carpet manufacturing companies in turkey

Carpet manufacturing companies in turkey.. list of the best

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in carpet manufacturing companies in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

carpet manufacturing companies in turkey

Are you looking for carpet manufacturing companies in turkey ? If you are about to open a Turkish carpet sale and want to know the best companies to import from, in this article we present to you the most important companies in the importing house platform.

Carpet companies in turkey

In this section you can find the best companies and Turkish carpet selling companies.

Carpet companies in turkey
Carpet companies in turkey

They , ALAS HOME TEXTILE , are the carpet supplier and producer organization in home material area from is their site that you may discover further insights regarding us. They buy carpet for sale, they are searching for shipper and merchant organization who may work with us in his/her nation as restrictive premise. Their items is truly appropriate for marketing.

Because of they are maker organization they trust that their cost are reasonable and contribute your business activity.  Their items are likewise truly reasonable for retail store chains since they have extraordinary experince to work with them. In the event that you intrigued by to work with us , if it’s not too much trouble simply advise us.


carpet manufacturing companies in turkey. KOYUNLU CARPETS has a merited standing in the Turkish rug area with its yearly creation limit and style tone and plans speaking to each culture. In their creation, they utilize great fleece and acrylic that are woven and served by KOYUNLU CARPET involvement with normal tones and unique plans. Their items are gone through escalated Quality control tests at each cycle beginning from crude material section, including weaving, sweet and bundling steps.

The organization is a carpet turkish producer, and a coordinated office where woolen yarn delivered in their own turning factories are woven on the cutting edge looms. KOYUNLU CARPETS is the correct decision for whom searching for constant quality, long life item and a solid provider.

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Turkish carpet suppliers in turkey

Here the best carpet manufacturing companies in turkey:

Turkish carpet suppliers in turkey
Turkish carpet suppliers in turkey

Implicit June of 1988, their organization is an endeavor that coordinates the examination, produce and trade. They primarily have practical experience in all different choices of unadulterated silk mats, embroideries and woolen floor coverings and rugs with silk and so on, and specifically the silk mats of more than 300Line appreciate a high standing in the worldwide market for its fine quality, pleasant plan and superb workmanship.

Besides customary Chinese mats and covers, their organization actually creates Persian rugs and Turkish rugs, managing Tibetan rugs and Xianjiang rugs. carpet manufacturing companies in turkey. Craftsmans actually make and produce more rich and innovational examples and assortments to the market continuously. They treat every one of their customers sincerely and esteem credit profoundly. Client first, quality preeminent. Your fulfillment is their objective. They can wash and fix the floor covering that is purchased from their organization if there should arise an occurrence of being slashed, consumed or recolored. Free help unexpectedly cleaning of 300 or higher lines silk floor coverings of their organization.

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Carpet factory in turkey

Here are the best carpet manufacturing companies in turkey:


From late 1930’s My granddad has been engaged with gathering and exchanging of unrivaled carefully assembled floor coverings and kilims. They are carpet suppliers turkey, they go in Anatolia to gather premium rugs and kilims for delivering their own vintage floor coverings, interwoven designs kilims to have the uncommon or one of a kind quality. Their items are generally novel and made out of normal strands, for example, fleece, cotton, hemp and goathair. They gather pieces starting in the towns of anatolian district. All special piece has an age range between 60-100 years. They gather, produce and arrangement vintage carpets , interwoven mats , kilims and hemps.

They create modern turkish carpet, their creation is situated in Amasya Turkey. They produce 2 sqm up to 20 sqm aproximately 4X6 ft to 12X18 ft in assortment of 25 distinct tones. Each rug is delivered in almost 15 days by inventive hands. Their creation limit is almost 4000 sqm/month. Kindly don’t stop for a second to request additional data.


KETS Designer Rugs are roused by varied blend of plans from the East joined with the European files by Turkish craftsmen and originators. This delightful mix of contemporary and the noteworthy past gives rich flavoures to their assortments. buying carpets in istanbul and their floor covering weaving speaks to a conventional craftsmanship, going back to fifth hundreds of years BC, with phenomenal weaving in symmetric bunches and expand pictorial plan. KETS’ exceptionally created weave structures with the best quality reuse cotton and acrylic chenille yarns makes their mats more solid and more refined quality.

carpet store in turkey KETS assorted assortments are handfinished by Turkish experts who drop from a convention that is extremely old in their Istanbul studio. Woven in a chic flatweave development every one of their floor coverings have strengthened corners and hostile to slip layer for a safe fit. High wind yarns are utilized to make their floor coverings more minimized with unrivaled non-abrasiveness and more viable with their new stain discharge innovation KETS EASY LIFE. In this article we produce you carpet manufacturing companies in turkey.

