Children's shorts wholesale in Turkey

Children’s shorts wholesale in Turkey … The best 10 baby clothes Turkey companies

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Children’s shorts wholesale in Turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Children’s shorts wholesale in Turkey

Are you looking for the best baby clothes shopping in Istanbul? Do you need to know the greatest baby clothes factory in Turkey ? Do you like to know Children’s shorts wholesale in Turkey ? Over Impoting house platform you can know all the details that you need.


Baby clothes Turkey companies

Turkey, especially Istanbul, has become one of the most famous fashion capitals on the world level women’s fashion wholesale Turkey, and this is for her Turkish clothing with high taste, this is what made it in the clothing trade in Turkey. It is very popular and is generally considered to be the clothing industry in Turkey. The best baby clothes Turkey companies are :

1_ Maranda tekstil ltd

It is a company that holds the reins in everything related to clothing, as it is not only an import company , but rather a manufacturer and distributor of wholesale clothing, including high-quality women’s underwear, and the main brand Maranda is the brand that the company produces.

2_ do minik

It is a factory in itself that produces a variety of clothes, and one of the most important addresses of children’s clothing factories in Turkey Children’s shorts wholesale in Turkey that they ask merchants about as they produce underwear and various home clothes as well as children’s clothes.

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3_ Örme Tic.A

It is one of the largest and best companies specialized in the field of men’s and women’s clothing made of wool wholesale womens clothes Turkey and the latest clothes from children’s clothes.

4_Elina Kids

Elina Kids is concerned with the manufacture, design and production of children’s clothes from the age of one to 14 years in Istanbul – Turkey. We export our products to many countries of the world, whose products are distinguished by their high quality and the luxury of the fabrics used,

At Elina Kids, we take care of the finest details to combine luxury, precision and beauty.

With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture, design and production of children’s clothes children’s clothing wholesale suppliers Turkey, Elena Kids has made it the most appropriate and experienced place to design and produce innovative products in its design that keep pace with children’s fashion trends.

Also, the fabrics used in the products of Elina Kids are of the finest Turkish fabrics, which made our products that texture, lightness, elegance and great demand at the same time.

At Elina Kids we follow the European design system in general and the Spanish design system in particular.

At Elina Kids, we strive to make designing children’s clothes a place of creativity and luxury.

6_Ogem Baby

Ogema Baby, a manufacturer / producer, was established in 1998 and operates in the children wear sector.  It also works in the sectors of (baby clothes), baby shirts, underwear for babies, baby apparatus, and baby clothes, based in Tekirdag, Turkey.

7_Necix’s Baby Clothes

Necix’s Baby Clothes, is a manufacturer / producer, founded in 2010, and operates in the children and infants wear sector.  It also works in sectors and clothing for infants.

8_ Kocakkaya Textile

Kocakkaya Textile, is the manufacturer / producer, working in the textile, import-export sector import from Turkey.  It also operates in the men’s clothing sectors, children’s and baby clothing, bath towels and loose-fitting clothing.

9_ Poema & Rosa

Poema & Rosa, manufacturer / producer, operates in the children and baby clothing sector.  It also works in sleeping bags and sectors.

10_ Cantoy

CantoY, manufacturer / producer, operates in the children and baby clothing sector.  It also operates in the sectors of goods for newborns and children and wholesaling children’s clothing.

Baby clothes Turkey companies
Baby clothes Turkey companies

Baby clothes shopping in Istanbul

Simplicity in Istanbul with its possession, a group of the most famous and most important markets that provide its visitors with all their requests, and are not limited to local markets in local communities.  Istanbul markets look at one of the most important places of tourism in Istanbul, and the markets in Istanbul vary so you find cheap wholesale markets and other high-end markets that depend on the supply of international brands of clothing cheap childrens shorts, and you also find markets that are interested in imitating international brands and offering them at lower prices and good quality. The best markets in Istanbul are :.

