cashew nut price in turkey

8 Sources for best cashew nut price in turkey

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cashew nut price in turkey

Numerous heavenly Turkish desserts are enhanced with nuts, and they will show you in the following lines about the main importers  of cashew nut price in Turkey introduced here all in our article in Importing House.

So if you don’t know from where to start, and from where you can import nuts in best price, here a guide for all you want to know.

Cashew nut wholesale market

Cashew nuts contain basic unsaturated fats for the body, just as protein, a gathering of B nutrients, protein, fiber, sugars, potassium, iron and zinc. Like different sorts of nuts.

Nuts contain high in fat, yet in the event that they eat nuts in little amounts and with some restraint, they furnish their bodies with high dietary benefit.

Likewise, nuts are among the best kinds of nourishments that contain proteins that give the body strength, energy and center, particularly cashews.

It animates memory and improves liver capacity, and Turkey is popular for its development of a wide range of sorts of nuts from Turkey, particularly as it is utilized inside the elements of numerous delectable Turkish dishes, just as almonds and pecans.

Here are best suppliers to deal with them in low price:


Mehmet Kilic Food is a privately-owned company that was established in 1978 in Gaziantep by Mehmet Kilic.

Since its foundation, it has been chipping away at the guideline of value, tidiness and newness. In 1999, Fresh Nuts GmbH opened a branch in Germany – Hamburg.

Also, nuts with the “MERAY” brand are circulated and conveyed to every European nation. Their organization has quality and creation declarations.

  1. SEDA GIDA SAN. Spasm. LTD

Seda Company was set up to create nuts in the Turkish Ottoman territory, and the city of Othmaniyah is viewed as the focal point of cashew nuts cheapest cost in Turkey, where the organization has been offering its types of assistance in this area for over forty years,

Seda Company for the creation of nuts has framed a counseling and investigation group comprising of Dutch specialists headed by a Dutch master, Mr. Jesse Peterson, and the organization keeps on working with this group on a work program that remembers research for items just as wanting to trade items to global business sectors adjacent to showcasing in nearby business sectors.

The organization accepts human wellbeing as the premise of its work and feels answerable for the general public to which it has a place, what’s more, the organization creates high-caliber and dependable items in a logical manner dependent on cutting edge research facility tests.

The gathering of dried nuts and natural products delivered by Seda Company for the creation of nuts is delivered with no additive added substances, and the creation and bundling is done in jars toss food filling machines without hand contact it.

import from turkey
import from turkey

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The everyday creation limit of the organization is 20 tons of nuts, where to buy raw cashews in bulk and upon demand it can deliver 40 tons for each day. The organization gives deals administrations to the Aegean, White Sea and Central Anatolia districts, with six stores of the organization in these zones and with 12 deals specialists to shopping centers, markets, and supermarkets with discount cashew nut and numerous different nuts.

It is viewed as an advanced office and works neatly and cleanly. All nuts are taken in their office straightforwardly from ranchers, and the cycle of pre-screening, arranging, simmering, covering, bundling, and bundling measure goes from 50 grams to 25 kilograms modest cashews in mass as per request from measurements of length and width, and creates roughly 100 kinds of nuts and they have many biscuit packaging machines to pack biscuits with nuts.

Since the foundation of their organization Yuksel nuts in 1969 by Father Mustafa Yuksel, it means to lead in this area and produce results first class and wellbeing, and among the needs of value is consumer loyalty, and in 1985 the name of the organization changed to Yuksel Company for the creation and promoting of nuts that is the reason they considered as probably the best cashew brand, and cashew nut price in turkey.


They have a solid specialized group with the idea of advancement, development, dynamism, productivity and dependability in the feeling of cooperation; They furnish their clients and shoppers with quality items as per worldwide norms, at ideal costs and phenomenal administrations to win consumer loyalty and adoration.

To expand consumer loyalty and to meet the current and future desires for their clients, play a functioning part of every one of their representatives with cooperation and recharge their selves as per innovative turns of events; Their dear clients, and they work enthusiastically and energetically to console their clients and there is an or more for them that you can contact with them to purchase cashew nut on the web.

Cashew nut importers in turkey

Turkey is one of the main nations in the assembling of food items; notwithstanding that Istanbul is known as one of the capitals of gourmets in Turkey.

Consequently, the interest for Turkish food items has expanded drastically, in light of the fact that it appreciates the high caliber of these items.

Cashew nut importers in turkey
Cashew nut importers in turkey

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Here are a few organizations that you can import nuts from Turkey toss them:

  1. Sevan nuts organization for nuts items exchanging

Ibrahimli mah., Şehitkamil/Gaziantep

Nuts, flavors and home grown items

Organization profile

Sevan Notes is the main Turkish organization in the fare of nuts items. Great Their adage is (They are here for you) They are completely mindful of the challenges confronting the shipper in finding the best items and the installment and delivery techniques because of the distances in question. This is the reason they state that they are here for you where their items are of high caliber and you can get from them cashew nut wholesale online.

