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3 exporters of bag packing machine

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in bag packing machine; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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bag packing machine

The bag packing machine is a very vital part in any factory, and the source of this machine is also very important when choosing it, so read the whole report in the  platform importing house to to pick one!


bag packing machine manufacturers

Before buying, you should know firstly the Steps of importing from Turkey:

  • – Choose the type of product or goods that you want to import.
  • – Searching for companies manufacturing the selected product in Turkey.
  • — Determine the quantity of goods that you want to import.
  • – Choose the manufacturer from which you decide to import from turkey
  • – Sending the type of goods to the company that has been selected: by sending a picture of the product, sending your phone number, an electronic email, or any other communication method.
  • – Before agreeing with the company of small bag packing machine , ask for a sample product to test by yourself.
  • – Agreement on the method of shipping the goods, and the method of payment.

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Here are the names of big and Small bag packing machine exporters:

  1. The atumakina company for the manufacture of agricultural food processing machines in Turkey

Due to the long experience that extends for 20 years in the field of food crops, in the year 2008 the company was established auto Makina, and the company’s goal from the first day was to manufacture machines such as bag packing hand machine in the quality of European products and machinery. The main company is in Izmir, in the Bayindir region.

  1. Yilmaz Company for the manufacture of sugar filling and packaging machines in Turkey

Yilmaz was established in the year 1979, and the company began to provide its services in its own factory, which is estimated at 16,000 square meters, in the field of manufacturing packaging machines such as Small bag packing machine used in the sectors of food, medicine, chemicals and cosmetics, such as cube sugar manufacturing and packaging machines, double cube sugar packaging machines and bag filling machines To date, the company has produced more than 65 different models and models of machines and the company provides all modern solutions to all its customers, and the company relies in its production of  bag packing machine 25 kg and all the types of machines on its young cadre with experience and great experience and advanced technical research and the company uses all modern technologies to respond and overcome all obstacles of production and manufacturing, and the headquarters is located In the city of Istanbul in the Arnavutkoy region.

bag packing machine price

Turkey’s exports in October of 2018 achieved the highest monthly level in Turkish history, as the value of Turkish exports of a month amounted to $ 15,732,000, an increase of 13.1% in the same period in 2017. As indicated by Mrs. (Rohsar Bekjan) Minister of Trade Turkish at a press conference held in the southern state of Adana.

The prices in Turkey are acceptable, if you look at Alibaba website, you will find HPR_SV5000 Vertical Packaging Machine (VFFS at $20,000.00)

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plastic bag sealing machine price

The prices of those machines are differing As a result of the company producing the machine’ size, in general you will find it ranges from 100 and 500 dollars to 3000 and 20 000 dollars.

import from turkey
import from turkey

bag packing machine 50 kg

The Specifications of this machine should be:

Packaging: Bags.

 Size: Footprint 900mm (W) 1440mm (L) 1950mm(H)

Product: Valve auto bag packing machine

Electrial: 380-415 VAC 3 Phase, 50 Hz 1.5 AMPS.

Capacity: 5-50 KG BAG

And all of these Specifications are in the American brand SIGMA.

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plastic bag packing machine sealer


It Is a Manufacturer / Producer, operating in the Plastics, Packaging sector. You can order seal plastic bag packing machine you want, it also operates in the sectors of large polypropylene bags and hot flat stamping. It is based in Gaziantep, Turkey, it’s really one of the best poly bag sealing machine suppliers

There are a number of conditions that you must comply with before importing from Turkey:

  •  Contacting one of the companies, preferably the major companies known in the market, through the trade guide in Turkey
  •  Find the offers that are right for you and see the product photos that the company will send.
  •  You have to familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract sent to you before signing it.
  •  Knowing the customs laws in your country before starting the import process from Turkey
  •  Before importing  the machine from Turkey or from any country, customs standards must be determined in your country, so that you are not surprised when trying to introduce some Turkish goods with high tariffs, as they become a burden on the cost of the product and increase its price that reaches the consumer.
  •  Ensure that the machine do not require permits from the Ministry of Health so that the product will not be refused entry by customs in your country.
  •  Determine the method of payment and collection to identify and determine the risk component

We think you got what you are searching about “bag machine for packing “, good buy.

Bag packing machine factory

are you looking for bag packing machine factory? Are you searching for the largest and most famous factories for producing bag packing machines in Turkey to import the best machines at the best prices?

