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 blood collection tubes manufacturers

Blood drawing tubes vacutainer blood collection procedure are produced using plastic injection machines, as this project is distinguished for its accuracy in production, and there are a limited number blood collection tubes manufacturers in the Arab world of factories.  Keep up with us in this article we will enrich you with some information if you want to start your project and import from turkey the best deals with their medical equipment.

blood collection tube production machine

Blood drawing tubes are manufactured by plastic injection machines and a sample collection tube or blood collection tubes uses is a sterile tube made of glass or clear plastic, used in medicine as a sample container for collecting and processing blood samples and also for collecting urine samples, among others. Tubes may contain additives intended to maintain sample stability prior to analytical testing.  Most blood collection tubes contain an additive that accelerates clotting of the blood or prevents the blood from clotting.

blood collection tube manufacturing machine price
blood collection tube manufacturing machine price


A tube that contains a clot activator are going to produce a serum sample when the blood is separated by centrifugation and a tube which contains an anticoagulant will produce a plasma sample after centrifugation. Some tests require the use of serum, plasma, and other So, which vacutainer tubes for what tests? the below lists the most commonly used blood collection tubes:

  • (Light-blue Tube):

Additive: 3.2% Sodium citrate.

Function of Additive: Prevents blood from clotting by binding calcium.

Common laboratory tests: Coagulation.

  • (Red or gold Tube):

Additive: Serum tube with or without clot activator or gel.

Function of Additive: Clot activator which promotes blood clotting with glass or silica particles.

Common laboratory tests: Chemistry, immunology, serology.

  • (Green Tube):

Additive: Sodium or lithium heparin with/without gel.

Function of Additive: Prevents clotting by inhibiting thrombin and thromboplastin.

Common laboratory tests: Stat and routine chemistry.

  • (Lavender or pink Tube):

Additive: Potassium EDTA.
Function of Additive: Prevents clotting by obligating calcium.
Common laboratory tests: Hematology and blood bank.

  • (Gray Tube):

Additive: Sodium fluoride, and sodium or potassium oxalate.

Function of Additive: Fluoride inhibits glycolysis, and oxalate prevents clotting by precipitating calcium.

Common laboratory tests: Glucose (especially when testing will be delayed), blood alcohol, lactic acid.

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blood collection tube company


The first manufacturer who designing and producing blood collection tube production line successfully Owning 14 self-developed core technology patents of blood collection tube machines. Over 100 customers have been captured almost 90% market share in China, customer like Russia, Korea, India, Turkey, Brazil, Romania, Jordan, etc.

Blood collection tubes manufacturers India
Blood collection tubes manufacturers India

The major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price, turkey goods and optimum quality.


The company was established since 1995 in Turkey, with experience in laboratory equipment all over Turkey, it took on the task favored by users and suppliers. It is the distributor in the Marmara region for Becton Dickinson Pre analytical products (Vacutainer System).

  1. Vacusel:

SEL Medical Materials, founded as a company engaged in the trade in 2008, focused its activities on the medical materials in Turkey. The company start the production of vacuum blood collection tubes in 2013, contacted the world’s leading manufacturers and received consultancy from professionals who are experts in their fields.

Their production area was built by experienced manufacturers of machinery and equipment to be used in production with the model created. and has become capable of producing in a quality that can meet the increasing demands around the world by going beyond being to manufacture medical equipment in Turkey under international standards only for turkey investors.

  1. Fuzhou Zhengri Technology Co., Ltd:

This company was established in 2006, the leading manufacturer of medical equipment in China. The company specializes in the production of various injection production equipment and pumps, also, provides turnkey solution for injection set plant and pumps for customers, including necessary equipment, raw material supply, overseas installation

Their equipment has been exported to many countries around the world, such as the United States, Israel, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Indonesia, Russia, etc., they are widely welcomed for their stable performance, reasonable price.

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blood collection tube production line

blood sample tube price is 0.16 TRY by piece for Plastic Blood Collection Tubes. 71.00 TRY by 12 Dozen (box) for Vacuum Blood Collection Tube The set of blood collection tube production line consists of many functions, including tube filling, capping, landing, loading, testing, drying, labeling, packaging and other, as well as non-standard customized processes according to customer needs.

types of blood collection

Blue tube, Red No Gel, Gold SST, Green and Dark Green (Heparin, with and without gel), Lavender (EDTA), Pink – Blood Bank (EDTA), Gray (Oxalate/Fluoride)

blood sample tube order

The correct order for blood sample collection and order of blood draw reason is as follows:

  1. Blood culture sample tubes with a yellow cap or blood culture sample flasks. Blood culture samples are collected first after special procedures to remove contamination from the skin to reduce the possibility of contamination of samples.
  2. Coagulation test tubes with a light blue cap containing sodium citrate
  3. Red cap serum sample tubes with or without coagulant and with or without gel
  4. Heparin-containing plasma sample tubes with green cap, with or without gel
  5. Tubes with violet cap containing EDTA
  6. Glycolysis inhibitor tubes with gray cap containing potassium oxalate or sodium fluoride

The order of draw is recommended for venous collections tubes when drawing multiple specimens for medical laboratory testing during a single venipuncture. The purpose is to avoid potential test result error due to additive carryover. In the End, we suggested to you some of blood collection tubes manufacturers and the instructors for all you need to know.




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