They offer you fair installment techniques, for example, a bank letter of credit, and they help you transport the products to the area that you determine with “Sevan Notes”. Global exchange has not been simpler than this previously.

  1. The Ciloglugida food industry organization in Turkey

(Fatih mah., Pendik/Istanbul)

Other food items, desserts and nuts

Organization profile:

Ciloglu is a cashew company was set up in 1999, the organization began to offer its types of assistance in the field of food items, where the organization gives:

Gelatin confections – confections – candies and candy and gel plates for kids – food flavors – mixture and sandwich bread – Turkish kofta – powder juices – creams – desserts and pishmania desserts – tahini desserts – a wide range of seeds – cake pieces – almond sugar. The organization offers its items to numerous European nations.

Through its long experience that endured 15 years and the spread of its representatives in numerous nations of Europe, including: Australia – Netherlands – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium. The central command of the organization is situated in the locale

It is situated in Istanbul.

  1. Arnikafoods food industry organization in turkey

Ikitelli osb mah., Başakşehir/Istanbul

Other food items, flavors, home grown items and organic products

Organization Profile:

Arnica began offering its types of assistance in the field of nourishments and canned food sources, where the organization offers to its clients: import chocolate from turkey – vegetables – flavors – olives – olive oil – nuts – dried nourishments/apricots – figs – eggplant – peppers, molasses, tahini and desserts – products of the soil – sorts of pasta – All sorts of jams notwithstanding pickles/salted cucumber and cured capsicum. The organization incorporates a coordinated work group to guarantee incredible support of its clients.

The fundamental central command of the organization is situated in Basaksehir, in Istanbul.

  1. Arastabakliyat organization for nuts exchanging Turkey

Çilek mah., Akdeniz/Mersin

Vegetables, grains, and nuts

Cashew nut prices

The costs of nuts and cashew nut price in Turkey changes contentiously and rely upon their quality and the sort needed, as they probably am aware for instance pistachios, and it relies upon the amount of creation and the measure of precipitation over the territories where it is developed, and in Turkey you will discover best cashews on the planet.

This year was described by the shortage of the Antabi pistachio season, because of the shortage of downpour and dry spell, which prompted an expansion in their costs.

 The cost per kilo for white Antabi pistachios, the main sort, gone between 115 Turkish liras as a base, and 125 Turkish liras as a most extreme.

  1. Flavor Market

It is the second biggest market in Istanbul, and this market is viewed as one of the least expensive shopping places

In Istanbul, it incorporates various stores, for example, flavors, characteristic spices, nuts, and the most popular and best kinds of Turkish desserts, Halqum Malatya Bazari

Contains the most delectable sorts of nuts, dried natural products, milk and a wide range of lokum, for example, lokum with pomegranate and nuts and throat covered with sugar, coconut and different kinds of nuts and you can buy cashews in bulk

  • Tuba Sweets Tuba Sweets

One of the most well-known and best sweet shops in Istanbul, selling pistachios and cashews in Turkey, as it contains the best and most flavorful sorts of desserts, for example, baklava, nuts, dried leafy foods sorts of desserts, for example, please, covered with nuts, coconut and cashews.

What’s more, other flavorful and various sorts.

 High caliber, everything being equal, with truly sensible costs and reasonable for everybody.

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Where to buy nuts in Istanbul

If you want to know where exactly you need to go to buy nuts from turkey here are some of the main markets that you can rely on them:

  • Obama’s steak and nuts shop
  • Karkar Roaster
  • Tuğba Kuruyemiş/Bakırköy Şube

What’s more, here are a few organizations that you can import from turkey great cashew and various nuts

  • ABETAŞ, is a distributer, working in the dry natural products area.

It additionally works in the areas of almond and pistachio. Cashew nuts, dried apricots and hazelnuts, situated in Istanbul

  • SUN VALLEY ALMONDS, is the maker/maker

What’s more, it works in the nuts area. It additionally works in the areas of almond, pecan, hazelnut, cashew, and pistachio, and they have the best nuts in Istanbul.

  • YBS EXPORT Corporation, is the wholesaler

What’s more, it works in the food, import and fare area. It likewise works in the areas of dried figs and hazelnuts and pistachios, situated in Denizli, Turkey.


It is a cashew factory, working in the Industrial Dryers area. It additionally works in nuts areas and stoves

It is situated in Denizli, Turkey.


Maker/maker, and works in the dried natural product area. It additionally works in the dry products of the soil nuts areas, situated in Istanbul, Turkey.

Presently you know an entire thought of how to satisfy your nuts exchange and importing from Turkey great cashew nut price in Turkey.

Cashew nut wholesale market
Cashew nut wholesale market

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