Are you interested in getting to know the best and most luxurious factories for manufacturing the best quality bag filling machines in Turkey to buy through them at reduced prices?

To you are the largest and most famous factories to produce the finest machines that are used to fill bags with the highest quality and at the lowest prices.

  1. Aselplast Factory

This factory is considered to be one of the best packaging factories in Turkey, specializing in the manufacture of manual bag filling machine for filling and packaging bags. Such as tea bags, as well as in the rubber packaging industry for foodstuffs and others, all of which have the highest quality and best prices, based in Gaziantep.

  1. Özeller Factory

One of the largest and most important packaging factories manufacturing small-scale tea bag machines in Turkey, which is characterized by the packaging of food items, including beverages such as tea bags and other products And is also bag packing machine for roll bag, which is renowned for its fantastic prices and luxury quality and is based in Konya.

  1. Harkom Factory

One of Turkey’s most renowned packaging factories, Harkom Factory produces and produces packaging machines and small tea packaging machines that fill and pack tea bags, grains, spices, powders, pasta and other foodstuffs, and is located in Konya and is distinguished by excellent quality and fair prices.

Bag packing machine supplier

Are you looking for bag packing machine supplier? Are you wondering about the largest and most famous packing machine suppliers in Turkey to buy the best bag packing machines at the best prices?

Are you searching for the best and most successful bag filling machine suppliers in Turkey to import the best machines through them at the lowest prices?

Follow us, we will now show you the most famous and largest suppliers of bag packing machines in Turkey to deal with them and import and buy through them at the best prices.


As it supplies and produces the most luxurious nag packing and filling machines, it is considered one of the most popular and most important suppliers of small bag packing machines in Turkey.

How much work is performed by different plants in the field of packaging and filling, all of which are of the highest quality and at fantastic prices and are located in Izmir.


Is considered to be one of the best suppliers of pouch packing machine automatic, operating on semi-automatic bag packing and filling machines, packaging machines and sauce filling machines As well as in the packaging and food packaging industry, with the highest quality and premium rates, based in Sakarya.


Considered to be one of the best and most renowned packaging companies specializing in the packaging machinery sector, in particular for foodstuffs of various kinds and other turkey goods, and known for its high quality and reasonable prices, the company is based in Istanbul.

Bulk bag packing machine

Are you asking for bulk bag packing machine? Are you interested in importing sack packing machines, tea bags and others from Turkey and want to know the types of these machines?

Are you searching for the types of bag packing machines because you want to know the types of these imports for importing and buying from Turkey?

Follow us, we will now show you the best and most popular types of bag filling machines, tea bags, sugar, and others.

  • Pneumatic volumetric packaging machine system (concord 1)

Industrial tea bag machine, Turkish industry and German technology for the highest quality and good packing bag material, sugar, cereals, rice and washing powder.

  • Pneumatic volumetric packaging machine system (concord 5)

Turkish industry and American model, operating on luxurious quality packaging of tea, rice, legumes and grains.


The Turkish industry is engaged in bag packaging equipmentof tea, sugar, grains and rice of distinctive consistency, so you can import from Turkey.

  • Volumetric filling and capping machine system (model MM10)

Turkish industry, operating in the high-quality packaging industry of tea, sugar, washing powder and grains.

Bag packing machine supplier
Bag packing machine supplier

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Importing from Turkey

Are you asking for importing from Turkey?Do you want to import from Turkey to trade in bag packing machines and want to know the best ways to import from Turkey? Did you wonder about the easiest and best way to import the best sack packing machines from Turkey?

Here are the most famous and easiest ways to import sack packing machines from Turkey in the best way.

  • Importing by going to Turkey

It is one of the easiest places to import, as you will contact the biggest group of Turkish bag packaging machine manufacturersand companies And you can agree on your own with the shipping companies and guarantee the quality of the products, but they are expensive enough that some do not choose them.

  • Import through the Internet

One of the most popular import methods, where you can shop for loose tea filling machines online through the Turkish factories and agree with shipping companies, and you can also pay for money online, so it is considered one of the easiest ways to import.

  • Importing through an intermediary

One of the most important import methods when you negotiate with the company to buy pouch packing machine manualor from the company and ship the products you want at the price you want, and can also help you get rid of customs procedures.

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