olive oil exporters in Spain

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olive oil exporters in Spain

Olive oil exporters in Spain is a fat that is obtained from the fruits of the olive tree; this oil is widely used in cooking, cosmetics, medicines and soap because of its many benefits for the body, skin and hair, as it contains beneficial fatty acids, vitamins E, K and rich in antioxidants. It helps in the prevention of many diseases.

There are three main types of olive oil in terms of quality; they are extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and olive oil. Therefore, it is a very important product, through importing house platform you will get to know the best olive oil exporters; and in the following, you will discover detailed information on the Spanish olive oil market and how to select the best oils from among the wide range of brands available in stores including olive oil market price in Spain.

Olive oil export Spain

Spain is the largest producer, exporter and also a consumer of olive oil, as it produces about half of the total olive oil in the world; equivalent to about 1, 3 million tons, about 46% of it is exported. Spain is the largest supplier to other European countries; much of it is exported and packaged in other countries, especially Italy. In order to choose good olive oil exporters in Spain, you must choose those who are distinguished by the quality of delivery so that it is assured that the delivery process will be efficient, safe and fast.

Moroccan olive oil wholesale
Moroccan olive oil wholesale

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it is specialized in the import and export of olive oil and avocado oil of the best quality, they choose the best fruits to ensure that the oils meet the highest quality standards, so they are keen to choose the best oil suppliers in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy and make sure that the oils are prepared according to production protocols. Currently, they export their oils in bulk to companies throughout Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, South America, Australia, Russia and United Arab emirate.

2- L&P Global BV:

it has been the leader in exporting olive oil from Spain to the rest of Europe, china, south Africa and north Africa countries for the past 1o years, thanks to their competitive business insight in today’s global food industry and their close relationship with the producers, they have been ranked among the most relevant olive oil importers in china Where it ranked number 25 at the 2016 top 500 olive oil importers in china.

3- Iloveaceite:

they produce and export one of the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain, the ecommerce; foreign trading and international distribution are strategic activities in their company. The quality of their products allowed them to be exported to many countries such as china, Ghana, Honduras, Paraguay, Ukraine, Peru, India, Poland, Belgium, japan, south Africa, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland. Iloveaceite currently is managing exports to more than 25 different countries around the world.


this company is a distributor, which operates in export and import of foodstuffs, in particular olive oil. It is based in Madrid, Spain.


it is a distributor which operates in the oilseed crops industry; it also operates in the olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, export of olive oil and extra virgin organic olive oil industries. It is based in Benalmadena.

6- Iberica export:

it is a company specialized in the wholesale export of Spanish goods directly to various destinations in the world; they have headquarters in Barcelona. They export the finest olives, which is virgin olive oil. As olive oil exporters in Spain, they are distinguished by the fact that they deal with customs transport, insurance and brokerage companies to ensure that customers’ orders are delivered in an effective, safe and fast manner, and their products are subject to the strictest health and quality controls.

7- olive line international S.L:

is one of the leading Spanish exporters and manufacturers of olive oils and table olives, they have been exporting for over twenty years and are currently selling their products in over twenty countries, they have more than 150 different products, they have one of the largest groups in the olive oil market in Spain represented in four different brands.

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Olive oil manufacturers in Spain

Olive oil manufacturers in Spain use the latest technical and technological developments in preparing olive oil from the first pick it from the trees until it is packaged in form you find in olive oil market in Spain, olive oil is produced and extracted naturally without interference or addition of any chemicals, which makes it have a distinctive taste and flavor. Spain has a large number of olive oil manufacturers as it is home to the most modern and productive olive groves in the world, in the following we will show top olive oil producers in Spain.

  • UMMTASTE SPAIN S.COOp.E: it located in the east of Badajoz, they have more than 80 years of experience in olive cultivation and production of extra virgin olive oil, biological and virgin olive oil. They produce the equivalent of 28 million kg of olives, which yields about 6 million kg of high-quality olive oil, currently; they are working on exporting oils to more than 10 countries and are seeking to increase their operation all over the world.
  • ACEITES EL DORADO: they produce and export all around the world one of the best extra virgin olive oil of Spain. Their expertise in virgin olive oil quality is the key why their product’s demand is growing up; they trade under their own brand or buyer’s brand name in any type of packaging.
  • TAMUBA INT S.L:  it is located in Valencia, they produce the best quality extra virgin olive oil, they have a team with long experience in the food market and they count with one of the best experts of olive growing in the sector.