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Turkish rug manufacturers

Turkey is a beautiful country famous for its many different and varied industries, especially the high-end carpets and rugs that many merchants want to buy to display in their stores, so they look for the best carpet factories in Turkey in order to obtain the finest products at the best prices to meet the market need.

If you are one of the money owners and want to open a cheap Turkish rugs business, then you are in the right place, where you get to know everything you need in order to create a successful project that generates a lot of profits for you.

  • Yasin Kaplancarpe Factory

Searching for carpet factories in Turkey, especially in Istanbul is not difficult. Encouraging and supporting its development teams that provide the best solutions and suggestions for improving this sector.

The company is famous for its high production abundance, the daily production capacity is about 30 thousand square meters, 750,000 square meters per month, 9 million square meters per year, and the production capacity of the spinning plant is about 1,350 tons per month.

Yassin Kaplan Carpet has developed over the past 30 years to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality vintage Turkish rugs and one of the most important factors in this development is product development by having 12 designers in the R&D department to develop new products and designs and 25 designers for coloring and sizing

The company follows modern technology by purchasing and owning the best machines to manufacture the finest carpets, so the company’s ERP system was specially developed, installed and managed by one of the largest software companies, allowing departments to follow their work and see the current situation instantly through the ERP system

All machines used in the factory are brand new and high-tech, and among the machines used are Van de Wiele and Schönherr, which produce large Turkish rug with high-quality final specifications, with possession of European technology production line machines in the latest manufacturing boilers, and in the design department the latest version of Ned Graphics and Texcell software and high-tech hardware.

There is also a barcode system at every step of production, storage and shipping, and every product item can be tracked in the factory with all the details and time / dates, and it is also possible to use international barcode systems such as EAN 13, Code 128 or custom codes.

The most important characteristic of this company is the upscale dealings with various clients, customers, and importers from merchants, and knowledge of customer reactions about its products in order to satisfy them and take responsibility towards customers and suppliers.

And to develop products and avoid defects or problems facing them, which makes it one of the best factories that can be imported and guaranteed You can buy and sell high quality products in the market with your peace of mind.

 If you want to see their products and learn about them and their prices, which the factory produces, you can visit their Turkish carpets online website.

Turkish carpets store
Turkish carpets store

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Turkish carpets store

And in the Grand Bazaar there are many shops that sell these products and have been famous for them for many years, and these shops include:

  • “SISKO OSMAN” Turkish Carpet Shop:

It is the most famous and oldest store in the field of selling all types of Turkish carpets and it is a business owned by members of the same family who inherited the profession from their grandparents,

The store has a precious collection of antique and modern Turkish carpets in many colors and shapes

  • Ethnicon Turkish Handmade Carpet Shop:

The shop offers modern styles of Turkish carpets for sale and hand-made carpets and it is located near “SISKO OSMAN” store.

Next door to Ethnicon is another hand-made carpet shop, Dhoku.

  • “Koç Leather & Fur” Leather Goods Store:

The shop is a long-standing company in the world of selling Turkish leather goods, Turkish carpets and furs.

It contains a large assortment of leather, leather goods and fur clothes, and it is Turkish products that compete with the most famous international brands.

Import rugs from Turkey

After completing the step of searching for the factories and companies that you will import from and an inventory of the best factories that you would like to deal with.

 The second step comes which is shipping that goods to your country and arriving at your store, and there are many ways that you can get the goods and deliver them to your store after knowing where they are.

The methods through which goods can be shipped are as follows:

– Relying on shipping companies, and it is one of the professional ways that enables you to get the products you want easily, as you can make deals with various Turkish carpet companies and agree on the products you want to obtain and collect them in one shipment.

Which is provided by some shipping companies, while they collect those Products and repackaging them for safety and ensuring the safety of the carpet upon its arrival to you and in order to reduce weights.

 And these companies ship the carpets from Turkey to you by land, air or sea freight according to the budget you own and in the shortest possible time and deliver them to your store door, which is one of the distinctive ways.

Import from Turkey by Online purchase is one of the easiest methods that can be followed, as it is possible to buy what you need from Turkish carpets through the website of each factory or company.

 As each company or factory owns a site to market Turkish carpets, as these companies provide the purchase for ordinary customers who brush Their homes, or merchants who want to buy a lot of parts and supply their stores with them, where you enter the name and address of your company.

 In order to prepare the products that you have chosen and ship them to you at the address that you put on the site.

– Traveling on your own is the best way, as you will be able to visit the factories of Turkish carpets Istanbul that you previously challenged in order to visit yourself, inspect that you are the products and know the extent of their quality, and you will examine all types of carpets, especially when buying modern Turkish carpets and choose them carefully.

Turkish rug manufacturers
Turkish rug manufacturers

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