and double date packing which is in great demand in the market  and some of the top date packaging machine factories in this industry in Turkey are:



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Dates manufacturers

Here are some dates processing plant manufacturers that you can get a  quality dates fruit from …

  1. AHT


Dates manufacturers
Dates manufacturers


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Date packing machine

This article gives you an idea of some weighted and volumetric packing machines of dates fruit, and the production lines that depend on keeping pace with all the global mechanical and electrical developments in the revolution in the world of packaging


Date packing machine
Date packing machine


Date packing machine V700-AP37
A date packaging machine dedicated to packing pre-made packages and the best before date packaging this machine works to empty the air from the package and then fill it with exhaust gas to save the dates material and adjust the air pressure inside the package to prevent the package or dates from shrinking from the effect of air vacuuming
Technical specifications of the machine
Machine dimensions 160 cm  x 75 cm width x 110 cm
     Roll width 36cm
      Vacuum pump 35 m³ / h.
     Pressure ¾ bar (bar=100kilobaskal)
electricity 220 volt 50 Cycle
Electricity consumption rate 1800 w/ h
Package size 1 kg. (22 cm × width 17 cm × 10 cm). “6 Container”
Package size 1/2 kg. ( 18 cm × width 14 cm × 7 cm ). “12 Container”
Package size 1/4 kg. ( 17 cm × width 7 cm × 5 cm ). “24 Container”


Date packing machine V700-AP37
This dates packaging machine is dedicated to prepare dates within a prefabricated plastic container, the machine works on the vacuum plastic container, then injected gas nitrogen, pressure within the plastic container, in order to prevent shrinkage, the package or dates, the impact of vacuum.
Technical specifications of the machine
Machine dimensions L 60 cm. × W 61 cm. × H 110 cm.
     Roll width 24.5 cm
      Vacuum pump 25 m³ / h.
     Pressure ¾ bar (bar=100kilobaskal)
electricity 220 volt 50 Cycle
Electricity consumption rate 1800 w/ h
Package size 1 kg. ( 22 cm × width 17 cm × 10 cm ). “6 Container”
Package size 1/2 kg. ( 18 cm × width 14 cm × 7 cm ). “12 Container”
Package size 1/4 kg. ( 17 cm × width 7 cm × 5 cm ). “24 Container”


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Wholesale dates suppliers        

Egypt is the largest producer of dates in the world. The Arab Republic of Egypt is the largest producer of dates in the world, as it is the world leader in the production and cultivation of dates, with its production of dates reaching about 1,084,529 metric tons.

 Iran comes in second place with its annual production reaching 947,809  tons , followed by one of the top in the  industry of red date packaging which is Saudi Arabia it occupies the fourth place in the ranking of biggest producers of the dates fruit  scientifically and its annual production of dates is 836,983 metric tons , followed by Iraq which is ranked fourth in the production of dates. The production of Iraqi dates reaches 675,440 metric tons every year.  Are dates processed with sugar …. To check is the dates are naturally sweet or processed with sugar you can check 2 things:

  • If you leave it in an open place does it attract ants or not, if yes so it’s processed by sugar if no so it’s natural.
  • The normal dates are usually sweeter from the inner part than the outer part so if you found the outer part is too sweet so it’s processed with sugar

So… if you are searching for dates wholesale you can depend on the dates suppliers from these 4 countries.

You can import a  quality dates from them another important manufacture in this industry is date syrup processing plant is made from all kinds of dates but commercially, second and third grade dates are used in its production, to reduce the cost of the product with the same  nutritional value It is made from dates without pit, and its manufacture goes through four basic steps: –

1- The process of extracting the clear juice

2- The juice filtering and filtering process

3- The process of concentrating the juice

4 – Evaporating the juice’s moisture

So now we have given you a comprehensive and overview of date packaging machine and the producers of dates and the best manufacturers that can help you import from turkey through them and how to manufacture  quality date syrup



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