1_ Merter Market in Istanbul

The Merter Market Istanbul is located in the Merter area, next to the Zeytinburnu area, and it is one of the best places to sell clothes wholesale in Turkey. The Marter stores in Istanbul include galleries that sell children, women and men clothes as well, all of which are wholesale.

2_ Lalali Market

Lalali Market is located near the Sultanahmet area along the Tramway line, and wholesale shops are located on the Tramway line and on the side streets of the main street

Wholesale stores there sell bags, leather shoes and clothes in addition to wedding clothes.

3_ Osman Pasha Market

Osman Pasha Market is located near the Sisli area and is a 10-minute walk from Taksim Square, the market includes the most famous Turkish brands and offices for famous designers and includes many shops that sell distinctive and luxurious Turkish clothing brands, as well as perfume and gift shops in addition to famous cafes

It also includes sales centers for cosmetics, men’s and children’s clothing.  Shopping is not limited to Othman Bey Street, but you can find what you are looking for on the side streets branching from Othman Bey Street at better prices.

4_ Nishantashi Street

It includes all Turkish brands in Istanbul, in addition to the most prestigious clothing stores in Istanbul, shoes, cosmetics and accessories.

This market is located near Osman Bey and Sisli area as well, and it also includes a mall and City Nisantasi complex, where all brands of international and local clothing are available in this mall children’s short size chart in addition to many different restaurants and cafes.


Wholesale children’s clothing stores in Turkey

We offer you, dear buyer, a list of the most important stores that sell children’s clothes in Turkey.

1_ Zada stores

My experience in importing from Turkey did not disappoint me at all, as the clothing industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey, and for this there are many wholesale clothing factories in this region, such as the Dominic Factory and the Jean Camelot Factory, as there is a wholesale clothing market in Istanbul.

This market is considered the most important market in the world, where millions of dollars are bought every day from it, and this is due to the quality of the clothes in the industry, the wonderful tastes that suit everyone, and their cheap prices compared to European goods, so many merchants do not dispense with importing from Turkey.

Factories in this market are famous for Turkish veiled clothes children’s shorts, children’s clothes and men’s clothes Children’s shorts wholesale in Turkey , but it is best to search carefully so that the person gets what he wants with high quality and at an affordable price.

2_Grand Bazaar Market

It is considered one of the most famous and important Turkish wholesale clothing markets in Istanbul in Istanbul, and it is characterized by shops selling gold, silver and souvenirs, but when searching for wholesale clothing stores Turkish clothes wholesale, it is preferable to go to Mahmoud Pasha Street from this market, as Mahmoud Pasha Street includes many clothing factories in Turkey,  Factories and stores that wholesale women’s and men’s clothing and scarves such as the Stylist Factory.

In addition to the wonderful Turkish furnishings, all at cheap prices, but be careful when you search carefully, so that you get the best clothes.

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3_Istiklal Street, Istiklal Qadisi

It is considered one of the best wholesale markets in Istanbul for clothes best children’s shorts, as it contains factories, stores, various goods and products from wholesale clothing from Turkey for women to men’s clothing, sportswear and children’s clothing wholesale trade, and there are sectors such as Chemex Trade Factory.

In addition to the factories and stores that sell shoes and bags

They have the best wholesaler clothes in Turkey, but Istiklal Street prices are a bit high, so be careful when looking carefully, and use the buying skills that one must have to get a good deal.

4_Fatih Market

It is one of the most important places that contains wholesale children’s clothing stores in Istanbul, and there are markets in which people from all over Turkey flock to buy clothes wholesale, as there are many factories that deal in wholesale, such as the Mono-amo factory, and there are also fabrics that made it very famous  , As it contains wholesale clothing stores in Istanbul, factories and wholesale clothing stores in Istanbul bulks of baby clothes, as well as stores that sell women’s clothing in addition to wedding and evening dresses.  And other areas that contain many wholesale clothing factories in Turkey.