ACEITES ORO BAILEN GALGON S.L.U: This is a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the olive oil industry. It also operates in the virgin olive oil, extra virgin organic olive oil, export of olive oil and pure olive oil industries; it is based in Villanueva de LA Reina, Spain.

olive oil wholesale Canada
olive oil wholesale Canada
  • Sovena Espana.
  • Urzante.
  • Aceites meava.
  • Aceites Abril.
  • Aceites Toledo.
  • Deoleo.
  • Aceites de Sur COOSUR.
  • dcoop.

Best olive oil companies in Spain

There are a large number of olive oil companies due to the importance of this product as Spain acquires the largest amount of olive oil production more than any country in the world, where olive oils are considered the third most exported food products in Spain, therefore it is a profitable industry, so companies and olive oil factories in Spain are keen to pack the oils well to provide a competitive product of the best types of olive oils.

olive oil companies in Spain

  • Cooperativala Carrera: This cooperative was founded in 1969; it has 1800 partners working to prepare olives and turn them into oil, and then sold it annual average output is 6-7 million kg of oil. They extract 3 types of oil at the cellar: extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and Lamp ante olive oil, all obtained using cold extraction.
  • Finca la gramanosa: it produces and controls all the process of the oil, from the own fields, to the costumer. They have 240 hectares of olives trees in Barcelona and Tarragona.
  • ALLGOURMET: their brand has registered in heart of olive oil land “Spain”. This is to provide the best of olive oil directly from trees to their clients; they sell many products such as vinegar, honey, olives, and special salt with competitive prices and high quality.
  • VINDICA EXTRA VRIGIN OLIVE OIL: extra virgin olive oil is an olive oil produced using exclusively barbequing variety olives in the saurian region, south from Barcelona. They are interested in contacting with local distributors and stores who would like to distribute their olive oil in their area, they sell extra virgin olive oil and a very good one at that, their olive oil is distinguished because it combines a group of oils from Greece, Italy and southern Spain which make up most of the current market, they are also distinguished by the quality of packaging that reflects the quality of taste.
  • ACEITES HERALDO SL: this company concerned with the health and quality of packing olive oil, as it is picked from the tree at the best moment to ripen and grinded on the same day in the oil plant and resulting oil is stored in the best conditions until it is filled. They have the best types of olive oil; it is the extra virgin olive oil most in demand by consumers’ needs.

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You may be wondering now what is the best olive oil in Spain? There are several grades and varieties of Spanish olive oil, the most famous of which is extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, ordinary oil and lampante virgin.

  • Extra virgin olive oil: it is 100% natural olive juice without any additives, it is obtained when the olives reach optimum ripeness, and it is one of the best types of recommended oils and the healthiest as it is free defects so it has excellent flavor and aroma characteristics. This is what makes it the best olive oil for cooking in Spain.
  • Virgin olive oil: produced in the same way as extra virgin olive oil without any additives but has a lighter flavor, lighter color and an acidity level of 2%, it can be used for quick frying cooking.
  • Ordinary virgin oil and lampante virgin: it is low- quality oil that goes through a refining process and mixes it with other vegetable oils and has no taste and more acidity. So, it is cheap olive oil in Spain, It can be used as cooking oil for all purposes.

Therefore, refined olive oil is the cheapest type of olive oil and records the largest drop in prices, as its price reached 1.26 euros, and virgin olive oil was the lowest in prices, as its price reached 2.37 euros.

Now that you know the common categories of Spanish olive oil, we will present to you top 10 olive oil brands in Spain that you can find in the supermarket.

  • Sierra de Cazorla.
  • Maestro de oliva.
  • Sierra de segura.
  • Sierra de cadiz.
  • Montes de Granada.
  • Senorita.
  • Sierra magina.
  • Almazara de Alcaraz.
  • Aceite de Navarra.
  • Sotaroni.
olive oil wholesale usa
olive oil wholesale usa

At the end, we may have provided you with everything related to the olive oil industry in Spain in an attempt to help you how to choose the best types of olive oil and how to import it from the best suppliers in a way that will benefit you in the success of your business.

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