Baby clothes factory in Turkey

Baby clothes factory in Turkey for chic and cute pieces

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Baby clothes factory in Turkey

While we are speaking about Baby clothes factory in Turkey we should let you know that, The concept of importing from Turkey has become clear among importers in the Arab markets now and even foreign markets.

Due to the great invasion of Turkish products in the markets, which in turn is due to the quality of the product and reasonable prices for most consumers from all over the world, so importing from Turkey has become the best solution for some importers to make a profit. So in Importing house you will find best suppliers so follow us..

Baby clothing factories in Turkey

Because of their awareness of the strength of the Turkish product in the markets, and the multiplicity and diversity of Turkish products gives you the opportunity to choose the appropriate product for the market in which you work, there are many Turkish products that you can import and make profit from them by doing a simple feasibility study.

You can know that when importing some products such as industries Food, agricultural industries, textile industries, cosmetics, heating industries, energy products, cables and school tools are all profitable products in the markets, especially the Arab ones, so all importers realize the importance of importing, distributing and trading Turkish goods for their sure profit, but of course when managing a process Marketing properly, you will know all details through our platform Importing-houseBaby Clothes Factory Turkey.

Baby clothing factories in Turkey
Baby clothing factories in Turkey

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1- YeniStar:

a specialized manufacturer of children’s wear.

2- Elena Kids:

A prominent company in the children’s clothing industry.

3- Jean Camelot:

Manufacturer specialized in men’s and children’s ready-to-wear

4- Dominique:

Factory specialized in baby clothes, garment, pajamas and cotton

5- Designer fashion:

Manufacturer of woolen coats for women and children

6- Chemex Trading:

a factory specialized in women’s, men’s and children’s clothing

7- Mono Amo:

Factory Uniforms

8- Mohamed Latif Kojosh for Ready Made Garments:

Factory of all kinds of textiles.

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9- Sunsurf:

Factory that manufactures swimwear.


It is one of the most important companies that produce clothes that are cheap clothes in the Turkish market. and it is one of the cheap stores in Istanbul it’s one of children’s clothing wholesale suppliers Turkey .

In 2005, the company founded its first store in another country, and today Waikiki displays its products in 576 stores in 27 different countries.


This company was established in 1978 and had its first branch in Bakirkoy, Istanbul, and Collezioni is one of the most important leading brands in the clothing sector in Turkey.

These stores offer high-quality clothing and accessories for men and women of international quality.


This company was established in 1988 in Istanbul, and opened its first branches outside Turkey in Germany in 1996, and provides more than 293 branches in Turkey and 100 branches outside the country, and also provides distinct women’s and men’s clothing.

Mavi jeans

It was founded in 1991 in Istanbul, and now it has 427 branches in Turkey and abroad, and it is available for men’s and women’s clothing, but only for young people for ages from 16 to 40 years.


It was founded in 1938 and its first branch was in the Kadikoy area of ​​Istanbul, it is one of the oldest stores in Turkey, and it is one of the most important and best for clothing stores .

This brand is known from Turkey wholesale stores for its modern men’s and women’s clothes and hijab supplier in Turkey hat fit the contemporary lifestyle, along with unique designs and high quality shoes and accessories.

hijab supplier in Turkey
hijab supplier in Turkey

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  • Founded in 1986 in Turkey, Ipek Yol is known for its modern women’s clothing and fashion, and the company is a successful international brand.
  • The company displays its products in 130 stores in Turkey.
  • This company was founded in 1994, and it was specialized only in the textile sector, and in 2006, it produced women’s clothing for veiled women, and it now owns no less than 52 stores in Turkey.

Alvina for veiled women

  • Founded in 1996, Fina now offers more than 800 products for veiled women, including a huge range of shops, which number more than 300 all over Turkey.
  • In addition, it operates in 96 countries, and the prices for this brand are affordable and affordable for everyone.
Alvina for veiled women
Alvina for veiled women

Aydını for veiled women

  • You can receive their products through a shipping company from Turkey to Saudi Arabia.
  • It was founded in 1965 and had its first store in Fatih district in Istanbul.
  • Today, it is one of the largest veiled clothing companies in Istanbul.

Tuba for the veil

It was founded in 1982, and has more than 40 sales points all over Turkey to manufacture clothes in Turkey in addition to the exporting countries.

