boutique clothing at wholesale prices

Top 13 boutique clothing at wholesale prices

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in boutique clothing at wholesale prices; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

 boutique clothing at wholesale prices

We all looking for boutique clothing at wholesale prices to buy from and sell for our clients. It is not hidden from everyone that the prices are very high nowadays, but in this report we mentioned the cheapest.

boutique clothing wholesale price

Importing from Turkey has become a goal and goal for many merchants, as Turkish goods have a great demand for consumers, especially in the field of clothing and electrical appliances, as Turkish goods are characterized by their high quality, which is considered much cheaper than the products of the rest of the European countries, which may be the same the level:

boutique clothing wholesale price
boutique clothing wholesale price

1- Her boutique:

 Hair boutique is a high quality boutique wholesale clothing that caters to all women’s clothing needs from dresses to abayas, from evening dresses to shawls and scarves, all you will need in shopping can be found here, and the boutique also approaches its followers by actively using its social media account to actively sell Turkish clothes for veiled women in bulk and it’s the best boutique clothing at wholesale prices.

2- Terzi Dukkani:

Every piece you will need during the season is brought together in one store, where you will see trendy pieces and trendy colors, and find the most popular designer collections.

3- More boutique:

 Despite being among the new boutiques, the Moore boutique is a unique boutique clothing wholesale that has entered the popular list is appreciated for a wide range of products. The store deals with dozens of other brands and is known as a “store in service” with its late hour service, it also a boutique clothing at wholesale prices.


4-Kadınca Store:

One of the most famous boutiques in Istanbul that you would import from turkey , because Store Kadınca always contains the most exclusive pieces, you should definitely visit the boutique where you will find everything you are looking for from a perfect abaya to attractive dresses, and it is one of the most famous dresses shops in Turkey Istanbul.

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boutique clothing wholesale cheap

The following boutiques are selling clothes at suitable prices:

boutique clothing wholesale cheap
boutique clothing wholesale cheap

5- ModakoliK store

One of the most famous boutiques in the city, it is one of those who caters to the top with its four different branches, while introducing hijab brands’ collections in its stores Modakolik has managed to maintain satisfaction at the highest level by actively using Instagram account, and it includes imported products as well and it’s a boutique clothing at wholesale prices.

6- Saadet Butik:

 This wholesale women’s boutique clothing Is the best not only in the Anatolian side but of the whole city has pieces that would add elegance to the wear of the veiled woman.

7-Hilye Style:

It offers all kinds of designs that will add a strong look to the daily life of a veiled woman, we consider it better than wholesale clothing websites.

8- Türkan Çelik Boutique

One of the most famous places to sell wedding dresses in Turkey, you can find dozens of brands that meet the clothing needs of veiled women for every taste.

9- Levada Boutique:

It showcases famous designer collections on relationships like artwork and is among the popular stores that you should definitely visit to make sure it’s a boutique clothing at wholesale prices.

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boutique clothing wholesale suppliers

10- Konsi

It works as a woven apparel supplier, and Konsi is located in the Turkish city of Izmir. It also provides many types of woven and knitted clothes in all sizes for all groups (both genders, young and old). (Konsi) clothes mainly include blouses, jogging shirts, socks and nightwear And pique polo shirts, It sell for a huge number of wholesale clothing for boutique owners.

11- Olley

There is a company and factory (Olley), which is the first among manufacturers of low-quality Turkish clothes, the company is located in Istanbul, and the company has two divisions, the first is sampling and the second is for the production of high-quality wholesale clothing for a boutique according to the specifications of its customers, and the company aims to adjust the volume of different production, delivery in Timely, minimum order quantity 200 pieces.

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boutique clothing wholesale vendors

we can now show you more vendors to buy from and fill your boutique:

12- FKN Textile

The work of a textile factory (FKN Textile) among the best Turkish clothing factories, and FKN textiles is one of the most prominent companies for Turkish clothing, and the company produces small quantities of clothes to serve small companies, as it is a textile distributor, and the company serves the leading clothing brands in Turkey and the world, chain stores and dealers Wholesale apparel and fashion designers by providing fabric, they also produce 85,000 items for women and men. After all of that don’t ask again where to buy wholesale clothing for a boutique

13- AM Clothing

It operates among the best Turkish clothing manufacturers in Turkey, and the company’s products include knitted and woven clothes, blouses, shirts, nightwear, sportswear, polo shirts, pique, including skirts, shorts, blouses and shirts, and the company manufactures clothes and brands Allocated in Turkey.

In this report, we have provided everything you would like to know about import and its steps from Turkey and the best suppliers that you can rely on.



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