Baby clothes factory in Turkey

The garment industry of all kinds is considered one of the largest manufacturing industries in Turkey, and this industry is concentrated in Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Adana and Kayseri, and the clothing industry flourished in Turkey after its union with it after dispensing with its shares of textiles and clothings importing baby clothes from Turkey, the Turkish Republic joined the European Union customs office in  1996, and after that, Turkish fashion and designs became famous all over the world, especially those that enjoy modesty and sophistication, which led to a remarkable demand for Arab countries to import Turkish clothes, so you should know the best baby clothes factories in Turkey.

1_ Banana

The most important wholesale children’s clothing market in Turkey, and a new concept of factories in those markets, as the building no longer includes a group of children’s, men’s and women’s wholesale women’s clothing in Turkey that is unique to designers, but there are also industrial designs that distinguish the building.

The store contains more than 50 Turkish designers, including Zeynep Tucson, Kayca unuvar and celyan zigoslu, and the store is one of the distinctive stores in Istanbul that you can buy goods for children’s clothes from, as it contains a variety and glamorous of costumes that differ in design  And its shape depending on different designer as he finds everything that person is looking for without any problem there for high number of designers.

2_ Dino Kids Factory

A factory specializing in the manufacture of all children’s clothes from one year to 14 years old, from high-quality blouses, jeans, skirts and dresses, and the prices of children’s clothes in Turkey are very appropriate, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul.

3_ Mini Star Factory

Brands clothing factories in Turkey, it is a factory specialized in manufacturing children’s clothes at very affordable prices trendy baby clothes, from jeans for girls and high-quality dresses, and many other Turkish factories that focus on producing children’s clothe.

import from Turkey
import from Turkey

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4_ Kayhan

It is one of the most important clothing factories in Izmir, and it specializes in all types of clothes, and you can browse the site using the Arabic language to access the products easily, and one of the best women’s clothing factories in Turkey,

Turkey’s textile and clothing exports, especially Istanbul, reached an unprecedented historical record, amounting to about 939 million dollars, as textiles were exported to 175 countries, out of 198 countries that imported Turkish textiles importing from Turkey, and through the statistics, we find that children’s clothing factories in Turkey export  Its revenues since the beginning of the year amounted to $ 8.8 billion, constituting about a third of Turkey’s total textile exports, which is an important number in this industry, which made the availability of garment factories great and we can mention a sample of women’s clothing factories in Turkey: –

Artanch Work Clothes Corporation

It is an institution specializing in the manufacture of clothes that exist for women’s clothes, as well as the clothes that are used in most Turkish companies Turkish clothes wholesale companies, as well as the clothes of medical laboratories. The headquarters of this institution is in Konya, Selcuklu region, and the business of trade in Turkey is not limited to retail sales.

But also there are many places that sell children’s clothes at a wholesale price, and there are many Turkish clothes wholesale in: –

Yildirim in Bursa / Turkey (BABYMUZ COCUK GIYIM).

In Bursa / Turkey (CUMINO TEKS. SAN. TIC. LTD).


The children’s clothing trade, a wholesale exit from Turkey, has developed a lot, as it has now become the main source of import in clothes in many Arab countries imported children’s clothing  wholesale, on top of them the Kingdom, because the products there have the highest quality and the best price, and whoever does not want to obtain this product, so Turkey was  The perfect choice for the Arab investor, and if you want baby clothes, the cotton baby clothes factory is the best, as there is a fabric from which the clothes are made of 80% cotton, and for the Turkish baby pajamas industry it is very distinct and wonderful and is distinguished by its distinctive and luxurious material, and also there are Turkish winter pajamas.  It is characterized by being heavy clothes that warm children.

Thus, We explained to you the best places where you can baby clothes shopping in Istanbul wholesale children’s clothing Istanbul and the greatest baby clothes Turkey companies. We have explained the baby clothes factories in Turkey. I hope to find it useful for you.

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