Stream veiled clothes

It was founded in 1974 and it is one of the oldest Turkish brands, and most of its products are high quality abayas at reasonable prices.

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Baby clothing made in Turkey

If you are planning to buy baby clothes from Turkey  here you are some details you should know:

You will definitely need to buy large quantities to distribute them to retailers and stores. One of the countries famous for producing and exporting clothes to various global markets such as Turkey. You can rely on a company specialized in the field of import and export.

You will have to communicate directly with store owners and retailers in commercial areas and even in residential areas. You can also provide them with the cards for the project so that they can visit the headquarters at any time.

After studying the market, the investor here who wants to spend his money in a wholesale children’s clothing business project must research the project well because once he studies the market and gets to know the situation and agrees to encourage new entrants to join and that there are openings available that can be exploited and it is not difficult to achieve success

Baby clothes shops in Istanbul

Buying clothes at the wholesale price is important for those who want to work in the field of clothing trade, especially Turkish children’s clothing, so there are many places specially for that, so we will review together the most important places to sell clothes at the wholesale price for children if you want to buy wholesale children’s clothes from Turkey

Baby clothes shops in Istanbul
Baby clothes shops in Istanbul

Wholesale clothes market in Turkey, Marter

If you are asking where can I buy baby clothes wholesale :The Marter Market Istanbul is located in the Merter area next to the Olive Borno area, and it is one of the best places to sell clothes in Turkey at wholesale price. It is the best wholesale baby clothes market in Istanbul.

  • Wholesale baby clothes displays.
  • The market operates on a daily basis except on Sundays from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening

Lalali Market in Istanbul

Lalali Market is located near Sultanahmet along the tram line, and wholesale stores are located on the tramway and the streets opposite the main street here you can find a collection of baby clothing size chart.

There, wholesale stores sell bags, leather shoes, and clothing, as well as wedding dresses

Baby shops in Jawaher Mall are considered one of the best baby clothing bulk suppliers and an icon of elegance for children’s clothes, as the stores there depend on the most important, famous and best brands of Turkish clothes for children, and the stores always pay discounts in line with the Turkish market and the Turkish citizen at the same time. The best quality clothes in these stores are Turkish winter children’s clothes, and here you can find children’s clothes in Turkey Istanbul, as winter children’s clothes have a special taste in the stores of Jawaher Mall. Sisli / Istanbul / Turkey.

Lalali Market in Istanbul
Lalali Market in Istanbul

Civil Fatih

Fatih / Istanbul / Turkey The shop contains Turkish winter children’s clothing and wholesale wedding dresses

Max Kids

One of the coolest baby shops in Taksim and one of the best options if you want. Buy wholesale baby clothes from Turkey it always make baby clothes sale


One of the best children’s stores and children’s clothing factories in Turkey in Turkey in general, and this shop has received five stars on the Internet as it has won the admiration of all customers it provides you with a very good baby clothing prices.

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Othman Bey Street,

and on this street, in the Othman Bey area, there is a chain of stores specializing in the wholesale sale of children’s clothes, and there are a number of ready-made children’s clothing companies on the sides of the street, and the number of companies selling children’s clothing reaches about 55 companies, and these companies export their products to It operates in the wholesale trade of Turkish clothing, and its prices are considered somewhat high due to being one of the high-end Turkish brands that are distinguished by their diversity and the quality of their raw materials here you can find baby clothes outlet .

As for my experience in importing from Turkey, the idea of ​​importing from Turkey is an excellent idea and it is not innovative, but it is one of the greatest commercial ideas that have occurred in history, because importing clothes from Turkey is a major thing and it is an indispensable product in all countries of the world, where all products are The Turkish is authentic, of high quality and its price is affordable for everyone.

Besides that the profit in it is excellent for people who would like to trade in it, as you can open a project like this easily and through narration on this topic I will fully explain my experience through importing from Turkey and in order for the largest possible number of people to benefit to start in This project has several main factors and these factors help it to succeed.

importing clothes from Turkey
importing clothes from Turkey

In this article, we have provided you with the best wholesale children’s clothing in Istanbul and  Baby clothes factory in Turkey so that you can know how to import from Turkey and to make your search process easier, we have provided you with the markets that sell modern and vintage clothes in Istanbul.

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